Shoulder Dislocations (Horse)

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by OBHH, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Im just wanting to know if anyone has had an experience with their horse dislocating the shoulder.
    8 days ago, Scallywag had an arguement with a gate and the gate won. He basically either ran into it or tried to jump it and has folded the gate in half. One extremely lame pony left, luckily only superficial wounds that will heal but almost non weight bearing on his off-fore.
    X-rays have shown NO FRACTURES, so the vets have concluded that he possibly dislocated the shoulder but also popped it back in soon after the incident. Hence he has got massive muscle trauma in that area due to the amount of muscle located at the shoulder. He is to have a minimum of 12 weeks box/yard rest and we will reassess then. After which we will also start with abit of muscle and chiro manipulation to help with rehabilitation.

    So has anyone else had a horse with a similar injury. Im wanting to know is there any herbs that i can give to help encourage quick muscle healing and is there anything else i should be doing to help him in the early stages of rehab.
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    Oh dear:(:(

    Poor horsey!

    No advice whatsoever, but wishing you and your pony the best :)
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    I didnt think horses COULD dislocate a shoulder- as they dont have a ball/socket type joint??? (technological term :p) But you learn something new everyday!;)

    talk to Jess at Equestricare- she has some great new healing pads that may help after the initial inflammation has eased, and will be able to advise on herbs too :)

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