Sept. Millendon Horsemanship Clinic

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    I have booked up for Sunday 21st sept but if I get enough interest i will book Saturday 20th sept for everyone as well. you can choose from 1x individual lesson or 1 individual lesson and 1 group lesson. for more information please email me at

    These Clinics are really about horsemanship and that means helping people in all sorts of areas.
    Any Problems you may be having with your horse (includes from little problems to what may seem huge) Learning to read the signs your horse is giving you before 'IT' happens and if 'IT' does what to do next.
    Some include:

    All Ground work and halter training for all horses (including young horses)
    All phases of ridden including leg aides, impulsion and balanced riding, for all disciplines (hacking, western, jumping, pleasure, dressage)
    Float loading
    The basics of trick riding and how to do it safely.


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