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  1. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Thanks guys, I sorta thought this was the case, we might go early anyway to beat (some) of the heat and just so the higher grades don't have heaps of people walking around, would be a bit of a distraction. Thanks:)
  2. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    Yeah Leon you are allowed but please please be careful of the higher grade riders they travel at speed, come through quickly and just cannot see everything.
    If you are walking the course you should be aware of riders coming through and step aside rather then the rider having to yell to every single person.

    Good luck tomorrow everyone I hope it is a little cooler.
  3. Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon Well-known Member

    I want to hear results and see piccies people!!! :p
  4. GiGi

    GiGi Guest

    I thought you were all very brave today ! The heat was naaassssty, very glad I scratched, well done you crazy lot !
  5. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    That was the most difficult XC I have ever ridden....I got half way and thought I couldn't continue - the heat just zaps your energy!!

    Vegas was great, the best he has felt on XC. I got lost and got time penalties :eek: (even after walking the course twice!), and I was very unlucky to get a refusal at the last jump as a large train came right past us as we were facing up and spooked him. Not his fault at all and when he realized the big monster wasn't going to eat him he jumped calmly. Very proud he was bold and calm - we have come a long way!!

    Had a great weekend, everyone is so lovely and makes it so enjoyable. Thanks for putting up with me Leon and Lauren - you girls are great and make it so much more enjoyable :) Great to meet some new stockies too @)

    Look forward to meeting Lockie next weekend Nickelodeon!
  6. Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon Well-known Member

    Hope the heat isn't as bad!!! But can't wait for Lochs to meet little Vegas and you either :p

    Congrats on a really successful weekend :) You must be super pleased! A really fantastic completion on you and Vegas' behalf, with only one refusal (by default hehe!). Well done **) **) **)

    Anna tells me the XC was both challenging and torturous haha! You kids are definitely brave sods :)*
  7. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    XC was just too much for my poor fella. His eyes were popping out of his head! He stopped at a few to take a closer look at what he was jumping but jumped everything. I think we ended up E in our XC from 'stops' but not sure and I'd prefer he look and jump calmly then launch at them in fright. He was easy to control but being so spooky was not very focused. He just wasn't comfortable cantering and so we trotted the whole way round with time penalties.

    Something to work on for next time!
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Tell me WHY we do put ourself through the torture of wearing long pants, long shirt, jumper/jacket, tie/stock, body protector, helmet AND gloves in 40+ degree heat?

    I am SO, SO happy with my horse.
    God she puts up with a lot, today reminded me how incredibly honest she is!

    Dressage was absolutely terrible.
    Like disasterous! Definitely the worst test we ever did.
    The judge must have pitied us and gave us a score of 74~ which was WAY more then we deserved. We had no warm up, got to gear check and had to go straight in the ring as the rider before me was already half way through her test. So first time we trotted was up to the judge, Bess did a few pigroots and made me nervous. After our test I took her out the back and just worked on getting a nice trot on a loose rein, she was absolutely brilliant so I think she was just stiff and needed to be warmed up.

    Show jumping I was petrified! I duno why but my confidence has really been knocked? Warming up we had a few swishes of the tail and a few little pigroots and I just panicked. Actually thought I was going to spew from fear. My legend of a pony went in and trotted the entire course, knocked a rail (totally my fault I took her in to it WAY to slow).. We got bulk penalties :p

    Then today took her out, again absolutely shaking with fear. She trotted calmly out the starting box, jumped the first one awkwardly (again my fault! Too slow).. I realised it was my fault and shoved a foot up my butt and rode her into the rest of the course more forwards. She was SO good! I'm so freaking unfit! I got half way and my watch started going off hahaha, so waaaay to slow. By the end I brought her back to a slow trot, I didn't think it was fair to continue to push her in canter with my fat ass on her back because I am to unfit to hold myself out of the saddle. So clear but with time penalties.

    I'm very, very happy with her :) We haven't done a course since October. She once again looked after me.

