SC hack/ fun day Results

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Maree4, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. trippa

    trippa Well-known Member

    thats wicked nag i cant wait to see. My pop was there taking pics but i wont get them for a while cause he has to put them on and edit them etc etc.lool im so impatient i wanna show my
  2. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    is this you trippa
  3. RPM

    RPM Well-known Member

    Thanks Kimaley, I hoped they liked their trophies :)
  4. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    They sure did, they are such gorgeous trophies! You will have to let me know where you got them from :)*
  5. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    does anyone know who got champ open pony?

    I was SOOOO disappointed we couldn't make it to the show, had massive dramas yesterday beyond our control :( spent 2 weeks on my fancy dress and put so much effort in but what can you do!

    Please post piccies up and more results, looked like a fantastic day :)
  6. trippa

    trippa Well-known Member

    haha omg thanks heaps nag i love that photo:)* hehe
  7. twotone

    twotone Well-known Member

    and pinto 1980-
  8. Wobbles

    Wobbles Active Member

    I went down today to have a bit of a sticky beak, and what a fantastic turnout, and some lovely horses too.
    I met with a few stockies, and had the honor of meeting samm, who took some fantastic pictures of my little dog millie :D. I cant wait to purchase some when they become available later in the week:D
    Thanks:)* And well done to all the competitors ;)
  9. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    Here are some photos of the lovely Solly!




    I have heaps more of the two of them if you want me to email them to you?
  10. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    so tired!
    Night all!
  11. samm

    samm Gold Member

    I posted one start of the thread of her Wobbles.I so wanted to steal her...she beautiful :)
  12. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    Oh and here is one of Lexies pony :)

  13. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    Hey, Lauren, Is that you in that pic??

    Lovely horse, playing with fire. I'm always a sucker for greys!
  14. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    What a beautiful day for it!

    Bear really enjoyed himself (apart from separation vocalising :eek:). It's so good to finish on the games :D Thanks to the cheer squads at both ends, and Blitzen for cracking us up :D

    Was so nice to meet (finally) Que Sera Sera, Andhi (and Tally of course), Blitzen, Dashbabe, Shenalar, Kiwigirl (wanted to steal ur boy), Zaza (congrats again your mare is stunning!), Kimaley (thanks again for all ur effforts today and your nice comments), Bellaskip (and partner) and to catch up with everyone else again, Ricochet (and the wild baby lol), Pinto1980, Nag (and daughter), Wobbles, and of course Mocha and Lauren.

    Thanks SOOOOOO much to Luminous Girl who stayed with us all weekend to help with prep, and who stayed up til way after midnight to finish my browband which I thought suits Bear perfectly! I owe you BIG time!!!!!!!

    New BB :D
    Jess's costume - Bride of Dracula
    Lauren & Mocha
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  15. Wobbles

    Wobbles Active Member

    hehe i saw it, it is the most adorable shot:). She has never been famous before:D Thank you so much, she loved all the attention :)*. She is currently flat out on the couch, *snoring. Its such a tough life being a dog lol.
  16. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Hey, where are the photos of Bear!?
  17. dramaqueen

    dramaqueen Well-known Member

    i had a lil mare in w/t/c. The one in the bridal costume
  18. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    lexies pony pfft i know she was eyeing him off today nice pic PWF
  19. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    I had no pockets to carry a camera B :( I know friends took some though :D, so maybe later on?
  20. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    like i said at the show wattle bear looks really well, picked up a heap of weight too

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