Scrambling, help needed

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Bruce the Goose, Aug 14, 2007.

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    Mine does it....Only on left hand turns.....But Ive taken the divider out...No bum bars on the back and he is fine now.....Oh apart from the pawing on the ground lol.....
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    This may not be possible for you but if you have tried everything else and all else has failed, and you are absolutely desperate to move him and have no other means of doing so, you could try travelling your horse facing backwards, without a partition. In an ideal world you would need a float specially designed for the purpose [there used to be a NZ brand made like this many years ago] as the weight distribution of the horse is slightly different over the axle; though I have very successfully used a front and rear unload float with specially made breastbars at the rear to travel scramblers.
    I'm certainly not recommending it as either safe or ideal in most floats - and you'd need to ensure your rear door is high enough for the horse not to attempt to jump out, perhaps by adding a temporary extra bar somehow, or completely closed off by top doors if you have them, plus devise some kind of temporary breastbar - might be possible to put a strong rope or strap across if there is anything to fix it to. It is also only possible if the horse is small enough and the float large enough and horse willing to turn round once inside. [Most can if they actually want to!] However IF you can a - ensure your float is as safe as it can be for the purpose and b - experiment in a safe off-road place eg a paddock where is he now, it is a possibility, but at your own risk. The only reason I am suggesting travel facing backwards is that I have done this successfully time and time again with confirmed 'unable to travel' scramblers and it has worked like magic. Every time. This is absolutely true although I had to be desperate to try it myself the first time as I felt it was risky....but horses who had scrambled for years were instantly cured. And remained so as long as they faced backwards! Another option might be to hire/book a space in a large truck which has herringbone partitions and try travelling him facing slightly rearwards on the diagonal instead of slightly forwards, again ensuring he has enough space, not tight partitions.
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    My horse used to be a bad scrambler, he started when I picked up someone to take to a clinic who said their horse was fine, turns out it was a nortriouslly bad floater. Horse went off in the float and my horse was hurt and terrified.

    I don't personally like angle loads for big horses as they dont have much neck room. I bought a 2 horse angle load shell and made it into a straight load with padding on the sides that sticks out 6 inches. So in theory they are travelling in a bay and a half.

    Today was his ultimate test for the first time since he started scrambling I towed him with a horse bigger than him. Everything went as smoothly as I could of hoped both there and back.

    Where theres a will theres a way to fix LOL
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    Webby - sounds like the sort of thing Amberley floats (use to?) make? Same theory as the JR easy traveller - allows them to spread their legs futher apart.

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