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  1. Lokenzo

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    I think there is a place for walk/trot but unfortunately it does rely so heavily on peoples honesty. Its a great ring for people who lack confidence or young horses etc.

    The debate between unofficial and official... well I don't believe that anyone should HAVE to go official. Some people have lovely well educated horses but don't want to spend that kind of money as they only do a show or 2 a year. Some people dont want the pressure, there should never be anything forcing anyone up. As has been said, if your not competitive, either have fun and enjoy your horse anyway (honestly ribbons dont make the difference whether you can have fun or not!) or step up your own presentation etc.

    Most 'official' hackies I know aren't interested in going unofficial to steal everyones ribbons and thunder. Yes, there are some but they are the minority. Most official hackies want to be official and work damn hard to be there. The work involved in going official isnt for everyone and they want to tinker around unofficial.

    As for taking in different 'types.' Its a bit hard, there is a standard (which is accessible for reading to all) for official horses and if they don't confirm to the standard then of course they aren't going to do as well.
  2. peppi

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    Not against official hackies just hacking as a whole actually to me it doesnt now appear much like fun...relevance is the OP said the girl was in a class she shouldnt have been in and bragging about winning...thats why she was in there to win. Then people went on to say should we have WT classes people should just muddle through and get better..well yes I think we should there is a place for them for people like me...I just find it all a bit over my head why this particular discipline creates so much argument and its all about winning ribbons at the end of the day...thats why we all end up having these strong opinions. Because this whole discussion and the other one was about worrying about people having the upper edge in the classes they pick to go in...and the morals behind competing in this particular discipline...
  3. Diesel91

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    I think they are great rings. An old horse i had when i first got him would crash through jumps... he started out in babay showjumping classes ( training days) against little kids on ponies. i felt bad because he was a 16.2 hh horse who could easily do 1m at home but he just could not handle shows and just ran straight through... we needed to start there to progress...Same goes for w/t classes, people need them to help progress, some people will never progress as they are quite happy staying in these kinds of classes. which is fine... who are we to judge... i dont think though that you should get a ribbon... training days you dont recieve ribbons so w/t you shouldnt either... as it does get the people who just want to take the easy road to getting ribbons...
  4. Arnie

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    If its not your cup of tea...walk away
  5. princeton

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    Your posts make very little sense...or have much relevance to this thread....your bitter and put out because an error you made was bought to your attention on a public forum.

    ...sorry, but you will be hard pressed to find a sport in the world that doesn't have some form of rules to follow.
    Ignorance is no excuse, I wouldn't go play a game of netball without first finding out the rules ;)

    I can't stand the way some people try to portray 'hacking''s a joke
  6. goog

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    So glad it's only about winning ribbons and not sheep stations!
  7. PetaBizz

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    I headed out for the first time last week in the official ring with my 'yellow' galloway. When I looked at my presentation against the others, I certainly was not out of place but I do take great pride in how I turn my horse out. I know that there will be judges out there who will overlook my coloured horse but in all reality, I am not playing for sheep stations ;) All I wanted last week was for my horse to go in, round and out with no bucking or resistance. This he did well and I was very proud of him. I could quite easily roll back to the unofficial ring or WTC but I have goals which I am very set on achieving **)
    With any sport, there will always be the people who are chasing dreams but in reality do not have the drive nor sometimes the ability to make their dreams a reality therefore they go the easy way out! That is the way of the world!
    The WTC ring is a great place for kids to learn ring craft without all the pressure associated with hacking. Although, after watching the Unofficial last week, I think we were way safer in the official ring with my young guy *#)

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