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Discussion in 'News Items' started by Welsh Pony, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Please come down, with or without horses, to show your support :))
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    I thought the protest rally was last weekend???
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    Ali, im pretty sure they were planning to hold rallys every sunday for 4 weeks.
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    My letter

    I've send the distinguished MR PICKARD a letter, it will be interesting to see if I get a response.

    Dear Mr Pickard,

    I have recently read the Joondalup Shires Draft Beach Management Plan, and would like to take note of some items which I find to be of concern, mainly in relation to the way in which the plan is written in a way which can be interpreted as misleading, fortunately it is only a draft and I'm sure further revisions will improve the document. I also would like to make mention of the survey which was issued which is highly biased and misleading, and does not represent all interested parties.

    Can you please explain why the horse industry was not considered as a key stakeholder in your consultation? It is noted that no recreation activity groups were considered as key stakeholders, is this because you are considering recreation groups as a part of the wider community and if so have you considered all the recreation groups that currently use the area?

    Issue Statement 5 In relation to inadequate car parking at the current animal exercise beach states the prohibiting of the horse exercise beach and reconfiguration of the car park to provide adequate levels of infrastructure that are able to service the needs of the region. Can you please indicate where you plan to provide adequate levels of infrastructure for horse exercise? I'm assuming that as a stakeholder options would have been given consideration as to where horse owners could exercise their horses as an alternative?

    Issue Statement 20 - "The city does not wish to prohibit recreational activities on the beach to the detriment of activity diversity and the enjoyment of the City's coastline by residents and regional users." I find this statement conflicting to section 1.2 as the prohibiting of horse exercise would directly affect "activity diversity", can this be more clearly defined as it seems to have only considered certain groups to be apart of "activity diversity"?

    With reference to the survey which is poorly written and provides limited information there are only two questions in relation to the horse beach:

    The Hillarys Horse beach car park is under-utilised and should be made available for others to use?

    It is important that the City provides area on the beach for horses to be exercised?

    I don't feel people will be fully engaged on the outcomes of removing the horse beach, the questions are also in completely separate areas of the survey and allow for some misunderstanding by the respondent.

    I would like to understand of the 21,000 dog owners, how many are also horse owners? Also has any investigation been done to get a better understanding of the number of Horse owners within your own CIty? If so I would be interested to see the results of this investigation.

    Have you taken into consideration the positive impacts allowing horses to interact with the general public have? Have you ever taken your children to the horse beach and let them watch the horses swimming in the water or even speak to some of the owners and ask them the benefits their horses receive from these types of activities?

    Again, I would like to know if you remove the horse beach what options are you providing for horse exercising activities within your City?

    A Sincerely Disappointed Horse Lover
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    Any reply Goog?

    I was disappointed with my reply
    He really does seem like a jerk *#)
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    Make sure you are sending correspondence to all the councillors not just the mayor.
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    I got a standard auto reply response probably sent from his PA. I would like to get a better understanding of the research done into the decision, the survey is biased and the four beach options apart from keeping the status quo involve removing the horse beach. Most people wouldn't realise that and would vote for an option to extend the beach and thus removing the horse beach.

    I've contacted the Horse Council aswell to see if they can approach the COJ on our behalf as this may carry some more weight. I noticed also their are about 5000 ppl on stockies yet so few signatures..... would love to see some more stockies sign the petition.

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for your email and taking the time to express your opinion. The Draft Beach Management Plan addresses a range of sensitive issues that will no doubt evoke a variety of responses within our community. May I encourage you to visit the City?s web site at Draft Beach Management Plan and complete either the online survey or hard copy survey to ensure your views are formally captured during the public comment period which closes on Tuesday 6th April 2010. The Council looks forward to reviewing the feedback received during this period and making a decision that broadly reflects the sentiments of our community.



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