Selling of straight of the track TBs to beginners/unconfident people

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Horseagilitywa, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Horseagilitywa

    Horseagilitywa Well-known Member

    "When will people realise that its not the HORSES who are benefitting from the 'rescue'......its the sleep-easy factor experienced by the off-loader and seller...(and it probably doesn't hurt to get a few bucks for your efforts either!) "

    W@#$#$ hey.... oh well... need much more natural selection...*#)

    We now have on trial a lovely older standie that is sound, needs a little TLC, but not alot. Lovely lovely and quiet.
    Thanks to the lovely lady we saw. Looked at 4 horses.
    First lessons are booked in with Jayne and away we go to have fun.
    This is much more like it. Will be keeping one of my ponies so they can have a horse each to play with. THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT.

    Aunty Te and P at work again. Hopefully, less bruises for our young neighbours. Been a long long day. Glad we snuck in a ride early and got the washing out lol. Only got one horse's feet trimmed though *sigh* oh well....
  2. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    Good on you for doing everything you can to help them out :)

    Just imagine the outcome had you not been available to these people?! Doesn't bear thinking about. :(
  3. Hayley

    Hayley Well-known Member

    You did a great thing for the couple and hope all works out with the horse.

    I guess this is where i have been lucky, i have had a play with many OTTB's but i know my source is reliable because my dad is the trainer and owner of everything i get lol! :)
  4. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    So VERY true! TB's are a whole different ball game. I have been lucky that in the past my TB's have been very 'quiet.' I agree, definitely not beginner mounts but very good for experienced riders.

    Then along comes Noddi... well I tell you what, I have HAD to make sure my riding is up to speck all the time. No getting lazy, if your being lazy and his mind wanders, your on the ground! I am loving riding him, I am learning heaps, he needs consistent regular work and boy have I learned a thing or 2 about patience! I LOVE riding TB's tho, there is something about them, suddenly it all falls in place and its just so good to ride but always be prepared to take a step back. Just because for the last 2 weeks they have been great, today they just don't want to know and you have to take a couple of steps back and end on a good note... sometimes that good note is just a nice relaxed long and low walk :p

    So, while I love them, there are very few 'beginner' proof TB's around, they are certainly some, but never straight off the track.
  5. GoGo

    GoGo Well-known Member

    a friend of mine has a daughter who nagged constantly for a horse of her own, Mum wouldn't let her so Dad (divorced by the way) decided to earn a few brownie points - daughter had maybe 3 lessons at a place where the horses are practically robots as they have been doing the same lesson plan for 25 years. He is at work one day when a bloke stops with a truckload of horses, more than likely off to the slaughter house, so Dad says hey will you sell me one of those guys says yeah which one you want- Dad picks his daughter a faithful companion out by colour.
    Daughter comes over and Dad say Ta-Dah looky here what I have.
    Girl all excited -only one small problem couldn't get near it without losing some flesh or hearing the crunch of your bones.Took them 2 months to work out that it wasn't going to get any better, called in a shooter. The horse dad had lovingly picked out for his beloved daughter was a very mature unbroken stallion caught in a round up in the far north. paid $600 for it to. When we said "why buy that for GS' he said well a horse is a horse isn't it.
    Sorry long post.
  6. Horseagilitywa

    Horseagilitywa Well-known Member

    How I got my little Brumby... the parents bought there 12 yr old a yearling, because they could grow up together. You can imagine the attitude of my little girl.
    I now have NO more room for horses. Have to way up helping horses and people and whether I will be able to eat if I lose my job or not. My horses, dogs and cat come before people.
  7. Follyfoot

    Follyfoot New Member

    Aunty Te I am going to come and live next door to you! In this day and age it is great to hear of someone showing compassion and care, well done you.
    Hope the standy works out for your neighbour.
  8. Eliva Park

    Eliva Park New Member


    I have a passion for Thoroughbreds... breeding, racing and beyond, but it is with hesitation i buy into this discussion...

    I was pleased to see a few people apply some common sense...

