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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by corporate pride, Apr 8, 2011.

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    CP -Move him on !! Once the new owner has taken him you have no responsibility for what happens PROVIDED you are honest and open about his behaviour.
    If you give him to a new owner who corrects him and sells him for $50,000 it is not your problem. If the new owner shoots him it is not your problem.
    You need to move this horse on - First give him a chance of a new home but if nobody will take him then put him down. Remember you are not experienced enough to judge what another person could do with the horse.
    You cannot knowingly give him to somebody that "Any reasonable person" could reasonably expect to be hurt by the horse.
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    Kick in the face is serious. No question you should send him back, onto someone else, but at any rate, away from you!

    Before/while sorting out a new horse, do take time to deal with the emotions that come up from having a horse not just buck you but then purposefully (at least that's your perception and is probably true too :) ) hurt you when you are on the ground, defenseless.

    Whatever is running through the horses head at that point is irrelevant, because you have experienced aberrant behaviour and that will make you feel uncertain and fearful. (Aberrant being un-natural, atypical and probably mentally unwell to what a horse normally does). As you said, you have come off in many, many ways, but never had a horse then add the face kick at the end of that, in a (at least apparently) malicious and nasty way.

    I would just like to draw attention to the impact this will have on YOU, and hope that you don't just try to push that down inside of you. Be kind to yourself and work through anything you feel from this.

    How wonderful that you have the option to give him back, that sounds like a great idea.

  3. Smiley n Me

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    I am on the fence for this one. Not talking about the OP - but just a generalisation from what I have seen in the past...

    It is so easy to jump to conclusions from information given, but that is only one persons opinion of the events that happened.
    Sometimes when we fall off or have an incident, it is easy to think what might have happened, but if you had someone watching on the ground, it could be a different story as to what they saw.

    I agree, that if a horse is dangerous, then having it PTS could be the best thing for it. BUT... I think that to make the decision if the horse is dangerous or not that it needs to be assessed by an experienced person/trainer.
    Any horse can be dangerous, it depends on the situation the horse is put in and the experience of the owner/rider.

    I am not saying that the OP doesnt know what they are doing, I am just speaking in general.
    All the best with what you decide, I spose in the end you can only do what you think is the right thing.
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    The other thing to remember, and i dont mean this in terms of the OP but in general, is that some people are very good at MAKING horses dangerous LOL. Bad horsemanship and make any horse dangerous. I think that is why a professional should assess the situation.
  5. corporate pride

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    thanks for the replies.
    whitepantheress - thanks for the wiki knowledge :p

    no dought in my mine that i need to get rid of this horse. i can't feel safe around him anymore and i don't wanna be in this position again. not to meantion when i got back to work my desk was trashed and sh!t was all over the place. they can't cope without me :p

    i don't want to put him down he really could be a nice horse. i said i didn't want him "fixed" and moved on for $$ coz he has the possibilty that he might revert back after being fixed or he might not be fixed and the person just wants some $$ for nothing. there are too many dishonest ppl in this world and i am doing all i can to make sure he goes to the home he needs.

    i'm currently trialing a horse, he's really nice :) he makes me fel better. i can't wait to take him out and see if he's going to be the right one. i just wanna move on. i'm not one to hold onto the fear for too long or i would have stopped riding along time ago. i just wanna enjoy riding again
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    I get this completely...I had an OTTB with a bucking problem, who was just destroying my confidence....I sold him onto a lovely lady who is as mad as he is and they just love each other!!! He still puts in the occasional bucks, but she just laughs him off and he is now out and about winning prelim...In fact he won last years 2 day event...Couldn't be prouder of him....Of course when I sold him, I didn't want to see him go from home to home, so I put in the contract of sale, that if for any reason she wants to move him on, I get first offer...At least that way I can keep track of where he goes, but don't think she'll be getting rid of him any time soon**)

    ETA: He just wasn't the right horse for me, but finding someone for him was difficult...Just be completely open and honest with ppl and someone might be looking for a horse just like him..He doesn't sound evil, just young and obviously with some training issues, nothing against you personally, I'm sure you've done your best, but this horse needs an owner on the same wavelength who can gain his trust and respect.
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    CP i know what you are going through I have been there done that. IMO i think you should pass him on as once you are "scared" of him he knows he has got you and will continue to do this.

    My horse was naughty in the paddock to the point where he lined me up a few times - never actually kicked me but lined me up all the same. He would through in a pig root here and there but he was a rearer...

    So then my long and costly journey began - IMO a horse doesn't do this for no reason. So i had his muscles done (have you had Marcos back checked) i had his teeth done, he had several foot abcesses burst and even a bout of seedy toe. I changed his feed numerous times and then had him on ulcer treatment. I then took him to a few steve brady clinics which he responded GREAT to even steve was impressed for a TB. But he just kept getting worse... Maybe it was me because i got to the put that i was bloody scared of him!!! One day he went to rear hit me in the head and then i nearly passed out so the friend i was riding with rode him home and he was an arse for her too. She was a jockey who rode hot horses all the time and she turned to me and said i dont feel safe on him and i think u should get rid of him.

    In the end i dont know if it was me or him.... Deon stokes could get on him and push him through it and he would work lovely... i just didnt have that guts. In the end Riding wasnt fun and being in a small town 800ks from perth i didnt have the resources to follow on.

