Selling of straight of the track TBs to beginners/unconfident people

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Horseagilitywa, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Snippit32

    Snippit32 Well-known Member

    It's not the selling that makes the money it saves the money as in no more maintenance costs on the horse that is no longer making the money. Obviously it makes money for you or otherwise what would be the point in having that many babies?

    John Konke may be the source of the stats EVP provided, I thought the stats sat at about 70 something percent being unsound in one way or another after leaving the track. I'll see if I could track the document down for you.

    I haven't read the whole thread here, so forgive me if I mention/don't mention something already covered.

    I would have no issue with the racing industry if there was more responsibility placed on breeders or trainers to do the right thing for the horse after they've finished boosting the economy. I have handled and ridden hundreds of ex racehorses (SB & TB) and I found the majority of them had at least one reasonably hard issue that needed fixing before they could be asked to do the disciplines you've described above, and that's aside from the physical issues. Now I am speaking generally here, I realise you are not one of "those", but I think if there were more regulations, that the owners and trainers were responsible for rehabilitating them after the track, training, whatever, maybe people would slow down and stop producing so many horses that end up in trouble. Now I loove the TB, they have loads of heart and really want to do well, it's the people that set them up to fail that cause the current impression of the OTTB, IMHO of course :D

    What I recommend will never happen though, I know, because then the racing industry would stop making money and as you said EP, the economy will suffer, so no, a large number of racehorses will suffer instead.

    I'm glad you take care of your horses EP, this is not directed at those owners and trainers that do the right thing for the horses future and put brakes, laterals and leg yeilding on their horses before finding decent homes for them. Not just closing their eyes and hoping that all turns out for the best.

    Now I'm going to get back in my corner:p
  2. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Yes John was one quoted source.....the other was John O'Leary...but the research stats that both of these people (and others) base their opinions on come from studies done by the likes of RIRDC....the other thread has lots of links, stats, data ect.

    I agree here. Because you can get them cheap it doesn't take a lot of time, or money to get a return....if you are not someone who has the ability to weed out the duds.


  3. Eliva Park

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  4. Eliva Park

    Eliva Park New Member

  5. FlowerPower

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    I spent a few weeks at Yarradale Stud watching young foals and helping to prep yearlings. I say a few weeks as I couldnt handle the heat in the end. My normal day job is teaching lol. :p

    I was very excited to see Eliva Park up and running as to me it showed that amongst all the selfish and financially obsessed breeders of thoroughbreds, there are genuine people who are wanting to create a solution for the large percentage of thoroughbreds who just dont make it anywhere near the track.

    Well done and keep it up.
  6. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

  7. Eliva Park

    Eliva Park New Member


    EVP now i understand... there may in fact be 80% recreational horses opposed to 20% racing horses that sounds fair, what didn't wash with me was (to quote you) 'I know better than most what the racing industry contributes to the economy. I also know that racing forms 20% of that and the other 80% comes from recreational sectors.' end quote. This claim is ludicrous at best my statement was about the thoroughbred racing industry and i quote 'The Australian Thoroughbred Racing Community is made up of a diverse range of over 160,000 direct participants and stakeholders. Across the country the entire Industry comprising approximately 55,000 businesses annually contributes over $5 Billion to the Australian Economy*.' the recreational sector warrants no mention as it doesn't employ 100's of thousands of people and has minimal effect on the economy.

    Hehehe and as i said before "TOUCHDOWN" baahhahhah :D you in fact have a vested interest in putting people off thoroughbreds as recreational or performance mounts because you breed and sell an alternative!!! :)* I have no problem with debate in an open forum but by Christ at least be up front and "honest" about your motives... you drag the thoroughbreds through the mud and all of sudden there is an increased in demand for ASH's, QH's and WB's whichever it is that you breed and sell, as we all know an increase in demand equals an increase in price and woohoo you get rich!!!!

    Sorry EVP but i think you have bullied and initimated one too many people this month :eek:. Back off the OTTB unless you are going to supply sound, informative and unbiased information not just your own two bob's worth....

    I don't normally get to visit these forums (3 kids and a heap of OTTB's to lovingly rehome - it's hard to find the time) but if you keep spreading such blatant crap... i will make the time! @)
  8. EP:D
    Hello and welcome to the forum!:)*
    You are new, so probably don't know that EVP doesn't post bul***t info on the world wide web. She has nothing to do with OTTB so she certailnly can't be biased in her opinions.;)
    Posting FACTS very often offends people, especially if their heart and livelhood is involved in the industry.
    But statistics don't lie and if your opinion varies from what's EVP's posted, it doesn't mean she is posting
    I commend you on trying to do the right thing by an OTTB, but unfortunately the problem is still there and it won't go away and consumer SHOULD be educated on all consequences of getting for free or buying a cheap ex racer.
    Good horses are not free or cheap.;)
  9. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Actually I don't have any motives and sorry to spoil your touchdown. My passion is hobbiest status only I don't "do" horses to put food on the table. The number of horses I have bred, competed and eventually sold wouldn't put a dent in the number of bartered and sold OTT horses (of both breeds).....lolol

    The contribution of Australia?s horse industry to the national economy. The study estimated that the contribution to GDP of the horse industry was over $6.3 billion in 1999. If the value of volunteer labour is included this pushes the contribution of the industry to almost $8 billion.
    Other main findings of the study were:
    ? animal related expenditures contribute a little under half of the overall contribution to GDP, at $3.1 billion ? this expenditure is divided fairly evenly between animal husbandry, feed, stabling and accommodation and training;
    ? business related expenditures contribute $2.4 billion ? well over half is labour expenditure;
    ? event related expenditure is almost $0.8 billion ? a substantial proportion (around a third) was spending on food and beverages by spectators. Transport for horses and spectators are also big items;
    ? racing (breeding, racing businesses and wagering) is estimated to contribute around $3.9 billion to GDP, although this includes the cost of keeping young horses;
    ? equestrian events are not that far behind racing events in contributing to GDP, with expenditures of almost $0.4 billion on the events;
    ? wagering on horse racing alone contributes almost $1 billion to government revenue; and
    ? based on an average tax rate of 25 per cent , income taxes on labour would contribute $100 million in federal government revenue.