    Thank you so much Shana for taking us :)
  9. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    Thanks, I am happy with him - not long now and we can finally move up to D grade!! :)

    Sorry I didn't get to talk to you much Anna - there was too many people there! Looks like Ash went well for his first C grade, many were having problems it was a hard course. Will have to catch up with you this weekend at Wally :)
  10. Roleysgirl

    Roleysgirl Active Member

    Well, I had a FANTASTIC day, XC was super in the morning, Roley is so wise beyond his years and just carried me over when I put him in some seriousley dodgy spots. Those corners were absolute killers, but im lucky that he has a big stride so made it home only a second over :) SJ was one of the best rides ive had, he eas so adjustible and just "there" with me :)

    Soooo, in the end, one of only 2 survivors in the non PC A grade, we finished on a 44.3, a whole approx 45pens from the next person!
  11. AnnieIvy

    AnnieIvy Well-known Member

    I had a blast :D
    This was the first time Buzz had been on a comlplete XC round (first time was Murray Traning day), he took every jump in stride, he sort of faltered at a few but didn't really stop kept going :D
    Took most of it at a trot cantered a bit of it, the last stretch we had a horse go past and Buzz thought it was a race lol couldn't slow him down much, lost a stirrup and nearly missed the last jump but we did it :D completed it.

    I am so proud of him :)
  12. Dashbabe

    Dashbabe Well-known Member

    I had a good weekend :)
    Not a excellent dressage test with 55.9 pens however i cant blame him as i didnt warm him up and our arena surface was shocking with holes everywhere! Every time he started working nicely he would trip in a hole and lose the contact. was great! Had a silly stop at number one but partly my fault for not riding him, he was a little scared of the flowers too. It didnt seem like an easy easy course and was so windy! I nearly ran into the bunting so many times and got whacked in the eye by a branch just before the railway haha. Jump judge thinks i did the prelim/b grade drop at the coffin and the c grade/intro B, C parts of it. So i got a big E next to my name for that however my horse couldnt have made that turn from the drop without falling over. Doesnt matter as i had the stop and not a good dressage score so wouldnt have got a place
    Showjumping was messssssy! Rails everywhere. Poor boy was so tired every time i put my leg on i got a pissed off swish of the tail and humpy. So went around the course trying to encourage him forward but got a bad spot to what felt like every fence! I dont blame him and at the end of the day it was so hot, he tried his heart out for me. Im over the moon with him for getting me around my first C grade since 2007! It was only his second event too. Hes a champ and im so lucky to have him :D

    On friday a girl came back from riding her horse and she said 'mum i have the best horse, she was working so nicely!' on the way out to dressage marshelling in the morning i hear a person say 'omg mum my horse is a biotch i hate her!' Such different comments, i found it a bit sad :( It was so good to hear the girl on friday night say that about her pony - dont seem to hear it oftenly.
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  13. SpArTiAn

    SpArTiAn Well-known Member

    very happy with my boy Smurf :) dressage wasn't flash but couldnt blame him with the heat!
    SJ'd clear but verrrrrry messy, it was so tight and lots of turns which my big fella had trouble with.
    XC double clear so i was stoked, i took it quite easy and trotted a few corners and a couple of jumps but he made up for it with his big stride.

    not sure where i ended up as i left at around 1.30-2ish... was just wayyyy too hot. well done everyone :) and well done Bonny on Smokey yay
  14. Anna_Smiler

    Anna_Smiler Well-known Member

    hey! i tried to find you a bt later but failed! it was just so hot. YES WE MADE IT ROUND THE COURSE! so stoked with the Ash man! we only got 2 stops and they were at the jumps that i thought we'd have no problems with! typical! but he went straight down the steps and striaght over that triple! even though he leapt to the high heavens over the coffin. so all up i was stoke stoke stoked with my pony! and considering about 9 ppl in my calss were elimnated on xc? i just cant wait for wally next wkd!

