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  1. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Really? I checked out a hack show the other week.. it was only $20 LESS than an ode.. ODE I can do in my wintec saddles.. I can wear my dublin jacket etc etc etc... Then you add all the products you need (makeup etc).. and I'm presuming you have to be a member of a society to official hack?

    Oh and I forgot the original purchase price of an official quality horse!
  2. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Isnt it interesting how people perceive things differently, i have shown for over 25 yrs one of my best all time horses i paid $550 for back in 1992, one of my more recent big winners i paid 2k for in 2005. Is that excessive - absolutely not!

    Gear, if you look around is not that expensive, how is a good 2nd hand saddle you use in the show ring,isnt any different to what you pay for your PC mount with a riviera or caprilli dressage saddle any different. I have picked up alot of my best gear 2nd hand and for the top of the range brands i have paid the same as what you would be paying for an average brand from the shelf.

    I have a friend who just picked up a 2nd hand riviera top mint condition 2nd hand $1200, if she looks after it she will never have to replace it. A numnah made to measure for it was $90. She bought her up and coming small hack 4 yr old arab deriv started green broke, rego, sound and has a huge future for $5000 with all his rugs and bridle. That is a great deal on a horse she will not only get a great deal of fun out of but his price she would get back in a heart beat if she ever had to sell him on.

    You will actually find most "Official" people actually arent the big money people, the long time stayers in any equestrian field usually claw their way up over the years, improve get better, get better horses, get better gear and learn how to turn an average priced blank canvas horse into a winner. It takes many years and many mistakes, but what ever field/discipline you choose enjoy it!
  3. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Back to the whole WT ring thing, our club did run a WT, an unofficial and an open ring at our champ show and several others a few seasons ago.

    At the champ show the WT ring had 3 horses, 1 pony and 2 hacks, all the rugs, garlands sashes on offer. Same same with the unofficial at our regular shows, at times we had 1 pony and 1 hack, the entries didnt even cover the judges and the ribbon fee's.

    We changed our format and have introduced the Novice ring, it seems to work alot better, alot more competitors, there is no need to cheat in the novice ring, there are clear rules and if your in your in, when your out your out.
  4. moodymare

    moodymare Well-known Member

    my old standy mare had a beautiful canter and was very competative I would never put her in a W/T ring my new mare has finnished pacing and needs the exposure of the ring as she is mostly good at home but will break out into a fit of rearing around other horses cantering plus she cant do it very well herself yet as she is still being retrained so now I put her in the W/T ring just so she can get used to other horses around her under saddle so I love that some shows put it on
  5. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Do endurance (ROFL)..
    Start at 20km.. stay there forever if you like... anyone who finishes gets aprize. Go up to 40, on from there to 80... drop back to 40 or even 20 if you want... Escort a kid round 20km on your top notch Open endurance one cares. Only rule is if you don't do an 80 for 13 months your horse drops back to novice status.
    Maybe they shold call it the "social" ring, just like we have 20km social rides??
  6. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Where are you getting your facts from Lauren lol

    Am not a name brand rider or owner but my horse does official and does ok and am now on a disability pension.

    $249 at Saddles plus for a Riviera official quality jacket, priced them myself today.

    Saddle used personally - 2 years old, now worth $1200 Riviera Tuscany, bridle cost $160 as brought a bradoon strap and double reins to complete a single already had.

    and horse cost $2, 000 off track to train up for Official

    Only have to be EA or SHC member IF doing Newcomers HOTY lol

    Don't understand how people can say your horse will be laughed out of the official ring, yes has to a nice type but you never know unless you give it a go, before and after shots of horses prepped can make a huge difference :)*
  7. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Princeton, I never said all horses can win at official, I said most horses wouldn't look out of place (in either hunter or hack) with a bit of effort. That was in response to E4E's comment that she wouldn't ever do official as she doesn't want to get laughed out of the ring ;) I have seen plenty of horses in official who I personally wouldn't consider official "type" but I have never seen anyone laughed at - in a negative way anyway :D And depending on the judge these horses can do well.
  8. Wizard

