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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by luckyboy22, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. luckyboy22

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    Well, I used to do pretend-racing on Lucky, and now when-ever I get the reins short, and lean forward a bit, he gets anxious to get going, and goes sideways, and sometimes rears a little, not big, only a little jump.
    I taught him to go side-ways with my legs around him, and I don't do that.
    How can I stop him from doing this??

    I stop and hold short reins, and lean forward sometimes to reach into my saddle bag to get something, give him a pat, or check his bit, and each time he gets a little anxious!! With loose reins it's no problem, but if he spooks at something then I would have no control.

    This is the only problem we have had in ages, we are going riding in the afternoon, so I thought some suggestions would be good for then.
    Going back to school work now, Its nearly done! (Well another hour or so then it will be done for the day) **)
  2. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    P.S. Its 11 AM here--
  3. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    Hi there, firstly stop holding him in a short contact. He's an ex-racehorse???? so naturally this means GO. He's not trying to be naughty , just doing what he was trained too. Relax yourself and when riding out at a walk do it on the buckle. No need to shorten him up when you are at halt just stand quietly and do stuff you would normally do. If he gets worried or moves off dont grab both reins just take one, run your hand down it and ask him to turn around until he stands , quietly give back the rein and if he still stands pat him. If you feel his is going to shy while you are out then shorten them a bit but still have no contact on the mouth, keep him interested in doing "work" on the trail . Walk to halt, halt to trot, trot to halt. leg yield etc then he will be focused on you and no the boogie monsters. It will take some time to UNTRAIN the " short rein means go thing" but I'm sure with time you will be able to pick up your contact and it wont mean go :) .....oh forgot to add, stop getting up out of the saddle into a "racing position" the only thing you will do is confuse him. Good luck :)
  4. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    Thanks for that:)

    I don't get up in a racing postition, I just lean forward a little, but I will try everything you said!!

    My friend Owns an ex-racehorse that is really calm. He is a bit lazy, which is probably why he stopped racing, and when I ride him, he is more goey, probably because I have more energy and loove to gallop. I will try and be --calmer-- and have lose reins more often:) We do a lot of jumping and cross-country, so will give him more of his head:)

    My mum owns an Arab, and if you short-rein him he gets tense and rears!!
  5. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    Dont give the contact away when you are jumping,you need to be steering and also have brakes. What I meant was when you are out trail riding etc. If he gets silly jumping bring him back to walk, then halt after a jump, release contact when he stands then pat him. He is not to move on unless you ask him.
  6. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    Ok thanks!!

    He sometimes moves with-out orders when he is fresh.
    I will have to work on that!!
    Thanks for the advise!!:)
  7. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    I retrained my tb to not rush jumps while I was finishing up his remouthing so this technique might need adjusting.
    I put 1 pole on the ground, walk over it on the buckle, 2 step after going over it stop, hold contact til he gives to the bit and throw the reins to the buckle as soon as the give happens. Continue on both reins. Move on to trot, trot over then stop and wait for give, trot off on buckle. When horse is doing well and listening, add another pole, so 20m circle pole on either side on the long side of area (more space) same thing from walk the to trot. Go over 1 pole stop go over next pole then stop til horse is listening, then pole one and continue to pole 2 then stop and mix it up.
    Then put 1 pole up to 20cms and trot only over it and stop. Continue like the 2 pole set up.

    Hope that helps :)
  8. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    One really important piece of advice I was given was to sit on my horse and have a drink/read a book, go to sleep.

    Just spend time. I used to go get my horse put a halter on him, climb on bareback and take him out for a graze along the road verge (Very quiet no through road). He would be head down bum up chomping. I would be laying along his neck breathing in the smell of him.

    You horse has learned the cues shortened rein, lean forward means run. So get on him, sit, read a book, lean forward, backwardshortened the reins, lenthen them. Do any silly thing you can think of. And then make sure when you do want to go for a gallop you have a distinctly different cue so he knows AGHHHH now we get to have fun :)
  9. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    I didn't think Lucky was an ex-racehorse..I've always pictured him as a pony :) I have a big Warmblood and I've never played pretend racing with him ..I'd be too scared lol.. but even he will go fast if I lean forward especially in canter. No rearing or anything else like that though..not allowed :)

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