    I have some experience and an opinion when it comes to Thoroughbreds... having personally experienced every side of this dilemma and spent many a sleepless night looking for a solution, unfortunately this a problem the world over.

    I've seen underhanded people with no conscience, looking to make a quick buck selling OTTB's to unsuspecting beginners, claiming the horse is everything that it isn't. No one wins in this situation, even the seller; they must live with the consequences.

    I've seen trainers give away lovely 'quiet' thoroughbreds in good faith. Unfortunately the Racing and Equestrian industries can be worlds apart in their understanding of a quiet thoroughbred. Often it is the horse that suffers in this regard; completely misunderstood it sadly ends up starving in a sand paddock somewhere.

    I've seen so many dodgy thoroughbreds, with poor pedigree, worse handling and back yard training. Sadly these are often what floods the equestrian market because commercial owners, breeders and trainers are unable to spend the weeks or months trying to find an appropriate home, therefore sending them to be humanely euthanized. Don't knock them.. This can be the kindest and most sensible option.

    Seeing so many of our family bred racehorses, exceptionally bred, quality types, they don't make it at the track but still have so much to offer... I felt compelled to do something.

    Hoping to match the right horses with the right owners. Connecting the two industries, allowing top competition riders to access horses with the most potential and to 'transition' the quieter types so they can become suitable pony club or adult rider club mounts... and yes euthanize those that are unsound or have developed vices.

    Sadly the stereo type is tough one to break, and then there is the problem of affordability... keeping and transitioning thoroughbreds is expensive and surprisingly people would prefer to try their luck with a free or $1000 horse three or four times than buy one quality $4000 horse even if it is exactly what they are looking for.

    Often the blame lands in the lap of the sellers or of thoroughbreds in general when in fact it is the buyer that should accept responsibility. So many people go looking for OTTB's for their children... or beginner riders. I am constantly telling people as a mother of 3, please reconsider, speak to your coach so on and so forth, but in the end if you decide to buy a thoroughbred please speak to us first. in some cases a truly quiet thoroughbred is a better option than a truly nasty pony.

    So there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to horses. Whenever the debate arises about OTTB's please think before you make blanket statements like all thoroughbred are nuts... all sellers are dodgy etc etc.

    The only solution lies firmly with each and every individual (buyer, seller, owner, and trainer) and the decisions they make. I have now learnt to sleep at night knowing that I have been open and honest whilst trying to make honorable decisions in every circumstance. It is all that each of us can do.
  9. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    Having met Eliva Park and had discussions with her at a TB show about OTTB's amongst other things, her statements above reinforce that I had her pegged as someone who actually cares about rehoming OTTB's and isnt in it just for the quick buck as alot of others I have seen advertising around town.

    She is one of those honest sellers that seem to be so rare in the OTTB circles.
  10. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    I agree QSS. Having spoken with Eliva Park and seen Eliva Park TB's, she is a person with passion, dedication, motivation and a heck of amount of knowledge (I think the 1st TB HOTY here in WA was proof of that!). The things EP is doing for the OTTB is huge, she brings them down correctly and gives them a good base to a good future. The TB's coming from there are a credit and if I am ever in the market for a TB again I would have no hesitation contacting her. I agree, if only all were so honest!
  11. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Gee would that constitute advertising.....ahahahahahah

    Welcome to the forum EP!

    I admire your efforts in re-selling the OTT horse.
    With the stats the way they are in terms of "general OTT numbers available" & "numbers that are actually sound enough TO be available". Someone has to join the dots.

    If many consumers are blind enough to think that an OTT horse suits every enthusiastic rider, they certainly are not going to make use of the information available concerning all aspects of soundness in the OTT horse.

    If there is a credible source available to potentially "weed out" that huge percentage of duds, and hopefully offer a buyer one of the 30-40% that DO have the potential to give enjoyment.......well that is a good thing for the consumer.
    I applaud anyone who has the ability to assess so many horses, find a gem, and do what is necessary with the rest!
  12. Mod 5

    Mod 5 Moderator

    I didnt really see any advertising - but it would be OK if Eliva Park did since they are paid advertisers and been a contributer to the forum for a while now ;)
  13. ThatMakKid

    ThatMakKid Active Member

    I have only ever heard good things about Eliva Park and if i were on the lookout for another horse, this is where i would absolutely go first. Fantastic for someone with knoweledge to be able to give those good TBs that are out there, good homes.

