Second Chance's AGM - you're invited!

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  1. Location: Ogden's Bar & Grill, 2149 Albany Hwy Gosnells – the conference room
    Date: Friday 18th of July 2008

    Second Chance Horse Rescue Inc. invites you to attend our Annual General Meeting & Dinner, commencing at 7pm sharp.

    SC requires attendance of all current financial members where at all possible as there are several important decisions to be made.

    We also are inviting any non members who wish to join us and learn more about our organisation and the exciting achievements from this year and plans for our future. We welcome any animal lovers with a passion for their welfare to attend, you are not required to be of a certain age nor have a certain level of experience. If you wish to help out but do not know where to start or if you just want to come along for a nice meal and chat with like minded people you are most welcome.

    RSVP is necessary no later than 11th July 2008.

    Please contact or 045 858 9007
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  2. Premier

    Premier Well-known Member

    what date is it on???
  3. Doh knew I forgot something :p Details as above :)
  4. You can car-pool!

    Want to come along but not sure how to get there, or don't want to drive a long way on your own? Why not sign up to car-pool, do your bit for the environment and meet some of the members in your area!!

    Details on car-pooling on the SC site (go to main page & follow the link) and sign up - we have members from all over so there is very likely to be somebody near you!
  5. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    i would come, but i dont know when im gonna pop!:) wouldnt want to go into labour halfway to perth or at a dinner table
  6. Mwahahaha that'd be fun! I will invite Mum_of_5 - she's a midwife ;)
  7. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Should be able to make it Jess...

    Put me down**)

    How Much for Dinner???
  8. Great, Heidi, can you email your booking through please? Dinner will be according to whatever you order.
  9. **KIDS**

    Want to be a part of something special? Want to make new friends? Want to learn some valuable life skills? Want something impressive to include on your future resume? Want to make a difference to the animals you love?

    Second Chance is encouraging under 18's to get involved and we will be taking names for a Junior Committee. Have your say on horse welfare, help our organisation to help the horses and help us make a change for the better.
  10. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    no worries Jes..

    I might see if Arab Lover or some others would like to come..

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