Sheath Cleaning & the Bean

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by entreat, Apr 21, 2009.

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    i took Goodie to the vet and him cleaned last week. He had a slightly swollen sheath...and is very shy:eek: He did not have a bean but had some inflammation from being a bit dirty (sensitive boy) he now has the cleanest in the Vet used warm water only and recommended not using detergents or oils at all as it destroys the natural flora**)
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    So can vets do it for you? And how much do they normally charge?? The reason i ask is i have been meaning to get mine checked for a while but i honestly didnt even know it needed to be done or the first thing about it? I wouldnt know where to start!

    I noticed simalar to what you said, my mini flight was a lil swollen with some gunk up in his thighs so i kept hosing it and seemed to go? If a vet or someone could show me what i should be doing that would be great!

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    Im with you Bella Equine Browbands, I wouldnt even know where to look for a bean and as for cleaning it well good luck, I've had my boy for 4 years and have only seen him hang out once briefly before it when back into hibernation, he dosen't even poke it out to pee. WIERD Horse, I've tried to clean inside the sheath area which he hates so how am I supose to do a full clean and check? If vets come out to do it for you then that would be great as I cant take him to one due to no float.
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    i can never clean my boys.
    even just hosing in between the legs he sensetive.
    and hes learned to kick while someones holding up the front leg aswell.
    hes very talented.
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    Bumping?? Can vets do it?
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    Entreat, i remember u showing me how to do this ages ago, Dusty doesnt let me go near that area, as soon as he see's me eye it off he sucks it up and lifts his legs. Im determined to clean it so ill figure out a way to get him to let me.
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    It comes down to desensitising your horse. Not every horse is born with the idea that a predator animal grabbing at their reproductive organs is a good thing.

    Start small - rub you horse on the hind legs every day & every second day go a little further, especially when he's dropped it. I wouldn't advise you got for a snatch & grab without asking his permission first!!! But my boy tells me when he needs a clean (deliberately drops it at me), and my brother's horse has been quite accomodating considering we're not really that close.

    Dusty&Bucky - I can work on desensitising Dusty for you if you want. Although I'm owrried about the name I'm making for myself at the yards with all this willy-fondling going on!! LOL!

    BEB - I dunno about vets doing it for you, you can call one and ask. But minimum they'd be able to supply a sedative if you needed.
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    holy bananas that is a huge bean!


    *might grab beejy whilst he's snoozing*
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    Hi all, I'm new to the forums but thought I'd give my 2-cents about this rather.. icky issue :p

    I'm looking after 3 geldings at the moment (only own one of them) and we get their teeth floated annually. When the vet comes he sedates them for their teeth, even though they are chilled out, just cos of safety/insurance reasons.

    Anyway, they drop their junk thanks to the sedative, so while he rasps their teeth I just use water and maybe a tiny bit of water-based lubricant and scrub the outside to get off flaky bits of smegma.

    When the vet's done with all their teeth, he does a quick once over to see how their sheaths are looking, and pops the bean out for me, since I haven't been brave enough to do it myself!

    Teeth costs $150 total for travel and treatment, and he just does the bean as a freebie lol

    But, I don't think annual cleaning is enough, so I'm looking at using the Horse Herbalists willy wash every couple of months for a quick 'refresher'. Has anyone else used it?
  12. GiGi

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    My boy's sheath is very clean, no flakey bits at all. I've taken to hosing up his sheath (gently), every time I hose him down. He seems quite relaxed about the whole thing. I've been too scared to investigate any further ! If the sheath is not flakey, could they still have the bean ?
  13. Que Sera Sera

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    Clean as a Whistle are advertisers on this forum and they are the sheath cleaning experts. Costs about $40 per horse I think, discount for multiple horses as well I think. $40 aint bad for them to travel to you and provide all the secret herbs and spices to get the bean out and give it a good wash.

    Here are a couple of pics of their demonstration at our PC. As you can see they get right in LOL.

    ShadowKat getting in deep.

    ShadowKats boy's bean

    Merrylegs getting in deep too. Just goes to show that they dont need to hang it out to have a good clean.

    Merryleg's victim's bean

    The PC kids reactions to doing the job to their horses............

    I think I will just pay ShadowKat and Merrylegs to do it LOL. They also do boobies too, so your mare is covered as well.
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    I might give them a call then, they seem pretty unfazed and really get IN there! I admire their bravery/ strong stomach :D now just to erect a privacy curtain of some kind, to prevent the local kids getting scarred for life... :p
  15. Que Sera Sera

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    LOL. I didnt put the photo up of the one horse who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You wouldnt have thought he was a gelding....................

    I had a go under their guidance and you do have to have a good feel around and really know what you are looking for. Luckily the horse we were all having a feel of didnt mind us all shoving our hands up his sheath, as we each tried to locate the bean he had LOL.
  16. Que Sera Sera

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    Yes the bean is located in the penis, rather than on the outside of it.
  17. Izzy

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    Is there anyone in Melbourne or inner Vic that does sheath cleaning? Where abouts are the 'Clean as a Whistle' ladies?
  18. Que Sera Sera

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    No Clean as a Whistle are Perth based. This is a prodominately WA site.

    Suggest you ask on a site local to you for a contact. Though a few of our interstates members may know someone.

    If all else fails, give Clean as a Whistle a call and they may talk you through it.
  19. blitzen

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    yep. my two riding horses have to endure my hand up there at least once a year. my big boy is fairly tolerant, but the little one has to wait for sedation after his teeth get done. getting the bean out is important as it can lead to all sorts of icky problems.
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    hehe I knew there would be a thread about this somewhere
    I clean Buzzs all the time, he hangs it out after rides so I just give it a clean, literally dunk his penis in water :p
    I don't use any products though, too scared he may get a reaction from something so I just use water and hes fine.

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