Selling of straight of the track TBs to beginners/unconfident people

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Horseagilitywa, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Horseagilitywa

    Horseagilitywa Well-known Member

    Why do people do it?

    This is a vent!

    I've worked in the racing industry, full-time and then part-time... but still don't get it..

    We had a lovely young couple move to town and buy a horse from Perth, they were told (i've read emails and txt), that he was super quiet and had kids riding him.

    This horse, got off the truck, ran over her OH, concussed him, dragged him down the road. They managed to get him in the paddock.

    OH is a beginner and she wanted a horse to get her confidence back.
    I realise they were very niave (and young), but they are lovely people and in the emails (and she said over the phone), that she was needing to get her confidence back AND her OH was a beginner rider, or though had handled horses before.

    This horses feet are a mess, he has is a stunner and has obvously still on the "hot" food. He hasn't seen a padddock in a long time. Normal typically badly trained racing tb. Bolshy, nervous with no respect.

    It is gonna take a long time to get this horse quiet enough for this lovely young lady to ride.
    In the meantime, she has my pony to handle and she will be riding one of my quiet ones to get her confidence back.

    My recommendations for her with this horse, if she would like to keep him. Is let him down, and then work with him on the ground with say Jayne Lavender and then send him to a trainer like Watkins or someone.
    Other ideas...

    Feel better now, thanks!
  2. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    Sigh. My ideas would be the same as yours.

    No disrespect to these people, but its sounds like a recipe for disaster. Horse may turn out great eventually with the right training, but theres a long way between here and there and with inexperienced/nervous owners, there are way to many things that can go dangerously wrong:(

    Put him in a big paddock and let him come down, get off the hot feed and learn to be a horse. Then send him to Watkins or someone similar. At the end of their re-training they will be in the best position to say if the horse will be suitable for these people. I would also suggest the people probably need training themselves - no point the horse being educated if they don't know how to follow through.
  3. Go the Distance

    Go the Distance Well-known Member

    Oh dear TePaiOra this is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately a very common story. It will take lots of work for that poor horse to be suitable for them. You have a good plan with seeking professional help with horse handlers which may go towards solving some of the obvious issues.

    Keep us posted on how it pan's out.
  4. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    This is guna sound terrible probably.
    But the horse is not going to be suitable for them for a very long time.

    They could sell the horse (obviously for a very low price, advertising that he is an OTTB, needs alot of work) and save the money of agisting, feed, training.. and they'd have enough to buy a nice quiet horse...
  5. Babe the standy ROCKS

    Babe the standy ROCKS Well-known Member

    I agree with you Lauren.
  6. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    I agree too...sell it.
    Its not suitable and there are pleanty out there that would be**)
  7. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    Send it back. To much money and work for a beginner. She is better off spending her money on a lovely safe horse. Hope it works out :)
  8. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    I agree too, being a beginner rider.. I'd sell it straight away! There are soooo many bombproof standys and other horses out there that end up going to the doggers and stuff..

    And let it be a lesson you should always view/ride the horse before committing to it.. Or be a very experienced horse person if buying form interstate/far away..

    I really hope these people find a nice calm pony to buy.. The money spent retraining this horse will end up in the 1000's.. They could buy a really great horse! Fingers crossed whatever happens ends up a lot better for them..
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
  9. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Oh yes this is what can go on to the tail end of my thread on OTT horses.

    Just another sad story of someone off-loading their rubbish. #(
  10. Shera

    Shera Active Member

    Can you post a pic? If he is as nice as you say (and can move) I'm sure someone more experienced would be willing to take him on?
  11. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    No, the story of a horse being rehomed to a more suitable home.

    But otherwise sure.. the nervous owners should keep the horse.. when it injures them (which will happen, nervous rider + nervous horse = disaster (and I speak from experience)) the horse will than have a terrible name.

    There is nothing wrong with selling a horse provided the horse is sold with the correct information. Or there's the other option.. shoot it and save the horse the life of being passed from home to home as it's education has never been furthered since leaving the track, and surprise surprise no one wants a green 18 year OTTB... Better dead than in a paddock somewhere starving.

    Yes the owners could persist, get the horse retrained and spend thousands. But even after it's training. The horse is still going to be green, they are still going to be nervous. The owners are going to 1) pay for the horse to be retrained, and 2) willing to pay for regular lessons so they and the horse progress.. however they could spend this money on a horse already suitable..

