Shade Sails good? bad? reviews please

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by LNT, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. LNT

    LNT Well-known Member

    Hi All

    i am wanting to put a shade sail over our pool area had one quote from a perth shade sail company and they wanted just shy of 5K.....seems very expensive to me for 1 sail and it wasnt a huge area.

    any recommendations, things/ companys to steer clear of?

    sometimes i wonder if these people come to your property see that you have acreage a big house etc and automatically double their price??

    any thoughts?
  2. Pinkie_Pie

    Pinkie_Pie Well-known Member

    We've just got cheapy ones from deals direct (online shop) and red dot. They are just as good without the huge price tag. We can really notice the difference!

    ETA, they may not last as long but we've had ours for a couple of years, take them down if it gets too windy and over winter
  3. LNT

    LNT Well-known Member

    thanks PP, did you put the poles in yourself?

    and if so where did you get them please?
  4. Pinkie_Pie

    Pinkie_Pie Well-known Member

    Yep, we just got pine poles from the local trading post/rural supplies place. I think we got the 3.6m ones but they were a bit tall for the area, but I'd rather too tall than too short!
  5. LNT

    LNT Well-known Member

    ahh ok, that sounds like a good idea, will look into that :))

    i was thinking even if you have to replace the sail every couple of years gotta be cheaper than 5K!!!!

    ps love your siggy PP.....classic lol!!
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  6. Pinkie_Pie

    Pinkie_Pie Well-known Member

    There is special things for mounting them too. And OH had to custom make some brackets for attaching them to our house, but all up it definately came to under 5K!
  7. Happypaint

    Happypaint Well-known Member

    We just had a huge shade sail put over our pool. It pretty much covers the whole pool and is absolutely awesome. We put the posts in ourselves that they provided and then they fitted the sail. All up it was around $2500 including concrete. We went through West Coast Shade. Fantastic people and service **)
  8. Ridelikeyoumeanit

    Ridelikeyoumeanit Active Member

    avalon sails in mandurah did the serpentine pony club ones. they are huge and did an awesome job. have a followup service too
  9. beau

    beau Well-known Member

    My son in law just put one up over his - well half, got it from Bunnings and cos they have poured concrete around the pool and did not want to dig it up, so he got steel posts, put capping on the bottom and top and dinabolted them onto the limestone wall - cost him less than $700 to do the lot himself.
  10. Woo2U

    Woo2U New Member

    Endless Shade Endless Drips

    I Do Not recommend a company on the Sunshine Coast. They knowingly put a hole in my roof sheets whilst installing shade cloth. After many firm attempts to have this guy come back and plug the hole he will not. However he is willing to pass hes employees number on and suggest I pay him to fix it. After 4 years and many solid attempts I give up. He doesnt give warranty and he doesnt attend appointments.
  11. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road Well-known Member

    I have a friend who owns a shade sail business and he would charge about that for a shade sail. They are not cheap that is for sure. Some things are worth paying for the quality.
  12. brumby845

    brumby845 New Member

    we had a cheap one and and it fell apart after a couple of months with the strong east winds in the perth hills. We ended up paying the money for a proper installation with one shade sails. I recommend them to anyone in perth shade sails perth
  13. andowin

    andowin New Member

    Master hardware store has them going for $99 atm on special. They look really good we are thinking about getting some and having them ready for summer in out paddocks.
  14. Savanna

    Savanna New Member

    We all rely on pool shades in the greatest heat of summer. Got mine from peninsula shade sails and I loved it. Installing shade sails over your pool will provide an enjoyable environment in your pool and even reduce chemical consumption.
  15. philsfog

    philsfog New Member

    i bought a shade sail last month and im pretty impressed with the versatility of this fabric thanks to this sunshade guide.
  16. SierraM

    SierraM New Member

    Shade sails are very cool, and they are great for sun protection over a pool. They really need to be properly installed, but there's no need to spend anywhere near 5K to install them! There are several guides online. I found this installation guide to be quite helpful for our installation.

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