    Holy crap did i learn from this horse but!!! I know have a beautiful gelding who i trust enough to still ride while im pregnant!!! At the end of the day riding is meant to be fun! You and this horse dont click for some reason so i think u shoud pass him on - so what if a trainer gets him and makes some money from him trust me at the end of the day you are so relieved and happy to feel safe back in the saddle that u couldnt care whether this horse became a world cup showjumper!!!

    Good luck
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    I just thought i would say i have known this horse since he didnt work as a race horse, was just too lazy and never had it in him. I know the young girl who CP got him from and she was riding him all around the streets, even by himself without any probs. Even bareback in a halter, she only got rid of him as 1 she didnt think he would suit her as a pony club horse and 2 she never had time to train him up with school sports and work at that time in her life...
    He always seemed to be a lovely horse who could be ridden with or without others....
    I do not know what has happened between CP and him and i am not saying anything against her either. Some people and horses just dont blend, hell i know this from my own experience but i thought i would just let you know what he was like before hand before everyone condems this poor animal and never once did he show any signs of what has happened to poor CP...
    Good luck CP and i hope this new horse works out for you...
    Cheers Chell
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    Sigh. I'm sorry but there are always signs before something like a kick happens.. its just whether you see it or not. Its simple if you dont have the experience to get through this horse's created issues move him on to someone who does. If you have an offer take it and give the horse a chance! Make sure you get some training on horse psychology and ground skills with your next horse. This horse has a strong personality that needs an even stronger leader. He will certainly hurt someone else in the wrong hands as long as his handling continues to be ineffective. As FF says some horses/human personalities just dont mix. Sorry for the harsh words. Good luck in finding your next partner.
  10. Roskyle Mr GingerbreadMan

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    If the previous owner has offered to take him back, that would probably be the best option if you were going to sell him/give him away.
    As Chell has said, the old owner did not experience these troubles, and she knows the horse, so he would probably be in good hands aswell :)
  11. NiccyLovesK

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    Agree... he might have just had a bad day, you might have (and probably did in some insignificant way) cause it. If you checked teeth, saddle, bit, girth, legs, etc etc and rode him and he KEPT doing it... THEN consider putting him down.I'm still in shock the first page was "put him down"

    ETA: I read the entire post

    I'd send him back, do what the member NG referred to did, sell that horse/give him back and then buy/lease an experienced horse who has no history of bucking. Can't go wrong.
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  12. Eoroe

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    Their are 5 options.

    1. Euthanasia with a guarantee on his future.
    2. Sell him, Give him on and communicate what the horse done.
    3. Send him back to the previous owner.
    4. Feed, care for him forever as a companion animal, whilst up keeping his handling ect.
    5. expect someone else to do point 4. It is starting to seem this is what you are expecting.....
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  13. Heifer

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    SO many people choose #5... and not just with behavioural issues, with any kind of retirement. Makes me so sad when the horse has done such good service to it's humans :(
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    Umm...some people's circumstances actually change so they are no longer able to keep an animal. ESPECIALLY one that can't "earn it's keep" so to speak.

    I'm counting my horse Koda pretty lucky - he's retired due to injury/arthritis at the ripe old age of 11. (He's now 13 I think...) I'm just lucky my dad and farm manager (who is my cousin) are happy to have him on the property "babysitting" the sheep.

    Some people don't have that luxury!!!
  17. Go the Distance

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    Yep I have a semi retired, due to injury, 5 year old. While I can keep him healthy and happy I will but I would never ever pass him on to anyone. I would prefer to have him euthanased than passed on and flogged around on a dodgy leg because he does not have anyone to be his advocate.
  18. EVP

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    We have 3 crocks.....or Gerry's as my OH calls them. We care for them, rug them in winter, get their teeth done and make sure they have the required feed rations......even giving them Pentasan monthly.


    I can afford to do this and I have my own property.

    IF.............I didn't have my own property and was'nt financial enough to keep them in the comfort they deserve in old age and incapacity then I would have them layed to rest.

    A problem horse (one with behavioural issues of any measure) is a horse that is more prone to being abused - either on purpose or by ingnorance.

    I wouldn't want any one of my old dears to become someone's "project" or "whipping post".......a quick death is sometimes preferrable to the intentions of 'would-be trainers and the rehab fixated'!
  19. Heifer

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    Same. I have a retired 9yr old due to injury and I pay for him to live in a retirement home lol. If that wasn't possible I would have him PTS - but that is a LAST resort and not something I am willing to contemplate unless things get very crook.
  20. corporate pride

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    hey chelle,

    he's been a bit of a hand full at feed time kicking out at me or moonlight. i don't think that he should be PTS and i want to give him a chance - just not with me - i would rather him go to someone that can deal with him properly, his previous owner is taking him back so u will see him around ur block LOL hopefully they will be happy together. i'm not out for blood, i just wanna do what's right. i can't have a 6yo paddock orniment as i agist, and he's no unridable at all, he's nice to ride besides the bucking, the bucking isn't the problem, isn't the kicking out that is.
    after getting a few abusive emails from a certain someone saying i was irresponsible to give him away with full disclosure, even my add had all the issues listed. saying that i would let him go to anyone, i'm over it all and just letting his previous owner have him back coz i want him to be happy (and i wanna be happy too) i'm really upset at the abuse i got (not on here) for being 100% honest. there are sooo many dishonest ppl out there it would be nice if everyone told the truth. but i guess i know why they don't they get nasty emails for being truthful.

    oh well, i hope he's gonna be happy, and i'm gonna keep in touch and see how he goes :)

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