    Sucks to be the horse who gets sold on for something that's not his fault (It's also not the owners problem.. it's the idiot who sold the horse to them), but that's the racing industry. There's a hundred more OTTB where he came from all looking for homes.
  12. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    Hmmm, upside is they can feel warm fuzzies and temporarily delay this horse from ending up with uncaring home or doggers, and eventually might learn a lot.

    Downside is... How many pages do we have? These brand new horse owners will be in damage control for months before even saddling up. Then intensive psychological unravelling. Then reprogramming. Then reinforcing. Then maybe they can go on a ride. Thousands of dollars, months or years of time, high risk of injury and emotional turmoil. Sounds like the very hard way to begin a life with horses.
  13. Shiralee

    Shiralee Well-known Member

    Person who bought horse needs a bit of a kick up the bum... its a bit like the local kindy buying an adult male pitbull as the class pet! Not suitable and neva gunna be... Sorry to sound harsh but just like you research cars etc before you buy one doing a bit of research into the suitability of an ottb as a beginners horse is a no brainer! Sell the horse,advertising it honestly and then take o/h to lessons for a while then buy a nice reliable older horse. Advise taking a knowledgable and trusted friend along when inspecting any future prospects!
  14. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    that made me giggle but so very true!!!
  15. katelol

    katelol Guest

    But remember these people are being given the horse by a 'friend' who is a professional and an 'expert' who tells them that the horse is perfect for them.

    Isn't that exactly the sort of research you are suggesting that they do?

    The racing industry needs to own up to this and publicise to its people that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and they should ethically deal with their rejects - not just take the easiest way out ';'
  16. Shiralee

    Shiralee Well-known Member

    Nope cant see where it says that it was either a "friend" or an "expert" that they got horse from and even so we must take responsibility for our own choices... so no that isnt the sort of research I am talking about... I was suggesting asking more than 1 persons opinion, ask yr instructor"s advice, or if no instructor ask your local horse vet,local pony club or adult riding club instructors etc
  17. Go the Distance

    Go the Distance Well-known Member

    I agree with EVP on this one. I am over seeing OTTB's being passed around getting older, skinnier, more neglected and feral until someone has the gut's to do the right thing by the horse. Even the most experienced of us know how much work they are and how they very quickly revert back to 'racehorse' brain when put under pressure.
  18. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    There is one advertised down here at the moment, girl "saved it" from the doggers, now she has realised that a fresh of the track 4 year old that windsucks costs buckets to feed and isnt easy to handle.

    Now its advertised for free.

    It should have been left on the truck to the knackers.
  19. Horseagilitywa

    Horseagilitywa Well-known Member

    Yeap Sharaway unfortunatly thats the way it should have been.

    So now we have the lovely young couple, who by the way had asked lots of peoples opinons, in Perth, got the wrong ones.

    We are going to look at a couple of standies and an older percheron x, so hopefully. Aunty Te and another friend will be coming. We will be getting a trial and one of them is a lease.
    So one of these may work out to be a much more suitable horse.

    As for the OTTB, he will be getting some groundwork with me, and today i have to get his feet done they are a bloody mess.

    He will be let down and as they aren't quite ready to give him up, but I think when they get a horse they can play with and ride, we'll get closer to him finding someone that will suit him, (AND IT WON"T BE ME, I have to many now).
    They still plan on sending him to a trainer. But will see in a coupla of months, while they have a horse that is more suited to what they want to do.

    Pitbulls at kindy... whats wrong with that *#) eat the little brats that cry too much *evil smirk* (JUST JOKING, not serious!)

    GTD... I see it way too much too, come to the Goldfields, get ya a free horse!!
    Half-dead or mostly crazy, but free!
  20. Sim

    Sim Well-known Member

    Just have to add this story.

    Had the float on on Thursday, and stopped at the servo to get some petrol.

    Was minding my own business at the pump, when this guy came up to me and struck up a conversation about my horse on the float. Asked me breeding, etc, etc. Then asks me what I paid for her. Just answered, " A lot". Anyway, then smirks at me and says that he picked up a free horse on the weekend. TB that is four and has been in a paddock with cows for 2 years. Proceeds to tell me that 'free' was the best part about this horse and that he and his girlfriend are taking it to a friends farm in Northam on the weekend to ride it, but they don't have a saddle but even though they have never ridden before it should be fine.

    My mum heard the whole conversation and when I got back int he car, the only thing she could say was "Oh dear".!!!!
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