    Wizard Active Member

    K im gonna put my 2 cents in and if everyone can please note:
    I ONLY READ MAYBE 3 POSTS then decide to write something too - so this is not aimed at anyone if it sounds that way

    My friend had an unoffical galloway that once upon a time was official but simply because of the fact they sold him then got him back and he sat round for couple of years.. by this time no way would he have come close to placing in the official ring, dont get me wrong he is gorgeous and well educated, but as IIIII was starting out hacking as well as he cant extend, unofficial was a good place for us to start and to build my confidence in the show environment KNOWING people are judging me (not just the judge) i went to 6 or 7 unoff. shows and got champion and at all but one. I, myself, never thought IIII was good enough to be in the official ring a side from the fact whether the horse was.

    As for the walk trot rings, i think these are a good idea for beginners who want to compete and personally, after winning heaps of a free lease horse i would STILL enter one of these simply for the fact the my own horse i own now i a young TB still grasping the concept of correct canter leads, still building muscle to hold a frame and is still learning what aid means what. So i am all for unofficial and walk trot classes.

    As for people who compete high grade dressage (or whatever it was) and do w/t classes, yeh thats a bit odd :/
  9. Double Helix

    Double Helix Well-known Member

    There will be people that abuse the W/T ring just like there are people that abuse the Prep dressage test. I do think they are in the minority though, the real ribbon hunters that is.

    Most people believe (whatever their reasoning may be) that they should be in that ring. It might not always be obvious to onlookers / other competitors why they are there. As mentioned in other posts it could be a green rider on a schoolmaster, a rider that has lost confidence to canter from a fall or something, a rider with an injury, a horse that is unable to cope with canter in a group and the list goes on.

    I have a friend that has a lovely quiet schoolmaster with a rocking horse canter (I have ridden him), I have still yet to convince her that she can do a Prelim dressage test! She is just petrified of cantering because even though he is a schoolmaster if she gets nervous and "hangs on" he reacts in a negative way.

    I have a "semi-retired" dressage horse that competed to Associate Elementary. He has had injuries along the way and a significant amount of time off recently. When I ride him now he can hardly canter a 20 m circle without disuniting, running off, throwing his head in the air, or generally being "difficult" and that is at home, let alone in the hack ring. I have no desire to take him out competing but if he was to go out (perhaps with a green rider as he is lovely in every other way) I don't see why he shouldn't compete in a W/T ring. There would be people that knew what he had done in the past that might say "he shouldn't be in the W/T ring" but once again no-one really knows what the full story is except me and maybe my close friends so perhaps people should be careful to judge others.
  10. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    I know you didn't say that ';'

    But what you eluded to was the fact that, and I quote from above, most horse wouldnt look out of place with a bit of effort....

    I disagree. :) JMO I think there is more to it than that **)

    I definitely think there is a place for the WT ring. And as for the unofficial ring, until it's able to be policed more effectively, people are free to do as they please really ;)
  11. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    I may have looked like I was ribbon-hunting when I took Dave in a showjumping training day and won two of my classes and came second in the other one! :eek: buuut it was a bit of a rush decision to actually enter him & he'd been jumping for two weeks. We did 30cm & 45cm and I felt terrible because there were these kids on their ponies that we beat..... (although, we had a bit of a disadvantage in the jump-off because it was designed for ponies - Dave did so well to handle the teeny turns!!) But I'd never ridden him at a show either so I had no idea how he'd go. Turns out, he's quieter at shows than he is at home :rolleyes: go figure...
  12. Buggs

    Buggs New Member

    There is no way to police the unofficial ring as there is NO UNOFFICIAL.
    I would prefer to see clubs offer a beginners ring which can cater for WT & WTC, a novice ring (No Points) and the 2 official rings.

    The only complaints we ever used to get were in the Unofficial rings **)
    My favorites being: The Judge didn?t like my pony so they must be or that person/horse looks too official to be in this ring"
  13. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    Yeah LOL....that's kinda what I mean, its not policed well as there are no boundaries around it, I know the names of the rings have changed now, but people still refer to it as the 'unofficial'.....I like your idea of the points and no points.

