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  1. Aussie Rose

    Aussie Rose New Member

    Well, I've just finished cleaning a feral flesh wound on Mirrage.
    How did it happen? No idea! GRRR. Silly filly.#(

    Had to run down the shops as i didn't even have a simple tube of betadine!
    And was directed to Silverzine. My mum is a nurse so i know people can use it for all sorts of cuts and bruises. But what about horses?

    Does anyone know anything about Silverzine and horses or has anyone used it?

    I hope it works:)*
  2. pso

    pso Gold Member

    My vet was using silverzine on a 'feral' wound on my horse, Its good for ulcerated/infected type sores, but I thought it was S4- u need a script to get it? (Its a plain black tube with white writing if its the same stuff!) Dont think I'd use it without vet advise!!

    But only used it for the first 4/5 days of the injury, till the AB's kicked in, then went on to prednoderm(sp?)- u know the gooey green glop? Which have just stopped using now (3 months on)...

    But you cant go past betadine! Its cheap and it works!

    Got any pics of the wound?:)
  3. bubblez

    bubblez Well-known Member

    love pregnoderm its fantastic magic stuff, expensive but works a treat, used that on my old geldings huge hock wound...
  4. Dancia

    Dancia New Member


    I know it might sound crazy but I have found unprocessed honey the best thing for healing up nasty wounds and leaving hardly a mark.

    You do have to bandage or keep the area covered to stop the honey dripping all over the place - but it works like a miracle.
  5. rockon

    rockon Active Member

    I was of the opinion that Silvazene was a S-4 drug to? Maybe it has changed. I have used it on several different wounds- seems to be quite soothing while still encouraging flesh growth as against the prednoderm.

  6. Aussie Rose

    Aussie Rose New Member

    Don't know about Silverzine being a script cream but yes i got it from vet at shops. I have learnt from mum Silverzine (SSD) is used for burns and burns type wounds(grazes, harsh lacerations, skin infections) on people and horses and is slightly better at preventing infection rather than fighting it, though still awsome.

    Sorry no pics. It's not terribly nasty she just did a bang up job of ripping up the flesh. Apparently the silver content is fabulous for upping the healing speed for wimpy horses.

    Instructions are to use once daily untill dryer and scabbing which should be in a couple of days. Then betadine IF needed otherwise, honey or vaseline to keep scab soft and flies away.

    I usually use honey or betadine but my kids have taken to liking/chewing the honey off *#) and i thought id try something different.

    Thanks for all your help. :)* Going to put Mirrage in a bubble now. ((o))
  7. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Just went out to the stables to get mine!
    My one is Silvazine (smith and nephew) and it is S4 (in big letters, supply without script illegal!)...But like u said, u got it from the vet, so its OK! could be diff brand tho?
    I think its the sulphur that accounts for the healing! as well as the silver!
    Good luck with yours, hope it all goes well, sounds like a good treatment plan!
  8. Aussie Rose

    Aussie Rose New Member

    PSO you crack me up - running out to get your tube at 10pm!:)*
    Yep i think mine is the same. Must admit as i've known our vet for ever i occasionally get small script stuff like creams without actually seeing my script. I'm sure i'll have one for it, prob come up in next stock order, yay, but i'm going to ring and ask him in morning - don't want anyone getting in trouble.

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