sold my geldings best friend

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by narelle, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. narelle

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    Hi just wondering if anyone can help with this problem. I have a 6 year old arab gelding and I had a 3 year old arab mare. I sold the mare and she went on the horse truck this morning. My gelding has been neighing for her and running around the paddock since this morning. He isn't alone as he has a miniature pony for a buddy. I am just wondering how long it will take him to settle down as now I feel terrible because I have sold his best friend.
  2. ShowjumpKid4Eva

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    He'll be right in a day or two. Horses don't really care who they're in with, as long as they're in with someone, but they do like to have a bit of a carry on when a herd mate disappears.
  3. Go the Distance

    Go the Distance Well-known Member

    Naaaw poor fella. He will improve. I am a sook these days and tend to keep my horses together and not sell anything because I like to think if they have a freind they have their friend for life. My mares are such good mates I don't ever want to separate them and have actually given up my horse sport because of unsoundness....... rather than selling them and getting something else that can run I have changed what I do.

    I feel sorry for my gelding as he has been shipped around a fair bit and doesn't have a permanent mate. He seems to cope. In the future I may get a small pony to put into harness so he will have a permanent mate then.
  4. narelle

    narelle New Member

    Thanks for the info everyone he seems to have settled down now and is hanging out with his little miniature pony mate. Things are a lot calmer here with only one horse and a pony.

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