    The OTT debate could (and most probably will) forever go on and on. I do enjoy reading everyones opinions
  14. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Apologies Mod 5......I hadn't heard of EP nor looked much on the advertisers list. Glad our paid advertisers like to drop in for a while to contribute to the forum!
  15. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    i thought you knew EVERYTHING?? maybe i was wrong...
  16. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    EP are nothing but fantastic and genuine, nice honest people. If I ever needed to buy another TB I know where I would be going. Love my EP pony :)
  17. Eliva Park

    Eliva Park New Member

    EVP?. hence why I was hesitant to enter the debate?.

    Firstly, my husband would strongly disagree with anyone that thinks turning over thoroughbreds offers a quick buck? A very expensive hobby is what he calls it ;-)

    EVP you seem to be suggesting that there is a study or a report somewhere ?concerning all aspects of soundness in the OTT horse.? As a thoroughbred enthusiast I?d be very keen to read any such report and hopefully learn something from it!

    I get that someone may have burnt you with an OTTB but does that mean the entire Thoroughbred breeding & racing industry should be shot??? Consider this.. ?Across the country the entire Industry comprising approximately 55,000 businesses annually contributes over $5 Billion to the Australian Economy*.? Where would employment and the economy in general be without it?

    I also struggle to accept your figures ?30 ? 40% that DO have the potential to give enjoyment?. I can only comment on the horses i know (with 8 resident stallions our family stud turns out a fair number of thoroughbreds) and the majority I rehome are 2 to 4 years of age? at some stage worth anything up to $200,000 but come trial or race day they didn?t perform. These are quality horses professionally handled by commercial operations from the day they were conceived, no expense spared. They have usually received only one race prep, some only ever trial once (over 1000m) some trial 3 times most only ever experience one race before they arrive sound and sensible just looking for their next opportunity.

    I accept that there is a lot of dodgy thoroughbreds and handlers around, no risk ? but there is good and bad in all walks of life, I merely ask that the people spending their days on these forums try and apply some intelligence or at least some common sense to the debate, don?t make blanket statements that achieve nothing, try and throw something positive at the problem?. Help the young kids and their beginner parents that coming looking for information on these forums? show them the report if there is one, advise them sensibly and without bias.

    And finally your sarcasm and applause is unnecessary, I am merely one person doing what I enjoy and hopefully making a small difference, again this is all that each of us can do. If more people were actively seeking solutions rather than jumping on the band wagon every time it drove by? who knows what we could achieve?

    p.s. Thank you everyone else for the support it is humbling and reminds me why we bother :)

    Maybe I need to try and locate some useful information that will help inform people considering an OTTB? ahhh.. one such book I sourced a while back is ?Beyond The Track? Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse by Anna Morgan Ford. ?Renowned for their amazing athleticism and unparalleled work ethic, and famed for their ?great heart? and willingness to go the extra mile, off-the-track Thoroughbreds have proven to be the ultimate equine partner in a host of disciplines: dressage, eventing, hunter/jumpers, trail riding ? even barrel racing! Now discover all you need to know to find the right OTTB and give him the solid educational foundation he needs to excel in a new career, whether a highly trained competitor, pleasure mount, or companion animal.?
    Well worth reading, it helps point out that the thoroughbred is a product of its conditioning. It is born with a job to do, so maybe the problem isn?t with OTTB maybe the problem is with the fool that doesn?t try to understand it? Cheers:))
  18. Hayley

    Hayley Well-known Member

    Well said EP. Wouldnt mind getting my hands on that book, it sounds interesting :)
  19. CatabyWarmbloods

    CatabyWarmbloods Active Member

    Where is the big clapping smiley when you need him?!?!

    Beautifully said EP! Couldn't agree more with you.
  20. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

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