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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Timadit, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. katelol

    katelol Guest

    There you go SBB. A lesson in manners from RR about how to treat EVP online.

    Sometimes I am just stumped by the things I read on Stockyard :p
  2. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    I am continually stumped and amazed by things people write about themselves, their families and their lives on here and not to mention the amount of time and emotional investment in their postings on the forum....some people obviously sit on here all day! But then that is just my perspective from my world view and that is peoples choice which I actually respect.

    No one has debated more with EVP than me and if I don't agree or have an alternative view to EVP and can be bothered writing a post on here then I will but you guys seem to constantly stalk EVP to either take offense or inflame and then go and scream bully and whinge about what a nasty place stockyards is when all you are doing is creating the negativity and being inflammatory yourselves.

    You just have to remember how boring stockyards would be and how empty the topics would be if you liked every single post and poster that posted. All those people that spend all day on here would have to
    find something else to do or somewhere else online to invest their cyber identity.
  3. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Actually SBB you might find you'll get told you post 'crap' or that you'll get 'caned' for having an opinion.....and then with the same breath you will be demanded to let others have their "opinions"......lolol It does get so funny that its hard to type from laughing so much. Indignation rules!! And its used so very well by some, its like a handy stick......ahahahaha.

    Then there are others like RR, who doesn't have alot of time to post here but who is always polite and concise. These qualities are totally expected - almost as much as those from the others. RR, after all these years I wouldn't expect to get anything other than decency from your contributions.....your post is much appreciated.

    Rule one for some, is to take any and every opportunity - even if it means being very transparent.....lolol. And its here where my laughing makes typing soooo hard.

    My gran used to say there are a few types of people.

    ["Some you wished you came across more often, they are called 'the salt', & then there are those you come across too often, they are called 'the sediment'"]

    Our friend, who is presumably from the UAE where I don't think there is too much third world horse racing, from the questions asked would have to be either a trainer or an owner, or a rider/driver. All of these industry positions carries a level of "know or should know". I think the questions (regardless of their grammer) are dubious and bordering on stupid. Take that anyway you like - but I prefer you take it in the manner it was delivered - LITERALLY.

    If anyone is offended by this post I suggest you put a few "likes" on those other replies.......;)
  4. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    SBB, organised racing began in 1991 in the UAE. However, those of Arabic background have been IN racing for many many decades. While they might not have been racing on tracks like Ghantoot, they've been racing horses they own all over world!

    To assume that horse racing participants from the UAE are backward or that conditions are less than "international" is ludicrious. Why do you think there is so much money in the sport?

    So, either our UAE friend is an industry worker (trackside, farrier, groom, hotdog seller), a trainer, or an owner (and how many poor shoeless Arabic race horse owners do you think there are?)....therefore your defense of the thread is as good as the 'like' from your friend Nattyl.......*#).

    But I am still amused!!
  5. Little birdie

    Little birdie New Member

    Suss all right.where did the Arab person disappear to I wonder.
    those like posters should hang there heads is my personal view.
    what chickens they are.
  6. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    LB the agenda was obvious and it probably isn't the best idea to point it out.....olol
    It will make you hugely unpopular and a canditate for discussion elsewhere...;)
  7. Timadit

    Timadit New Member

    Who would have thought and expected That horse racing in the UAE is backward

    Does he have to answer why the largest horse racing track around the world there are in the UAE ?

    Why is the largest prize money in horse racing in the world in the UAE ?

    Why the biggest horse owners around the world are from the UAE ?

    Thanks to everyone who respects the views of others
  8. Little birdie

    Little birdie New Member

    yeah so why dont you no the answers to your questions then.
    If you are in the uae then hey you should no those important things.
    instead of coming on here and trying to get bits of info.
    and then being rude as hell when you dont like the answers.
    it's suss like I said and so are you its not to hard to work out who you are anyways.

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