Sensitive Poll ? Question for the Dressage Rider

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by lex, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. realalvin

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    Yes, quite agree!:)
  2. lex

    lex Well-known Member

    Thanks for the replies. I started to think about his teeth again & contacted his dentist who said he's only 6wks out from 6 months but that horses that have the last lower molars are prone to over powering the opposite tooth don't always quite last 6 months between visits. Gotta admit, since having this horse I have never learnt so much about teeth! I had a lot of problems with his mouth when I first got him considering it had never been done properly in the first 5yrs of his life. Didn't think he'd need more regular visits then 6 months but you get that, now I just feel a bit bad. I'm still going to lower his hay net though.
  3. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Hopefully you have found the solution. Needing to have his teeth done every 6 months is very frequent. Mine has a slight over bite, which caused some very major hooks before I got him and has no issue with annual dental work.
  4. lex

    lex Well-known Member

    I'd love to be saying yep it was his teeth but it's not. Dentist came out, said his teeth were good, did a regular checkup on him, said one side was about 1mm out but it wouldnt be enough to cause a head tilt like in the past. urgh. So the search now continues as to what's going on, I'm starting again with saddle fit and think it might be concussion from bum hitting the saddle when he hollows. Worked him last night and he had some beautiful moments (more so then not) where he was extending in the trot, working round, jumping nicely, all the good things, occasionally comes above the bit and hollows (as expected for a younger horse) then tilts his head esp if he isnt forward enough. I even had a friend ride him so I know it's not just me and my hands.
  5. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Head tilt is just about always caused by the rider using too much inside rein. Who is your instructor?

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