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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Arnie, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Hey guys in 2 weeks I'm taking Arnie to his 1st show jumping show. But we've never done it before so we might struggle. We have jumped 3'6 at home and if he's good at the show we'll do up to a metre which is as high as it goes anyway. Is there anything in particular I need? Will I be gear checked? I'm also considering doing the 5 bar. Is there anything I need to be prepared for, for this? Any tips would be a great help. Also do I have to wear my hacking jacket etc?...

  2. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Hey arnie, good luck with the show. Although i dont know much about showjumping i'm pretty sure that you will be gear checked. Depending on the show you will probably need to wear your hacking jacket, looks neater anyhow. Prolly best to take it of you're not sure, better safe than sorry.
    I dont think you have to tape down your horse boots like you do for cross country, not entirely sure but i cant remember ever seeing anyone do it at any of the shows i've been too.

    Although i've never ridden showjumpig in competition before the biggest tip i can give is walk the course really well. Know the length of your horses stride before you get to the show and even practice walking courses before you get there. Make sure you know where to go after each jump. The more prepared you are before you get there, the better it will all go. I'm a bit of a control and organisational freak so this is really important to me but i know others who fly by the seat of their pants and it all seems to work out anyway.

    You mentioned that this is your first sj comp so make sure you take it easy on arnie. If he's not coping with the height or anything else, dont push it and come back to fight another day. Not saying that you would- but if he wasnt coping at the show and you pushed it too far with him, you could end up with bigger problems later next time you take him to another comp. Know what i mean?

    So go out there and have a great time. Good Luck!

    ~When all else fails and there is no one else around, hug yourself~
  3. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks Bethy that was a big help. I've decided to sign up for most of the hights but am prepared to pull out at any time. Its going to be alot different then hacking!...

  4. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    if it is the Gidge show, then it is run by the pony club, and there will be some gear checking done. It will check for saftey of gear, no jewlery, you may be advised to have boots/bandages taped. They do allow you to ride in Club uniform or jackets. if you are only doing the jumping, you do not need to be plaited.

    it is up to you to be there within time. all courses are open for walking just before the event starts. the jumps are numbered. the course map will be up on one of the light posts, and also have the jump off numbers. learn these numbers too. When walking the course, you should be presented as if you were going to ride it, so helmet on, whip, jacket, jods etc. if you miss walking the course, then check the map and watch the other riders.

    is it AM3 or AM7 (type of event structure) on the program?
    they usually have 2 practice jumps in the warm up ring. there is never usually a lot of space, and lots of horses. you must jump these on the direction with the flags (red on right, white on left). this is to try and limit the possiblility of an accident.

    as this is show jumping, if you have a refusal in a combination part BC, then you must attempt from part A the whole combination again.

  5. widgelli

    widgelli Well-known Member

    Hell Arnie , I thought you were going to spell your horse. It is any wonder he is carrying on stupid at times. He has gone sour. You have said yourself that you have been riding him for the last three years. In that time have you given him a decent spell. By decent I mean at least 6 weeks.
    If you do do this , you will find that he is one great horse when you bring him back in , and he will lap up the attention that is given him,
    I hope you know what you are asking of him taking him to this show and expecting him to do all this jumping.
    How much jumping have you done on him at a pony club on any other club where you can be taught to walk the course properly ? Do you know how far it is that a horse jumps. Do you know how to step your jumps so that you know where to take off and land ,? How to step you doubles and trebles so that you also know whether you will need to lentghen his stride , or shorten it so that he can jump them without coming to grief.
    There is a lot more to jumping that just riding at the jump and hoping to hell that he can jump them.
    Personally I think that you are taking a risk at the moment.

  6. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Excuse me? Who do you think you are talking to me like that? You talk to me as if I'm some saught of beginner and I don't know the 1st thing about horses let alone jumping. If you would like my answer to your questions yes I know all of that. No I don't attend pony club but where I agist has very good jumps. All my life I was taught to ride by an eventer who was ferel about my jumping. So now will you back right off and let me do what I want! STOP IT!...

  7. Paddys girl

    Paddys girl Well-known Member

    I did notice you said that arnie was on spell and you were only riding him every now and then as well. It is very hard work to get around a showjumping course, not just in fitness terms either.

    Considering Arnie might not be ready for this just yet maybe you could go down and watch and get a few tips on how to go about walking the course etc first?? Watch how people ride their rounds and what they do in tricky situations.

    Then you can go home and practice what you've seen and learnt and hopefully be fit and ready for the next time something comes along....

    Please don't be upset by what Willegdi (sorry about the spelling!!) said, she does make a good point and is only offering you some good advice.
  8. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks Paddys Girl. I'll clear it out for people. Yes Arnie was on spell and he had a good 4 weeks. I was planning until end of summer but the wetha go nice and I couldn't hold myself back. The Gidgy show was so tempting that I just have to go. I've been riding Arnie for the last 3 weeks in full work. For the last 2yrs I've gone to all the show jumping events I can. I often go to Brookleigh to watch. I watch the show jumping on the weekend too. I've had enough of watching I'm ready to do...

  9. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    if you and arnie have never done a showjumping round at an event yet i suggest you start at the lower heights, there should be no embarrassment for you doing this as you will find that a lot of adults start with the lower heights first to see how there horses handle it and the different jumps.

    you may also find that at a pony club run event you will only be allowed to do 2 consecutive heights eg. 18" and 2', you will not be allowed to do 3 heighs or one height then miss the next and go to the next one.