    Not that any of it concerns me in the slightest LOL
    I dont really care where people compete, good on them for getting out there **)
  14. Melle79

    Melle79 Well-known Member

    We attended the wanneroo w/t ring classes, while there were some horses who looked like they would happily cope in the Official ring (Including mine) I certainly hope I don't get judged so harshly.

    My mare who is more than capable of a prelim test BUT cantering on the hack ring has never ended well, as with so many off the track tb's the 'all canter' command by the judge ends with what ends up being a very dangerous situation of stressed green horses going in all directions in a small area, and isn't pleasant or safe for anyone.

    The W/T ring offers a calmer environment for all types of horses and riders to introduce their horses to hacking without the stress of canter. I also think the judge did not always choose the 'official looking' horses and chose very well the best workouts and behaviour for each class.

    But I guess wasn't going to win ribbons, they are nice but I was going to have a fun day where my horse and I improved and had a good experience.
  15. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    With my super sensitive mare, I did exactly that !
    It was by doing the 20 kms rides and then moving onto a couple of 40's that I got her used to going out and just getting on with the job without worrying about horses around her, passing her, facing up on the track etc
    After nearly 2 years off I've found she's back to over reacting so it'll be back to the 20km rides we go. :p

    Getting back on topic ......

    I do think the idea of calling it a Social Ring and not offering champion ribbons etc will stop a lot of those who might be chasing an easy win **)
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  16. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    I take my pony out to unofficial hack days... not very often though...I turn him & myself out well as I don't see why you shouldn't just because it's unofficial... he's won supremes & champion in the unofficial ring BUT I would never waste my time, money & effort going official because he is the wrong breed for that!

    I take him to these every now & then because it's a cheap way to remind him what competing is all about & to get him going well out... Some horses & riders are unphased by new surroundings & situations, some aren't... At the end of the day if you want to go out & compete & do it well, unofficial rings are perfect practise to step up into any discipline.
  17. carol51

    carol51 Well-known Member

    absolutely agree with you
  18. Banjo01

    Banjo01 New Member

    I dont disagree with the WT rings, they have been my savior in the past with my Standie who couldnt canter in a 20m circle if his life depended on it, bless him <3 so we entered a walk/trot beginners hack day and still came 5th and 4th, a fair effort in training on my behalf and a good experience for him to get out as we had been doing xc and sj before.
    I do think that the walk/trot rings should be monitored more carefully, or perhaps have different levels of ability for w/t such as a beginner W/T ring, a intermediate W/T ring and Experienced W/T ring as well as the rest of the classes. But I doubt this will happen so for the meantime all the honest competitors will have to suck it in and keep training.. as unfair as it may seem.
    And I completely share the frustration of this issue too, that hack day I just mentioned with my standie? It was meant to be a complete beginners hack day for those 'giving a go' and the amount of official hacks I saw clean up the champion ribbons that I had seen previously competing in official shows and later on in the Royal etc.. yeh I was pretty peeved. But hey, if those people have to lower their standards in order to win, they obviously dont have much of a standard at all.
  19. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Have to disagree with this. The warm up ring in dressage ..or jumping.. is nothing like riding in a group canter, or even group trot, in the hack ring. Besides the fact you aren't actually being being judged at the time so there's not that pressure to deal with, I have seldom seen dressage riders warm up by cantering around in a pack. I pick a quietish spot as far away from other riders as I can get and do a couple of canters on each rein.
    Just for the record I maybe do one or two local hack shows a year and only once have won a sash in walk/trot as often tended to get the same control problems in group trot as in canter...his main problem is about being behind other horses. Also my horse, being a Holsteiner is not classic hack material, so I was never a real threat to anyone :)
  20. GoGo

    GoGo Well-known Member

    I know in eventing once the horse has reached "official" grades, needing to be registered to compete in that grade (pre-novice) and been sucessfully completing the comps it cannot be campaigned by the same rider in more than 2 levels lower without penalty (usually 20/25 points)and organisers permission.
    Maybe they need to look at something like that.
    Sure you can compete in W/T but wear a red armband or something that says you are only there for practice and not eligible for placing. I honestly think it cannot hurt beginners to see what they need to aspire to, if they are wanting to move along in their chosen disipline.
    Surely it could not be hard to police if horses are registered.

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