So how do you think he looks?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by rica, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. rica

    rica Well-known Member

    Ok so after 18months of battling with my T/B's weight and fitness, I would like some opinions on how you think he is looking right now. I think I have finally worked out his 'ticks' feedwise. However any aditional advice would be ok too. He is 17years old and has been a pleasure/trail horse for at least the past 3 years. We had a huge problem with weight gain at the begining of this year as he went very 'potty' over night literally. He was and still is wormed on a regular basis so that was ruled out. He was extremely ribby and lost all of his condition.I was told it could have been 'grass belly' and has taken this long (10 months) to get him back to this. So, what do you think?
  2. Rikki+Sasha

    Rikki+Sasha Active Member

    WOW...considering he was ribby and all 10mths ago he looks great now you should post a before pic as well if ya have one
  3. rica

    rica Well-known Member

    No I didn't take any before photo's as it was so terrible the way he looked at the time and just made me want to cry! He is looking awesome to me now though and that is kinda why I put this post up. Cheers for your nice comments too.
  4. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    So Rica, what feed mix did you find actually helped him the most??
  5. Teddie1980

    Teddie1980 Well-known Member

    Nice looking horsey!
  6. rica

    rica Well-known Member

    I have always fed nutririce, that is the one thing that will stay! I have gone from boiled barley to at lib hay etc etc etc. Now, of course there is a bit of green feed (but only an acre's worth) so he is having that. But in true honesty I think it has a lot to do with Livamol.
    He gets 1 lge scoop wheaten chaff
    1 lge scoop nutririce veteren
    40mls dituted Apple Cider Vineagar
    300mg Livamol.
  7. bubblez

    bubblez Well-known Member

    gosh, Im not a fan of TBs but hes a nice chunky looking boy! Good job hes a hunk!!! =)
  8. sil

    sil Gold Member

    The pot belly may be due to sand; with the long dry season we have had the horses are taking up a lot more sand than normal. My drenching routine has gone from 6 monthly to 3 monthly and this seems to be really helping. I feed the horseproblems drench in their feed but a standard mineral drench would also do the job.

    He's looking well, good job :)

    I use Groom mixed with a special mix of soyabean meal, mineral and vitamin powders and salt and add a cup a day to a 20 litre bucket full of oaten chaff, lucerne chaff, flaky bran and cool 'n' kind pellets. The pellets are pretty much just more bran but it doesn't hurt.

    When I exercise him (and remember to bring it!) I put about 400g of speedibeet that gets soaked and added to his dinner.

    My gelding has put on in the past 6 months about 50kg - he has gone from 440 to 492kg :) :) :) Now we go to regular work under saddle and I think once his topline fills out he will top about 520kg - and he won't look fat either.
  9. rica

    rica Well-known Member

    Yeah thanks sil for reminding me about the sand. We didn't really have any sand (we fortunately live in a rather wet area) however I did forget to mention he was drenched at the time in case that is what it was. No sand!

    His teeth were also done. He became our over grown skinny 'guinea pig' so to speak!

    So there were quite a few months there where I thought there was something more underlying. Poor boy got so thin I thought I was losing him at one stage. So you can imagine my relief that he has bounced back.

    Yes I had heard that speedibeet was the way to go and could not get any down here. However with trial and sometimes error we have got him back to looking like this.

    As I have now worked out what works for him I will keep him on the same feed regime, however I will push a bit harder to get some speedibeet when the dry hits and they all start dropping off a bit again. I love this time of year though, don't you? A bit of spring feed and the winter coat falling out to reveal a stunning horse underneath! lol
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  10. He's looking superb :D

    Just a thought, IF he drops again, try getting a blood test done - I remember seeing on an episode of Harry's Practise once a TB that wouldn't put on weight so they took a blood test. I can't remember what it was, but the test showed the issue, they medicated as per and 3 months later he was a different horse!
  11. rica

    rica Well-known Member

    Cheers Jess so far quality comments! lol! No one has commented on a lack of anything in his physique which I take as a good thing! I am thinking I am probably a tad biased and that is why I posted a pic of him at the moment to see if it was just me thinking he was looking good or if he is actually looking good to others too!
  12. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Sorry Rica but you've been sprung and I've got to let everyone know what has been your 'secret' weapon for getting your boy to put on weight..........
    Its all the ad lib ice cream!!!!!!!! Look closely at the first photo and behind the horse in the background (rh side) is a Peters Icecream fridge.
    I can just see all the ads in Hoofbeats now, "Trumpets, Fudge Bars, Twin Poles, the new summer suppliments for those 'hard to feed' horses" :) LMAO
  13. angelic_wonderer

    angelic_wonderer New Member

    He looks pretty healthy...lovely kind eye
  14. rica

    rica Well-known Member

    LMAO! Yes woops Ali I have been sprung! Anyone heard of the Denmark Toffee Factory? Well I know the people that own it and they gave me the old freezer that didn't work any more to store my feed buckets! lol! The only kinda icecream in there is made of chaff and nutririce! lol! A lot of tourists kids see that and have to hang over the fence to see what is in it! It is pretty funny!

    Yes kind eye to a kind horse angelic wonderer!
  15. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    he looks lubbleeeee....well done..**) :) **)
  16. rica

    rica Well-known Member

    Yeah mineees hoping the new edition to the paddock is easier to feed up than this one! lol! When he gets here! If he gets here! I am sure the different breeding of the 'new boy' will help a lot when it comes to feeding up and conditioning! Yes Jak is lubbbleeee hey?

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