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    JAFEICA Active Member

    Hi everyone I am thinking about getting my horse out on the show scene this season and have a few questions as I usually showjump and event. I have a 4month old baby so don't have the time to keep my horse jump fit.

    He is more of a hunter type this is him...

    So sorry about all the questions but here we go..
    Am I able to take him out to a few local unofficial shows and do new comers next year when he has more education under his belt?
    Can I hack him unofficially for experience? (I intend to do show hunter with him officially)
    I have a black saddle so will be going with that, what colours would match?
    Below is a pic of my showjump jacket, could it pass for a hunter jacket to start with?

    Does he have to be EA registered to be officially measured?
    Is there any other important info or tips anyone can give me?

    TIA :)
  2. DSH101

    DSH101 New Member

    Thats a nice horse tia !!! You can only take him to official shows after newcomer entries close to be eligible next year although i would check show horse council and EA rules... You can compete unoffficially but would need to be ea member to be covered for insurance, also keep in mind that once you do official you cant go back to unofficial for 2 years one you have competed at a royal show level. To be officially measured you need to be registered so you can have a measuring card... If you have a black saddle you should have a black bridle, with a plain browband (for hunters)

    look at these rulings, Rules May 2012 Edition.pdf Show Horse 11th April 2013.pdf

    Hope this was some help **) Good Luck

    JAFEICA Active Member

    Ok thanks for the info but I think I am more confused now!! It is my understanding he can not go out and hack unofficially to be eligible for new comers...? So confused
  4. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Nice boy :D

    He cannot compete at all under saddle to remain eligible for newcomer status.

    Personally if you aim to go official just start out in the official ring. It tends to be "safer" as you have a lot less inexperienced horses and riders and it isn't that much different in terms of what is expected. It can be easier to understand placings from official judges though.

    That jacket would be fine :)
  5. tammyprez

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    I know that the Show Horse Council website explains the whole Newcomer thing pretty well, so there is no use me adding too much more confusing information on that part except that he mustn't compete under saddle (exceptions are racing) until the close of entries of THIS years Newcomer event(s) if you are planning to take him out to NEXT years Newcomers...

    Jacket is perfectly acceptable, and one the easiest things about Hunter is that you don't have to worry about matching colours etc. so keep your stock cream and as a suggestion; your waistcoat to match the coloured thread in your jacket to liven it up and tie it all in.

    When I did Newcomers, I waited until the previous years' entry date had closed before competing and pony clubbing unofficially for the year before and then squeezed in my two qualifying official shows before my planned years' Newcomer date had closed. So there is a suggestion if you want to tackle it like that...

    Gorgeous boy, by the way
  6. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    If you've been competing on him at show jumping events then he won't be eligible for new comers in hacking. The ONLY thing a horse can do under saddle and still be eligible for new comers is racing.

    JAFEICA Active Member

    Thanks, he has done nothing but race so we should be fine

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