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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Pocket Rocket, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. fuddles

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    the walk trot ting take a leaf out of the Victorians book they call it a topsy ring, if you look like you are a hackie and under showing then you are not allowed in it to compete. The idea was to give people just starting out a fair chance

    My horse was shown unofficial for years he went from one champ to another and also hack of the day at Northam Ag, the only reason he stayed in unofficial for so long his rider who leased him wasnt prepared to push herself to the next stage, even tho horse was, plus judges were telling her to do it .

    When he came home to us my 12 yo daughter started to show him once as unofficial for another champion win, then we bit the bullet and took him official it was a huge jump and we had to learn how to do every thing better.

    He won a few champions but not as much as he had prev. We had a good laugh at one show interstate judge told my daughter he was way to educated to be a novice. No he wasn't a novice but technically he was, as he hadnt won more than 3 firsts in the official hack ring :)))pays to read the fine print

    if you avoid the dreaded canter in company how on earth do you get better at it? avoiding it wont fix the problem.
  2. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

    i find it amusing that many of you assume us offical hackies will laugh you out of the offical ring...

    we arent nasty people at all... in fact ( and friends who im turning over tothe "hackside" this weekend are starting to agree with me) hacking is nowhere near as snobby and bitchy as it used to be!

    many people will offer help or advice if you want it or ask for it....

    its really not that scary....and neither are we :)

    i started wee out in unoff... did a few shows then moved up. more cos i had no idea what i was doing... i have no desire to go nationals or royal so dont need to be official... but do it cos thats kinda our level.. altho our behavior i sometimes wonder !!!! haha

    i guess what im saying is- the officail ring isnt really that scary at all....
  3. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

    on another note..

    you can have unoff horses look like official when turned helping prep a horse for unoffical ring tomorrow.... i am hoping her turnout will be spot on... so hopefully she will look offical like...
    i hope no one looks down on her for that and says she shouldnt be there, as well- it is hacking and turnout is a major part of it... if we put the effort into the horse well then why cant others to turn their horses out...unofficial doesnt mean- to lazy to learn and practice good turnout-

    get what im on about? or have i just confused myself? *#)
  4. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    EC - You confuse us all !!!!!! Sadly the horse you are prepping has to go official !! But you hackies are all mean to the bone but will suck it up and take it as I hand it out !!!!!
    In truth you hackie lot are not bad at all but we can;t admit that can we ????
  5. katelol

    katelol Guest

    It would be nice if people that had been Unofficial for a while and always win would suck it up and go Official. No, you might not win everytime, but you will actually be competing!

    When you do win, it will mean so much more ;)

    And just because your horse isn't the traditional hack type is no excuse :} That old fashioned thinking is dying out with the old judges. Get out there and help to change the stereotypes :))
  6. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    I agree Katelol, but in my case, I've only ever done one unofficial hack show and he didn't win lol!! Got a bit to go yet :p If he suddenly becomes sound (LOL) and can take on the unofficial hacks and keep all four feet on the ground, lose the decorational white foam all over him and take home a sash, you beauty, I'll chuck him in official.

    I don't see that day coming anytime soon tho *#) I don't honestly think anyone would laugh at him in official, he is a nice horse when he's got it together.

    But he is a retiree, it's more of a gentleman's day out lol.
  7. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    The thing is though, if someone is competing and doesn't like that the same people win all the time...then pick it up a bit! There's no reason like EC has mentioned why horses in Unofficial can't be turned out and ridden to perfection. If someone isn't winning, then give the person some competition and step up the game!

    I love seeing perfectly beautifully turned out horses that do amazing work outs in unofficial and I always hope it inspires people to work on things and give people a goal to win that prize fairly rather then bully a rider out of competing because their too good...
  8. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    I'd consider taking my baby in a walk trot class - just as I'd consider taking him in a walk trot dressage day or a baby jumping day.

    I'm more than capable of canter, he CAN canter but he's a baby and the intent would be to get him out and about without stressing him or me.

