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    I work for Oriel Park Equestrian Centre in Henley Brook and we are trying to track down the owner of 'Aero' a flea bitten grey tb gelding 15y/o approx 16hh. He was leased to us for use in the riding school however the person who owns Aero never completed a lease agreement and we are now unable to find her. The only leads we have is that Aero was previously at Showgrounds or Oakford equestrian centre (contacted management no luck with that) before being sold onto a girl called 'Alana' who may have been a student there (the person we are trying to find).We think Alana is in her 20's and we know she had the horse in Pickering Brook on spell before he came to Oriel Park approx 6 months ago.

    We have searched for Alana now since the beginning of February as Aero is not sound to be ridden therefore can not be used in the riding school any longer. We have advertised on gumtree, Facebook and cavaletti and put an ad in the newspaper for the last two weeks and still have not have any luck. We have found two potential 'Alana's' however neither is the right one. We have also tried to contact a few people in Pickering Brook but no luck there either.

    Aero's brand is 12 over 9 lazy U,R and we have also done a brand search, no luck with that avenue either.

    Please if anyone can help at all we would greatly appreciate it!!

    Oriel Park can be contacted in 9296 1222 or

    Thanks for your time

    Renee, Oriel Park and Aero


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