    gem u and veas looked like u were doing super! congrats! all your hard work looks like its paying off! u should be so proud!
  15. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    I have never been that hot for so long...we must be bloody stupid. Very proud of my young man. He did his best dressage ever and we got 52.5 not bad seeing it was his second ODE and first with me. He went clear in S/Jump and we had a clear X-country but may have picked up time faults as it was soooooooo hot and I didnt want to stress him. But he was fearless, very bold and forward. I know we placed ok in a very big field but didnt even want to hang around for final results as mum was nearly ready to pass out. Would have really liked to see some consistency with the rules about jackets and long sleeves (stupid ruling in that heat) . One arena judge actually asked riders to remove their jackets , obviously an EA dressage judge, the only one that had any sense in my opinion. A big thankyou to Serpi for a wonderfully run event in very trying conditions. Also great catching up with Dashabe and mum and the other stockies who came up and said hello, also a big thanks for all the lovely comments about Chief....he really impressed me this weekend :)
  16. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    Yes thanks Serpi for a great weekend with a HUGE lot of riders to go through on such a horrible hot weekend. I didn't see any horses go down with stress colic or tie up so I'm glad that everyone was sensible and cared for their horse (hope the riders are all ok too!).

    Kiddies just remember your pony is not 'stupid' and tries very hard for you no matter what you might think. It's not about the win, it's about improving on your score for next time! Give your pony a pat and care for him no matter how upset you are with your riding.
  17. RedFoto

    RedFoto Active Member

  18. Stormy

    Stormy Well-known Member

    i had an interesting weekend.

    Pebbles was super in her dressage the quitest she has ever been. sj she had a moment in the warm up about going back to the truck but we got through it, i think she knocked 2 rails - last 2 jumps on course. cross country i was happy we finished, but god it took some work. 2 strides out of the start box we went sideways to the over the first jump, had a small moment at the 2nd jump thenwas going fine till the water where she went no i am giong back to the truck, so had quite the argument there. but then the next horse came along and it helped to get in the water - then i stood in the water to wait for it to move off so i couldn't be classed as following. not sure what my score was but i finished

    Smiley i thought did a really nice test, but scored high so not a lot i can do about that. cross country well... started off really well, doing what sonja wanted me to do, was feeling really confident. got to the log and the jump judge said somehting to me, so i circled and she said a rider had fallen at the next jump, i asked her if she was stopping me, she said no the rider is out of the way, so i weaved between trees carrying on my way wondering why you would say something if you arn't stopping me? get around the corner to the trakhener and i get stopped because horse is in front of jump and rider is in ditch right beside jump. so circling under the trees, then warming him up again in boggy sand. after that he was a bit looky and we had both lost our concentration a bit but jumped well except at teh coffin where i didn't have my legs on. sj was good.

    hope all riders that fell are ok, and well done to all who rode
  19. goldenbrumby

    goldenbrumby Active Member

    So very proud of my daughter Sophie and her little Brumby pony Ollie they were both FANTASTIC!!!:)
    Sophie came eigth in her class woo hoo!!**)**)
  20. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    well my dressage was great! despite the heat it was our best score with a 54, he was lacking impulsion as usuall but there was a slight improvement (i have also discovered that he goes a bit crooked in chain arenas rather the the solid plastic ones)
    SJ was fantastic a huge improvement he was much more together and jumped them well ( went clear)
    he was a little looky at the beginning of the course more at the surroundings rather then the jumps but he soon settles in and went through clear and on time :)
    Im super proud of my grey pony,
    feeling a little more confident for wallangarra this weekend :)

    well done to everyone, i swaer i drank my weight in water of the weekend and i still feel dehydrated & Headachy today

    we could take our jumpers off as PC uniform has long sleaved shirts underneath so that was better, for those that couldnt, it was a hot weekend at a PC event, i figured everyone knew the rules about long sleaves at PC (they are sponsored by healthway so they have to have long sleaves) anyway i guess those that had short sleaves on will know for future :)

    Crave i was admiring u from afar, love your appy :) glad to hear you went well, i would have come and said hello but i couldnt remeber which one of stockyard had the appy :)

    oh and cait well done to u and smurfy should be so proud of how well hes doing, oh and stormy pebbles has definateoly grew a brain since last year :) well done! :)

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