Sore or over-reaching?

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Lallround, May 24, 2012.

  1. Lallround

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    Ok I have a funny prob
    I had back shoes put on for the first time about 2 weeks ago, she was totally sound before but from the next day i couldnt figure out what was going on, she was hoping around in the trot jumping off the diagonal it was really bizarre i couldnt firgure out what was going on as she didnt feels lame, it was like she was being naughty.....since then it has calmed down and if we walk or trot slowly she is fine but if i ask for more extension or a canter she is disuniting and just being spastic legs in the front like she is afraid of her own legs lol.....i have put bell boots on to help but i think its more in her head as i only hear the over reach maybe one in every 20 steps. If it doesnt resolve itself soon i will get farrier or vet back out but I am wondering if anybody here has anything to say that might give me some useful insight?
  2. Minx

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    Is it first time with shoes ever front or back ?? Sometimes can take a couple of days to settle down when its the first time they have ever had shoes as they just feel strange and they can go all tip toey and silly but they do come good. If you are worried though that the farrier may have made your horse sore then yes get him out to check they are on right, sometimes they can cut them back quite short to put just backs on to keep them balanced.
  3. Lallround

    Lallround New Member

    thanks for that...yeah she has always had fronts but not backs.....she is also the type of horse that is a bit unco with her legs with new things (ie it took me 3hrs to convince her she can walk with splint boots on for the first time lol) and she is a bit of a drama queen thats why i am hesitant to get the farrier or vet but its been nearly 2 weeks now.....she looks fine wen she is doing her bog laps in the morning and wen she stops concentrating on wat shes doing she stops hopping around, which is wat makes me think its in her head
  4. Better Gun

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    If the Farrier has shortened the toes on the hind feet a little more than they would normally be unshod, this will cause the foot to break over a bit quicker causing a faster stride. This can but not always contribute to over-reaching. In your case how ever if the toes are a bit shorter than normal and she has never had shoes on the hinds, the combination of the two could be causing here funny strides. It should settle down once she gets the hang of things :)
  5. Lallround

    Lallround New Member

    ah ok thank u....i think we are pretty much on the same page as i dont believe it is a pain related thing. ill see my instructor this weekend and see wat she thinks...otherwise ill give it another week to settle before I call someone out :))
  6. Banjo01

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    On this topic, think I might jump in instead of creating another post about it.
    Will it cause my horse any balance issues or discomfort if he only has two back shoes on; barefoot on front two? I'd normally ask my farrier something like this but the next time he comes out to do my horse I am not there - a friend is holding him. I'd like to know before he comes out (next week) so thought I'd post it here. Any ideas? :))
  7. GoWelshCobs

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    banjo why would u want jsut backs and not fronts??

    maybe ring your farrier befre they come out

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