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    yep tend to agree with seahorse about the upgrading.

    tho just to let everyone know, the winner of the B grade only upgraded to B at murray 2 weeks prior. she has done over a year at C very competently and was very sure of her and her horses ability to do so.

    the 2nd place getter was my daughter, who has already done just over a year at B and did their 1st A grade at murray 2 weeks prior and is doing A grade at Dardanup and hopefully if this goes well is staying at A grade.

    the other place getters and eliminated riders (only one of which had upgraded at this event as far as i know) have all done at least 1 B prior to serpy and one rider at least has already attempted an A grade.

    The placings in C grade were riders that had as far as i can recall all done C grade quite a few times. the winning horse having competed at a much higher grade with a previous rider.

    so yest experience and plenty of practice at the grade does help.

    dont feel bad tho if you had problems there is always next year to overcome any issues your horse has.

    hopefully serpy are planning at least 1 training xc day.
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    i agree perfectly... however i am presenting a differing situation to a horse that is still learning. i am talking about a seasoned horse who competed at b grade a few yrs ago then had a nasty accident and lost his confidence. he has had a spell and has come back nicely however is only really happy at c grade. we might get to b grade one day but im not pushing him along too quickly. so for now we compete at c grade... with reasonable success. there is a possibility that this horse will never go up to b grade despite wins and numerous placings at c grade. so then what? im not there to ribbon grab - im there to have an outing with my little horse - a far cry from the seriousness of competing 1* on my big horse... and it reminds me why i event even though i c*** myself everytime i event my big guy. then do we push combinations who are in this situation to upgrade (i know a few other combinations in the same boat - some are due to rider nervousness, some horse) even though an upgrade would be dangerous (and pointless, getting elim at every event would NOT be fun)?
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    Hmm interesting debate...i always found serpy to be easy but thats just me. I did get eliminated once there but that was coz i got lost not from jumping faults LOL.
    as far as the upgrade debate goes, i think it should be up to the rider to decide especially when ur talking low level upgrades B, C D E after that more consideration and maybe some restriction. I have an example of how poo happens no matte rthe prep. Eg a friend of mine has been VERY successful at B grade(never has refusal xc, good dressage, great SJ) for a number of years but due to school commitments hasnt been able to upgrade now they recently upgraded now i wasnt there but was told that they were elim on XC? now she couldnt have had more prep at B and she just had some bad luck i would say... so dont blame the course or the people sometimes poo happens and most will improve nest time round...Just my opinion :)
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    different combinations have different reasons for either staying up or down...
    it is fair to say i think, that someone continuously winning of a certain grade should be encouraged to go up and try something tougher, but definately not just because they're winning the classes, it should be more about the horses experience at that grade, and the riders.

    like this year i've spent the whole season at 1* level, getting experience because at the start i had a few problems, a fall, time and refusals. then after we got our act together and won a few events, we get called a 'prize hog' and to move up, even though after the wins i/B] felt i wasn't confident enough to go up, and it wasn't worth risking my horses welfare.

    its hard to kindof put a rulling on the situation, i can see it from everyone's points of views :)
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    I got some really nice photos from Smiley n Me.. I really like this sequence!
    The following photo, whilst really good, has me pulling faces / yelling at the horse cause he is about to start the hi jinx that got me off! lol

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