Show us your engagement/wedding rings!

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Coliban Quarter Horse Stud, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. As a spin off from the other thread:D, show us your rings stockies!
  2. NLEC

    NLEC Well-known Member

    Brilliant idea Coliban :D (and an appreciated distraction from studying chem :p )

    we broke the "rules" (how unusual for us :rolleyes: )

    We believed in friendship before marriage....

    So I got the symbol of love (and all that) first - yay!


    The engagement ring is a plain white gold band, and so is the wedding ring - for me anyway. He required something tougher, the classic Japanese wave pattern etched in Titanium ;)


  3. Jemima

    Jemima Active Member

    These are mine -

    The one with the twist and center diamond is my wedding ring, the channel set matching it is one we bought later for an anniversary and the other channel set is just one I bought for myself for my birthday! (got it at cash converters actually for a bargain price!) I don't wear my actual engagement ring anymore because it was just a cheapy and gives me dermatitis!
  4. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    im sure i have better photos of it somewhere.

    my bf took my bestie in to the jewellers to see the diamond first & they settled on this design (which was NOTHING like the one i had prepped them both on well beforehand).

    i LOVE it so much. it came with a certificate & everything and is in a platinum band. i'm pretty lucky that he did his research. the first thing he said after i put it on was that it was insured so was ok to wear to the horse! lolz. i never take it off.
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  5. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    I am trying my hardest to take a photo but it keeps coming out terrible even with flash on or no flash etc...

    What is the secret to getting a good pic?

    ETA - Ok still not a good pic but this one was taken a few min after the proposal...

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  6. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    Woweeeeee, needanswers. Details?

    Try taking a pic outside?
  7. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    OK tried to take a few outside.... maybe I am hopeless at being a photographer!!



    Details - this is a 2 1/4 carat solitare diamond ring platinum band. The other one with 5 diamons in it was a gift a few years ago from my OH as my work required me to go into some shifty places where I'd get singled out a lot :eek:
  8. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    Hooooolllllly dooly. Amazing!
  9. Jemima

    Jemima Active Member

    That's beautiful needanswers - it must be super sparkly!! I am such a magpie I would be looking at it all day :)
  10. cruisecontrol

    cruisecontrol Well-known Member


    Nothing too flash but this is mine, had the original engagement and wedding band melted together as I found it wayyyyy too thin then just got a plain band to go with it. One day I will eventually have the plain band shaped to the engagement ring :rolleyes:

    Needanswers yours is just stunning!!! **)
  11. Celestial Park

    Celestial Park Active Member


    Details - this is a 2 1/4 carat solitare diamond ring platinum band. The other one with 5 diamons in it was a gift a few years ago from my OH as my work required me to go into some shifty places where I'd get singled out a lot :eek:[/QUOTE]

    NOOOOO Your problem is you need a bigger lense! THATS ONE HELL OF A ROCK! Im pretty sure if I was ever to get something that was couple of carrots...they would only be the orange things that are out of the bottom of the fridge!
    Stunning ring, HUGE congrats :))
  12. Cowgirl Kid

    Cowgirl Kid Well-known Member

    Cos I'm obsessed with anything/everything wedding!! Here is mine.. I don't wear my engagement ring as it's not practical and gets caught on everything so when we chose my wedding band, we wanted something different and still blingy... I love it!!!
  13. here is mine
    1.7 carat solitair and a Cartier weddig band with 9 diamonds in white gold
    they need cleaning badly, I don't take them off:eek:
  14. GoWelshCobs

    GoWelshCobs Well-known Member

    wher e did u get this or did u get it made
  15. Cowgirl Kid

    Cowgirl Kid Well-known Member

    Can't remember if it was Zamels or Michael Hill or Angus and Coote... one of your run of the mill jewellery shops.

    We were quite prepared to get one made as I had my heart set on a $5000 + ring which was beyond our budget and this one is very similar to that... and perhaps a bit more practical anyway.

    Handcrafted engagement rings, wedding bands, and diamond jewelry ? Kirk Kara

    Maybe when we win lotto then I'll get a matching ring from Kirk Kara!! :D
  16. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    Hoooley Doooley Needanswers, that is one hella'va ring!
    Very nice!

    I would put up pics of mine......BUT I DONT HAVE ONE......yet :p
  17. Premier

    Premier Well-known Member

    My engagement ring with my something blue from the wedding.


    Our Wedding bands

  18. cupcake

    cupcake Well-known Member


    I got engaged before christmas.

    My ring is gold band, which pinches into the diamonds. And three pricess cut diamonds.

    I have no idea bout the clarity or carrots... I just thought it was pretty and shinny :D

  19. cupcake

    cupcake Well-known Member

    Do you wear your engagment ring on your wedding day? what do you do with it?

    Does your wedding ring go above or below it?
  20. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    The tradition (and most people still follow it) is to have your engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand for the ceremony. Wedding band goes on and sometime later you swap the engagement ring back to your left hand.

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