Soft hats @ Gosnells show 16/02/03

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Insurance' started by The Old Grey Mare, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    also noticed a few people wearing soft/top hats at gosnells show. thought this was a no-no at shows.
  2. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Yep that's right Old Grey Mare!

    And the worst thing is, that these people void everyone elses' insurnace by doing this!
  3. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    I don't really understand much about this insurance thing but how come at western events riders often wear the soft western style hats yet at hacking events etc that to me would be at a lower injury risk, we have to wear the latest approved safety head gear? Personally I'd wear the approved hat at any and all events but maybe with the western they have a choice?

  4. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Good Question Ali............

    Got me stumped! Maybe Murray would know.

  5. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    Hacking & Dressage Officially Children under 18 Must wear uptodate australian standard saftey helmets in hacking. Adults are allowed to wear anything as long as something is covering their head... including caps, bowlers and tophats.
    hacking Pony Club is usually up to their pollicies, but tend to follow EFA & HC

    Jumping must wear the aus standard hard hats no matter of age... although im not to sure at top level if they still use caps.

    Endurance must now wear some helmet, but does not need to be uptodate saftey standard, although this rule will soon change.

    Im not sure about western/stock

  6. valdez

    valdez Well-known Member

    At the last team penning day that scott went to it was compulsory for everyone regardless of age to were a safety helmet (not necissarily an approved one) just not a western hat or cap. Also it is now compulsory for anyone competing or participating in anything the stock horse society run to become a participating member for insurance purposes, this costs $35 a year. I dont know about western events.

  7. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Hey Beccy,

    I thought that no matter your age you had to wear an approved helmet.

    This being because of the insurance covering the hosting club and grounds requires this from all riders. for example. An adult rider (with a soft top hat on) is trotting along and their horse freaks out and takes out a little pony with a child on it (child wearing approved helmet). Insurance will not cover this as it was stated on policy that all riders need to be wearing an approved helmet, no matter your age.

    Also i read an article in a magazine, think it was the horse mag, that they were thinking about making the Grand Prix Dressage riders, etc all the top levels, wear approved helmets and they were saying how stupid it would look that Mary Hanna for example would enter the arena with tails, etc and a hard hat!

    If you ask me the insurance companies are just out of control and need to be bought down a notch or two.

  8. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    I'll check to see if the rules have changed from last year,

    I know there has been some articles on a new top hat... similar style, just made with different insides to be fitted but hard around the skull area. I havent seen it on the market... but then again i havent really looked out for it.

    I think they should look at making mouth gards compulsory, as in the last year ive heard of more teeth/mouth injuries than anything else, including thousands of dollars worth of damage. the only problem with a mouth gard if you were to fall, it could obstruct airways, so mabey they need to redesign it for horse riders.

  9. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Funny you mention that.

    My teeth are worth a fortune, between the braces and hole drilled in the roof of my mouth and years of dentist work when i was little, through to last years wisdom teeth debarkle...I think i would cry if i had to have more work done to fix up what i lost trough horse riding - Actually not me, more my mum!

    My anglo arab mare would rear while in the start box for cross country and on the start lines for games. Just little ones but sometimes enough to get my mouth if i was leaning forward, and i sometimes ended up having my braces through my top and bottom lips....OUCH!
  10. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    I only remebered teeth, as a uni friend of mine went horse riding recently and came off (only having braces off for 3 weeks) she only had a small fall, but it was enough to shake up one of the front teeth and was given 3 weeks to see if the tooth would drop out, or if the nerve was ok, just back into braces.

    Years ago i had an accident (rearing pony) and knocked my 2 front teeth left dangling. luckily the roots held on tight, but i have lost all feeling in those teeth as well as they still wobble a little, and cant eat chewy crusts, crusty bread and some meats, apples can be a bit of a problem.

  11. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    That is soooo freaky that you guys are talking about teeth, for years I have had a dream where I have a nasty fall and all my teeth are really wobbly, and after stressing for a 10 mins (in the dream) all my teeth fall out!!!! Needless to say I wake up feeling for my teeth with my tongue!!!
  12. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member


    Caz that is a weird one mate!

  13. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    went to a show beginning of the year & did all of my ridden in western & english in hard hat. WAQHA show for last weekend, cancelled due to insurance problems. mandurah show, westerns wore hard hats apparently. it is a part of the dress code for western people to wear the 'cowboy' hat, but i think the insurance people will not take that into account.

    remember a few years back when seatbelts became compulsary? now its normal to wear one.

    i think i would prefer to wear a hard hat & compete than not wear one & not compete. my tiny little brain is important to me, so if i must wear a hard hat when competing, then i wear one.
  14. Mouse

    Mouse Well-known Member

    The western show last week was cancelled because of the insurance. All competitors is english or western must wear safety helments with the company that they insure through.

    Our club is insured with AON and we are covered if people choose to wear the western hats.

    They use to have the safety helments inbuilt to the western hats so maybe they need to reintroduce them.

  15. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    Please everyone where helmets when riding.
    A friend was riding at my place several weeks ago and the saddle slipped, her horse freaked, saddle slipped more and she went with the saddle before falling off. As she fell the horse kicked her in the gut. She wasnt wearing a helmet and i am so thankfull that the horse didn' get her in the head. As it was i had to get an ambulance (over 45 mins wait) and she got taken to Royal Perth where she stayed for 10 days. The horse had managed to split open one of her kidneys open. No external damage but a lot of internal. It will be several months before shes allowed on a horse again. I can just imagine the damage if it had been her head.

    :) Nikiwink :)
  16. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Oh my godness Nikiwink.........Hope your friend gets well soon.

    I have always worn a helmet whether i am riding a quiet or more nervy horse....just a habit - like a seatbelt.

    Ya never know what will happen.

  17. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    OMG that is awful. will your friend even want to ride again after that?
    how is she going?

  18. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    Talk about a freak accident! No wonder it is rated 2nd only to motorsports as far as the danger factor goes!! Hope your friend gets better and will still want to ride....I know how long it took me to get back on after I cracked my never realise how scared you can get.
  19. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    Im a bit dopey when it comes to falling off. I just think "you b@st@rd, you got me off!! Im not letting you get away with that!" the amount of times ive hopped back on with broken bones (including rib cage, pelvis, feet, hand, dislocates etc) Its not till i hop off at teh end of the ride and think, oh dear, im a bit sore, mabey i shouldnt have got straight back on.

  20. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    as soon as she was out of hospital (and able to move a bit) she and i went and boorrowed another friends bommproof gentleman. She isn't allowed near a horse for several months mind you, but we lined the horse up next to a a wall and she very carefully got on , sat for a few minutes and then slide off.
    She made herself do it as soon as she could so to prove to herself that she would - so she wouldn't loose her nerve later.

    :) Nikiwink :)

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