    I assume this would be ok?
  9. PPH

    PPH Guest

    You lot should come campdrafting,:p*#) no walk trot there (unless the cow won't move) and classes are usually a minimum of 50 plus.**)

    Just kidding, I would love to do what you guys do but I'm more comfortable in dust dirt and jeans :D
  10. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket Rocket Well-known Member

    You have a good reason to do walk trot :)
    Its not like your going for ribbons which in my original vent she was :)
  11. Showtiime

    Showtiime New Member

    Seriously guys....ITS UNNOFICIAL.
    who cares *smacks face* :}
    If you HATE hacking dont do it. :)) If thats what you dont like about it then oh well your opinion. But seriously....who cares what ring they compete in. If they are paying what you are paying I hardly think a gait is going to matter
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  12. good idea :)
    Many years ago even the official rings didn't have champions on offer at the lower level shows. Now it's expected at all levels..
  13. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Interesting thread. A lot of mixed opinions. I dont think anyone should feel they "have" to move into official. I dont think judges or fellow competitors have any right to pressure anyone to go official if they dont want to because lets say they go to a show and get 3 firsts and dont like the official ring..... Tough stuff because they cant go back.

    As someone said....who really cares what level everyone competes at...if you have good horse in w/t, unofficial or official there will ALWAYS be someone whinging and complaining about you if you win.

    I personally have no intentions of ever returning to the official ring nor at this stage do I have any intentions of my daughter going official leading rein. You wouldnt believe the pressure that is put on some of the kids competing in the official ring to win....its absolutely disgusting the way Ive seen some parents put so much pressure on a kid. In fact at one show I overheard a mother telling her daughter if she won they would buy her an IPhone!!!! Nope we will be going to pony club and plodding around and doing w/t and unofficial as long as she likes and more importantly as long as she has fun. there is a word a lot of people forget about! It doesnt matter what discipline you compete in....enjoy competing because one day youll win and the next you might not but you can always walk away smiling knowing your horse did their best and that you enjoyed competing.
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  14. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket Rocket Well-known Member

    With my OP idc if she goes into official or not - dressage in ODE is enough for me, so its not like i have a problem with loosing or anything :p

    But i just dont get why she did walk trot when there is also unofficial walk trot canter.

    But i have to agree with Cav about it being interesting to read with lots of mixed opinions :)
  15. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    Well said Cav **)
  16. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    If noone protests on the day about someone being in a ring they shouldnt be in....nothing can be done after the show about it so no point in keeping on going on about it. End of story....:)

    :)*Thanks Henny!
  17. jadebrook

    jadebrook New Member

    Cav i completly agree with you my daughter will not be doing official leading rein she can plod around on her shettie and welshie for many years yet. I believe it should be fun and once you go official there is no going back!!! Horses for courses i say if that means some doing walk,trot or official each to there own someone will always have something to say thats showing!!
  18. peppi

    peppi Active Member

    Well I read this thread with great interest...Because only just recently I got blasted for being in a WTC hack day unofficial ring with someone I knew or who knew me was judging...and I hate to bring it up again (so not to start world war three again)but to prove a point...if I had had a WT ring that day I should and would have been in it....I did not then have right canter lead so not a hope in hell of any placing or even competing as such, so even thou I didnt know the beep beep (so I dont swear on here) rules on hacking...I carried on and entered for experience as my horse had like zero and I had done I think 3 hack days in 6 there was no WT ring.... My lads WT isnt bad and he is usually fairly well behaved in a ring with others and I wouldn't have looked to silly...but I didn't care it wasn't about ribbons...but I still got blasted...on here....When there wasn't even a cats chance of me being placed.

    Point being

    Seems to me hacking brings up some right old this thread seems to have stretched out on it again...I kind of came to the conclusion after my blasting that that was all it was not for me in future unofficial or otherwise...And yes I have no doubt there are people with perfectly good canter on both leads in WT trot rings that shouldn't be in there ( putting aside those that think they cant canter in a group that is). I have done some dressage tests and got placed recently but they were prep as I didn't have that lead...Im sure there are people that would like a go at hacking but unlike me do care if they look silly and wont enter if there isnt a WT ring...I think there is a place for them...shame the trophy hunters cant stay out of them seems

    Now I have right canter lead prelim tests for me and mine next year...but hacking nah I don't think so...people get way to upset over ribbons or not in my case...

    If this sounds a bit bitter and those that know the thread I refer to then yes praps I am...
  19. Beanie

    Beanie Well-known Member

    Peppi not sure why you brought up the other thread, it has nothing at all to do with this :confused:

    Plus, the OP in this thread doesnt do Off. hacking so your negativity towards Official hackies once again is unwarranted.
    In fact most of the Off. hackies who have commented have hardly said anything, so kind of a low blow.

    This has nothing to do with winning ribbons, neither did the other thread in fact!
    Its the morals behind competing.

    I know many showies who dont only show for ribbons, course its a bonus but find me a equestrian discipline where winning isnt fun!
  20. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    exactly and in the other thread you were hardly "blasted"...just the rules pointed out, most disciplines have some;)

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