So, it was just an abcess?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Remaani, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    Wow the things horses do to themselves! Very interesting thread, yes please keep us updated. If it just helps one of us its worth it so cheers. Besides as I said its really interesting!

    Glad she is on the mend, what a worry for you! I'm also a fan of Dr Bruce :)
  2. beau

    beau Well-known Member

    Wow thanks for posting all of it - its great to learn and to see what others are doing for such an injury, gosh who knows when this could happen to one of ours. She looks so much more perkier now, and hope she goes on to keep improving. Great work :)
  3. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    You bloody beauty!!!!!!!!.
    How absolutely fantastic is that. What a strange reaction I know but heck an abcess is so much better then nerve damage :) And will heal so much faster to.

    Sod of a place to poltice but any chance you could put a poltice on it to help draw out anything that might be in there?

    I have seen abcesses develop even after the wound was very well explored. Sometimes it takes just the tiniest bit of foreign material to cause one to grow. I hope it came out when the head blew off it.

    I am so excited for you. Fingers crossed the gunge is out and in two weeks the filly will be keeping you on your toes again ;)
  4. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    Glad that she is on the mend and thanks for sharing the story about Aurora's journey
  5. Thanks for sharing Remaani, great story and a great outcome!**)
  6. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    LOL Sugar's Mum, tried a poultice twice - a waste of bloody time LOL! :D
    Not even 20 million rolls of vet wrap help, i even put a t-shirt on her (Bruce's idea), nope she just tugged & pulled at it all & we lost the lot.

    What a horrid spot to bandage, that's for sure LOL!
    But i'll just keep cleaning it & encouraging it to drain & see how we go.
    Will update regulary. :)
  7. To be honest when I looked at the pic I thought it could be an abcess.
    We had a foal born once that didn't lope, it could walk and jog with no problems, we checked it all over, couldn't see any damage. Then we noticed it had a swelling on the point of a stifle, it was getting bigger to a size of a big orange, the foal didn't show any other signs of discomfort, it was nursing, pooping and being a "normal" new born with the exception it didn't lope.
    When it was 3 weeks old we saw it happily loping around playing with the mates. The abcess bursted, the puss drained out very quickly and the baby could lope. We don't know what caused the abcess.
  8. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    I imagine it would be a waste of time lol. But so glad to hear that she is improving. Looking forward to the updates.
  9. Salinero

    Salinero Well-known Member

    wow...poor little thing, must have been quite painful. Glad she is getting better!!! :) She is so adorable!
  10. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    How interesting!!

    Good on you for ensuring she gets the best care possible and loving her despite any imperfections she may end up with. **)

    Would TuffRock poultice be an option? I know that it says it can be used instead of a regular poultice and it's just a clay so you smear it on. Just a suggestion! I have a tub of TuffRock and whack it on any little cuts and scrapes simply to keep the bloody flies off!
  11. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Well done, unfortunately some of the biggest lessons and skills learned in horses come from situations like these.

    Keep all those photos for future references, amazing how much gunk was actually in there. Im so glad for the filly all that pressure is gone, apparantly there is more pressure in an absess than a car tyre.

    I find stories like this very interesting and just love to learn from them.....:)*
  12. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Updated pic from this arvo.
    Still not fully healed, she is getting around VERY well now & getting stronger.
    The abcess is still draining & it's still being cleaned etc.

  13. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    it is looking very interesting Remaani. She may end up sloughing off a bit of overstretched skin at the front there, but good to see the swelling resolving. Good to see it is still draining.

    Looking forward to teh updates.
  14. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    I let her into a bigger paddock today, the Mini paddock (hence nice & bare LOL!) for the day.
    She can get around very well!
    Only a few more days till she finishes her course of AB's, just got to keep on with regular trimmings of the contracted hoof & she'll have another ET treatment soon. :)


  15. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    This is one of those great outcome stories. I can't see you selling her anytime soon ;).
    She is so sweet, and her colour is to die for!
  16. Pintaloosa

    Pintaloosa Well-known Member

    Oh, Remaani, this is such good news! I remember you says ages ago that things weren't looking good for her, but I am so relieved for you that she's improving! She is such a beautiful little filly. The last photo even brought tears to my eyes. She looks so happy!
  17. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    She's def not going anywhere.. ;) sound, lame, 3 legged or otherwise. :)

    Thanks all, she is doing well, also i'm actually rather happy with her body condition, as Murdoch wanted her on a maitenance diet, she doesn't get any "goodies" so naturally she doesn't look like say my colt Tyger whom is being shown, but with how sick she's been, how stressy earlier on, the sore muscles all over, the diet she was on etc, she's still well conditioned.
    I don't like seeing thin/badly conditioned horses, youngsters included & i am happy with how she's looking.
    Coat condition isn't fantastic but i've started her on Tuffrock Conditioner Plus (diet still the same for now..) & will see how she goes.
    I have Tyger on it also & can notice the difference to his wellbeing & nothing else in the diet has changed.
    TuffRock | Calf Plus | animal health products
  18. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    TuffRock is an A1 product. **) Especially for horses who have been sick.
  19. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    Naaww look at her go!! She looks great!! :) You've done a great job with her Remaani :)
  20. Silhouette

    Silhouette Well-known Member

    Wow, what an interesting thread! So Glad your lil filly has pulled through, shes such a gorgeous little thing, and good job for you for all your dedication to her health :)

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