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    I supose the person who made the decision about the stabling is the same person who didnt give the people who had the caravan the oportunity to renew their lease for the food eh??? Just to throw another curve ball the way of the SEC- i want to say out loud how cr@p the new food is and the people are in the canteen!!!!:(:(:( The food is cold and small portions if you can get anything at all!!!! Now they have a captive audience as far a buying food goes and they dont even get there early enuf to supply a decent coffee!!!!What th????? Dont compain when no-one is using the SEC and all the workers are out of work coz we've all move to other facilities....Oh and if someone would like to PM me the email address of the knobh@ad in charge i will gladly enlighten him as well!!!!!:(:(:(
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    QH Fan..

    the old caterers were told that the catering position was up for tender...They didnt put in a tender...Hardly anyones fault but their own ;)

    The email addresses are all on the SEC website..or if all else fails...try the EFA website
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    yay to being alloud hay...:)
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    How many of you that say you 'dont get heard' actually attended the AGM?

  7. TAS

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    Well the last comp I went to the canteen , it was shut !! They were over at the Cross country ground because there was more business over there, I dont know about you but by the time I get horse, kids remember what test Im doing organised, then can only eat or drink after test and go to the canteen in afternoon :confused: and doors are shut !! then told theres more business over there and thats where they are, a half hour walkaway !! And thats the first time thats EVER happened or a lot of other things infact after competiting there on a regular basis in 12 years. Its unfortuate but it seems to be them and us and it shouldnt be, they are there because of US !!**) So we should all work together. They need to listen to their customers or customers will go elsewhere.
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    QH Fan I agree to a degree. Last time we went there they were out of water and people were having to leave the show to go get more water.
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    Exactly, if you guys all feel as passionate as you say you are. Why not go to an AGM?
  10. Delrae

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    and do you really think that would make a difference.... somehow I dont think so
  11. Spider n Toby

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    Hey Delrae, I think if enough people went to one, and all shared the same thoughts I think it would? ;)
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    Does the SEC have an AGM? I am aware the EFA does but I have just look through my web-blasts and the website calendars and although I might be blind I cant see any date for a SEC AGM?

    Also an AGM is not necessarily the only time and place that members of any club cannot present feedback :)
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  13. TAS

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    Well just been on the website and cant seem to see the date for the next AGM :)) Anyone ?? But I think we should make a show and voice our opinions , you never know , it could make a difference **)
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    Lol, because it's only 3 and a half hours drive away and this is only one way. ;) *#)

    Have to agree with RR, Myst and Citygirl. :) **)
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    The SEC is owned by the the EFA AGM is where these items would be discussed?...As well as the voting in of the people in charge...
    I think a grand total of 37 people turned up....but every member has a vote...

    HT..yep- long drive...Did you give your proxy to someone local?

    The only way to get heard is to put your views to the SEC...not on a forum....Write a letter....The board isnt psychic;)
  16. retroremedy

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    SEC is "owned" by the WA state government and is only managed by the EFA. It is utilised by more horse sports than those that are managed by the EFA eg. breed societies, rodeo, polo etc? I just would have thought that not only EFA members would have some kind of say in how it is run etc...therefore a separate AGM.:confused: Imagine if the WA state government put the ABCRA in the management position then we would all have to become rodeo queens to have a say...hehehe!
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  17. QHfan

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    Well i live a fair way away from them but did email them last night and surprise surprise no-one has gotten back to me( as yet):( I realise this all seems like we have ALL jumped onto the bandwagon but obviously we all have been thinking and feeling this way for a little while now...Maybe if everyone emailed them(those that didnt go to the AGM LOL) they may well get the hint....The thing is that we ALL use and love the SEC but when 1 person comes in and does such HUGE changes then yes it will upset 99% of the people the utilise these facilities#( And the food issue- well that is just silly that no-one can get coffee or a decent feed when quite often we are there ALL day:mad::mad::mad:
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    does anyone know if the sec supplied sawdust is jarrah or pine etc .... i just booked for a 2 day show for my 5 horses and it costed me $270 will have to definatly pick and choose the shows i go to from now on :)
  19. Midas

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    WOW glad I only got 1 to take !!
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    Perhaps rather than everyone having a different oppinion there could be a survey outthere at all the shows at the SEC to see what people like and dislike, how much they would pay, ask the clubs what they think etc, differnet ways of "policing" it. Most people who show know others at the same show that know others etc so it wouldn't take too much effort to get it out there and if people feel passionate about it they should be happy to ask a few people around them at each show. Once the information has been collected it could be put forward in a construtive manner, maybe even a pettition. If an economical alternative could be presented with the backing of enough competitors, why wouldn't they listen.

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