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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Maree4, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    andhi i got a pic here my daughter took of tally in your costume, but i'll wait for your permission if i can post it, its a good one
  2. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Oh dear, there was nothing left of that tyre they were very lucky. Glad they got it sorted out...
  3. BellaSkip

    BellaSkip Well-known Member

    tehe i got one that my oh took as well. oh also pinto1980 he got one of cloe too. will post with permission. i also have bella (the little palomino pony with green hair in the games and i have permission to post it from the owner and mother of the child)
  4. dramaqueen

    dramaqueen Well-known Member

    they got a replacement tire, the spare was flat too
  5. chante306

    chante306 Well-known Member

    was a great day and an awesome turn out
    thankyou kimaley
    you did an awesome job
    sorry we couldnt stay and help out after games

    we learnt lots for next time
    (especially in the canteen :/)
    everyone looked like they were having a great time

    saw alot of people out there today
    ash is stunning

    saw you two
    i had a friend in the same ring :)
    he looks so good for an older horse
    ..and so well behaved

    there were some awesome costumes
    loved andhis
    tally lookd v v v handsome in his little outfit
    and deffinatly turned some heads ;p

    not sure about the runner up
    but a little girl named Juila won champion rider in the led
    on Sandeli (Muffin?)
    her first show :)
    and the ponys new to it all too ;p
    loved the led class
    so cute
  6. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    It was such a great show, well done!!
    loooooooooooovely atmosphere.
    Nag, i was perving on your little fluff ball all day!! he was one of my favs!
    Your daughter did so well in the games, and was well chuffed when she got first! (im not a stalker, i was handing out the ribbons) haha
  7. GiGi

    GiGi Guest

    Can anyone tell me who won the Over 35 W/T ?? I sponsored that one ;)
  8. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    lol why you could have said hi lol, he is a cheeky bugger at times, its his first show and my daughter hasn't shown for about 4 yrs too, so i'm a happy mum
  9. Dashbabe

    Dashbabe Well-known Member

    Omg, im soo happy :D

    dash started of pretty rough, no breaks and wasnt listening to me...he got better as the day went on :) Missed my rider class, didnt know we where going to come untill 8am haha

    2nd hack 14h to 14.2 (split the class cause it was going to be big!)
    1st pleasure gally
    1st medium/heavyweight galloway hack
    1st ladies galloway hack

    Champion galloway hack!

    So proud of him :)

    then in the games he did really well! And I got a pink ribbon :D

    1st western bending
    1st bending
    1st mug race
    2nd trot/canter run :| i swear Ive hurt my leg now!

    umm today i met...Lauren61?? Wattle, Dramaqueen, Lexie, Midas, Samm, woggy and pretty sure pinto1980 pencilling? sorry if I have forgot someone!
    Was a great day and im glad we went! I hope SC raised a fair amount of money :) Thanks to the sponcers, judges and vollies :D
  10. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member

    well exbritkid certainly knows now. :)
    they were BRAND NEW tyres. what happend lol.
  11. what a way to find out holly :p

    congrats everyone
  12. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    Belive it or not....but im shy :p
    and so you should be proud!
    I met Nicki, Dashbabe and handsome droolworthy dash, and Lauren (place some numbers here) and a horse that def did not look his age!
  13. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member

    lauren just rang me and explained,
    but i didnt no there was nothing left of the tyre :eek:
  14. petamc

    petamc Well-known Member

    Well done to Second Chance for a great day!!!
    My daughter Morgan was riding at her first ever show and had a fantastic day.
    She missed her rider class (as we had Bon and Teds float issues) but did really well in the walk/trot 14hh - 15hh hack classes. Came home with a first, third, fourth and 2 fifths.
    Then was second in the under 17 costume class - yes, that was our Solly and Morgan dressed as clowns!!
    Am more than happy for anyone to post pics - I can't on this puter.
    And were'nt we lucky with the weather?
    I do hope that Second Chance are able to make this a regular event - might even ride myself next time!!!
  15. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Gigi, Champ was Michelle Berwick on Mystic Shadows Forever Fox Fire and Reserve was Heidi Warren on Sorsha :)
  16. cleo

    cleo Well-known Member

    I had a great day for mine and my ponies first ridden show.

    Managed to come away with Champion Galloway in the W/T ring(still not sure how we managed that one).

    As many people have said it was a well organised, and well run show. I did not hear a complaint from any competitor all day which is unusal. Congratulations to the organisers on doing such a good job:)*
  17. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    Thanks everyone for the great day!
    Kimaley did an awesome job! The judges and stewards were amazing and the help from the vollies was awe inspiring!!

    Nag I can vouch for Lexie's love of your pony! I think I have a few photos of him actually!

    I loved the little pony with one eye. Was he one of stockies?? I have a few photos of him!

    Gaia, Ash was great! You must be so proud of him! I was the one in with Sheree and Mel inside just before you left!

    All in all a great day I had heaps of fun with the games and whilst I am tired now it was all worth it!
  18. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    Oh I have heaps of photos of Solly. Will upload them as fast as I can!
  19. twotone

    twotone Well-known Member

    Is it ok for me to post some pics of Andhi, blitzen, wattle, (and samm *#):p) ??
  20. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    oh PWF have you can post if you like, you have my permission, not just only that mummy would like a squizzy too lol

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