    Thats the latest figures from RIRDC as presented for the Federal Government.

    If you add up all the sundry contributions of the non-racing sector to the far outweighs the contributions by racing codes only.

    There is no bullying and no anything else......except complete transparency from a consumer point of view.

    There will always be a 'market' for OTT horses......and why wouldn't there be....they are either cheap or free. Yes many of those horses deserve to experience life outside racing.......that most of them are not sound enough to do so says alot for both codes of racing, and the genetic traits that both breeds experience....they are certainly one thing that breeders need to work on for future generations. Unfortunately, soundness is a high statistic for these animals and isn't high enough on the agenda for many of those breeders, trainers ect.

    Rescueing OTT horses is a wonderful thing to makes a nice scene to picture these horses living a long life in green paddocks. We've taken on a few ourselves and kept 2 of our own.......but to rescue is different from rescue and re-cycle.......
    The literature by authorities on the subject of OTT horse overall soundness short and long term and the sources from where that comes from, are all in the other thread OTT Horses. You may not find the time to go through it all, but it makes good, interesting & validated reading.
  10. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Here we go, If its not the bloody Brumbys its now OTTTB's.

    Walking away now.

    I dont need another OCD incident this month lol
  11. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Just for you Shar...........


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  12. PPH

    PPH Guest

    No but she is well known for stirring the pot and having the last say. :)

    And if she has nothing to do with OTTB, should she really be commenting?

    As you once said to me, you really can't reccomend or advise others on something if you have nothing to do with or personel success with yourself. JMO:):)*

    Welcome EP but I reckon I'd forget this one. Talk about banging your head against a brick wall.
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  13. Eliva Park

    Eliva Park New Member

    Sorry EVP but you couldn't spoil my touchdown i already enjoyed it far too much! And i must say that i beg to differ, i don't believe that there is anything transparent about your argument at all. For whatever reason you have an axe to grind and for all the stats you've quoted you have taken just as many cheap shots on these forums where you are trying to influence people's decisions for your own benefit.

    Now whether it puts food on the table or just buys you a new pair of boots i believe you have an agenda. I stand by everthing i have said as you are far from offering anything helpful to the situation. You would prefer that all thoroughbreds be destroyed so people come and by your recreationally bred horses! that's the crutch of it, you don't really give a damn about the thoroughbreds or the people that own them! You just get great satifaction condeming them.

    Unlike you i can't put this much energy into such a negative approach. At the onset i acknowledged this is a problem the world over, I don't have the solutions and yes i have lost sleep over it... but at least i am actively trying to do my bit to improve the situation and ejoying everything these beautiful creatures have to offer along the way.

    "Show the world you have class, ride a thoroughbred"
    hehehehe (that's all i got :eek:)
  14. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    My comments and thread mention BOTH racing breeds..........the literature available pertains to them both....though unfortunately the Thoroughbred is not quiet as hardy genetically as the Standardbred.

    One must then question your entry into the den BM? What possible reason would you have for commenting........or are we just seeing jelly wrestling tag teaming again?

    Give it up, if you were any more transparent, your eyedrops would be Windex!


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  15. PPH

    PPH Guest

    PSML :D

    But this thread is about OTTB.

    I have had my fair share of OTTB before I got into qh's so I have as much right to comment as anybody.

    Your into jelly wrestling tag teaming???:p Now theres a sight I'd like to see lol :)*
  16. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I have no vested interest in OTT horses. The helpful consumer information has already been listed in the other thread. ANYONE can open the entire thread and read it.............the literature is NOT MY OPINION. It is the opinion of authorities on the subject of OTT horses.

    Of course you are welcome to disagree with them after you have read the information. I, on the other hand give alot of credit to sources like Konhke, the RIRDC, O'Leary, and the many research articles. I can't argue with the science. Its all there.

    The few horses I breed, campaign and race, again, make a drop in a very big ocean of available horses. That most good horses cannot be bought for a few hundred bucks or acquired for free says a great deal. Though I haven't bought a horse and re-sold it since my kids were babies.....the only horses I buy are broodmares!

    Every OTT horse that is sound enough to enjoy a life within the recreational sector should have that chance..........all the others should go where every other unsound, injured or ill horse goes. Thats a sad reality, but a reality none the less.
  17. Eliva Park

    Eliva Park New Member


    Wow.... just realised i may have bitten off a bit more than i can chew.... hehehehhe... and i thought EVP was fighting out of her weight division, it seems the opposite may be true.... thanks for the heads up Bucking Mad :)) & Sharaway. Promise to do my homework before i buy into a debate next time! Remember to pat the pretty ponies people xoxo Over and out!
  18. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    ROFLOL you guys bickering have made my night**) Not even going to enter into this one, I will sit back and eat my popcorn:))
  19. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Your reply.

    If position is judged by the level of rudeness, BM you are a complete success.

    As always.
  20. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Rudeness? Theres no rudeness there. I can't help what you read into a post :)
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