Sonja Johnson Qualifies for Athens Olympics

Discussion in 'News Items' started by Dinah Fleming, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Dinah Fleming

    Dinah Fleming New Member

    To those enthusiatic eventers out there, you will be pleased to hear Sonja Johnson from Albany, Western Australia was placed fourth last weekend on her horse "Ringwood Jaguar" at the Mitsubishi Adelaide International Horse Trials in the CCI **** class.

    Sonja was 4th to Boyd Martin, 1st Stuart Tinney 2nd and Sammi McLeod 3rd.
    Rob Vlasschaert also from WA was 11th on his horse Sagmore Mistral.

    This means Sonja has qualfied for the Athens Olympics. It would be wonderful to again have a WA representative in an Olympic team, but that will be up to the selectors closer to the time.

    To make this even a more momentous occasion anothe rof Sonya's horses "Forgeign Liason" won the CIC*** class at the same event.
  2. Paddys girl

    Paddys girl Well-known Member

    yay!! Always good to here. Can only imagine how hard it would have been for her to get that far coming from WA.
    Good on her.
  3. beccy

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    go Sonja go sonja go sonja!!!! [​IMG]

  4. bjl

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    !!!!!!!ONYA SONYA!!!!!!!!

    One of my favourite quotes was Sonya saying in an interview after Newdale "It's better to have a really good ride than to win, but it's really nice to win!"
    As I recall she was wearing a winners grin at the time!

  5. Lorraine

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    And she lives just up the road from me! Unfortunately none of her skills and determination have come down the road to me!

    From what I know of Sonja she is tough cookie that works hard and suffers no fools, so I reckon she deserves the success she gets. I have seen her stick on when anyone else would have been ejected! I have seen her get horses over jumps that I would never have been able to do. I only wish I had half of the dedication/skill/etc. she has horsewise!

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