  10. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks Sherreem 60cm is good enough to start with, any smaller and Arnie will think I'm stupid and he drags himself over them cuz their "too small" for him. Hows this I'll do the 60cm and the 70cm and then the 5 bar?...

  11. widgelli

    widgelli Well-known Member

    Arnie , whether you like it or not , I feel that I have to tell you that you are taking one hell of a risk.
    You may know a little , but if you have never competed at this level , you really dont know what you are in for.
    If you dont care what happens to yourself , at least think of Arnie. He is a nervous sort of fellow at the best of times isn't he? If he has never face up to a jump under stressful conditions , he will not be concentrating as well as you might think he is , and could therefore take off too early and pull the jumps with his hindlegs and trip , come up too close and get the poles hooked up in his from legs , or just stop and put you into the jump.
    You can be taught all you like in the quiet of you own area , but experience in the ring has to be learned a little at a time . Not only for yourself , but for your horse.
    Go right ahead and do whatever you like , but dont say that you weren't warned.
    As for an event rider teaching you, so what ! There are event riders , and very good event riders. There are teachers and there are good instructors. It still doesn't count for experience.
    If you insist on doing the 5 bar , be very careful , as your timing has to be impeccable.

  12. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks Jo. I have thought it over some more and realised that on the day I'm probably going to be pretty nervous. I can't even garentee Arnie will go anywhere near the jump. We had to do 2 small jumps for the Fersatility show we went to and he stopped a good 5-6 meters infront of it. He doesn't do a sudden stop he slows down and blocks your legs out. I've done lots of training at home and in the bush to get him over this and I'm hoping that he is finally over it. I'll do the five bar and yes I'll watch the timing but its all for fun and your right, Arnie could clip his back legs and it all go wrong. Even tho Arnie is obsessed with not hitting his legs...thankyou...

  13. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    I am a little surpised as even when i was showjumping at every show i went to, i would not have dreamed of attempting a 5 bar. It doesn't take much to ruin a horses confidence very badly- especially if he has not competed that much and has only been in work for 3 weeks. Surely the most important thing is to get his confidence up over little jumps before even thinking about a 5 bar? And i think its pretty unfair to bring a horse in from spell early just because you can't help yourself- although in posts over the last 4 weeks you have said that you have ridden- bush rides etc- which is it?
  14. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    little jumps? Your talking like 1 foot? When I practice jumping I only do about 3' to 3'3 for now. I'm not going to push it any further even know we have done a round of 3'6(at home) I want to stick with the 3'3 area and work up real slowly from there. There is nothing wrong with the 5 bar. Arnie finds the more jumps infront the more exciting...

  15. EmC

    EmC New Member

    I took a young horse to the Gidge Show last year and competed in the SJ. Last year there was Jack Russel racing right next to the SJ! The atmosphere is fairly big there if it's your 1st showjumping comp. with him. Jumping 3'6 @ home is a lot different to jumping a course of it at a comp. As you said I would stick to the 60cm, 70cm and perfect those heights then at a quieter show later on enter the 90cm etc. You don't want to scare him @ his 1st SJ comp.

    A hint: when riding into the arena for your turn, salute the judge then canter him around and show him as much of the arena as you can within your 45 seconds before you have to go thru. the start flags. this will get him going forward and give him a quick glance at the fences.
  16. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    I was watching a video the other week that was taped at a showjumping tuition style think in the UK (i think). It was more of an exhibit that was run by two brilliant showjumping guys (cant remember their names, sorry). What they did was show the audience the different levels that they go through and what they aim to teach them as they go. Even though i'm not a sj rider (too chicken!!) i found it so interesting.
    Anyhow my point is, one tip that the guy gave was that although you cant 'show' your horse any of the jumps, there are sneaky ways of getting around this. I dont think it counts as cheating but when you are warming up you horse and then saluting the judge, ride your horse past the jump/s so they can look at it without 'looking' at it? Make sense?

    ~When all else fails and there is no one else around, hug yourself~
  17. Val Perkins

    Val Perkins New Member


    I really have to have a laugh..........I'm not sure whether your for real or not.

    The problems you have with your horse (the posts you have written) I wouldn't want to take him anywhere at this stage.

    Training begins at home, if you can't get any of the basics right then you can forget it, not only will you ruin your horse, but people will think poorly of you!!
  18. EmC

    EmC New Member

    The rules have actually changed and in Official Showjumping you can show your horse any fence before you commence the round.
  19. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Hey thanks guys thats a big help. Excellent idea, Arnie sure will be pleased with a good look around first!...

    Val what ever you say goes in one way and out the other...

  20. TB4Me

    TB4Me Well-known Member

    I agree with EmC here, by all means go and have a fun day, but stick with the low heights (maybe up to 70 or 80 cm) and perhaps give the 5 bar a miss, it's a very demanding event. Just from personal experience, my horse will jump 1.20 M very easily at home but I wouldn't attempt anything higher than 1M at a show, even though he's been to a few now. Jumping at home, even over courses, is a world away from jumping a course at a show, especially if the horse hasn't had much experience, he's going to be a bit fazed by it all. I would just go and have a fun day jumping the lower heights, maybe try to perfect style technique etc, before trying anything bigger.

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