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Discussion in 'News Items' started by Saiorse, Dec 11, 2007.

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    What a bargain Remaani!

    $800 PP! OMG!

    I suppose the whole value of horses in general bothers me. The saying that buying a horse is the cheap part is just too true.

    I am one of those people who fell for the cute photo and cheap price - I bought a cheap mini (gelding!) Fortunately, I did know what I was doing (even against my better judgement :D ) and I knew that I had the space and money to keep him. He is cheap to feed and is no trouble, BUT I need to be able to pay for the vet and treatment if needed. He is a horse and needs to be looked after like one - I need to know how to look after one.

    It really bothers me that people are able to buy a cheap (or even free!) horse without any knowledge of what is required. It really bothers me that people who don't know what they are doing can own a stallion. Of course there are stallions out there that are the exception to the norm, but how can someone sell a stallion to a person without the skills and knowledge to be able to look after it properly??? Isn't selling a stallion for $500 asking for trouble? :(
  2. Saiorse

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    The gelding issue...

    This stallion is definitely going to be castrated. The fact he is a shetland does not change the fact he is entire, which comes with a HUGE list of pressures and reponsibilities.

    Currently we have a problem simmering in the pony industry. Who knows when the proverbial will hit the fan?
    Entires do not need to be large to cause wholesale destruction in lives;

    We are overwhelmed with entire colts in backyards sold as easy-to-manipulate youngsters.
    We are overwhelmed with injuries to children & unwitting adults caused by entires.
    We are overwhelmed by deformed ponies.
    We are overwhelmed with neglected & traumatised ponies,
    We are overwhelmed by cruelty to ponies inflicted by ignorance or vengance.
    We are overwhelmed with people with pony money-making schemes.
    We are overwhelmed with pony rescues and
    The markets are overwhelmed with discarded and defective ponies - return to the top of the list...

    I'm working on a gelding subsidy, promoting gelding of colts, and all the methods that have worked successfully in the dog and cat welfare industries, as that is what ponies have become - pets.

    I've been around horsepeople and horsemen my whole life. I'm a professional horse-trainer and problem-horse handler, and I am a volunteer in the animal welfare industry. I have concluded that very few people are qualified to keep an entire. Very few entires are worthy of remaining so (those that are, I believe the owners perfectly aware of their responsibilities and operate with due care). Too many families are torn apart by entires (dead children in the extreme). I've seen WAY too many injuries from incorrectly handling entires, most of them professionals that got caught out. BTW it's never the Stallions fault. For every "he is a gentleman" story about a stallion, I've a horror story. I've seen posts on Stockyard alone in which a colt has been destroyed for bad behaviour as if this were unusual and the person destroying the colt was justified.

    And believe me I understand the attraction of keeping an entire for yourself as a riding horse. I ride many around the world. NEVER forget he is a stallion, though.

    I'm an equine professional and I don't keep an entire male equine. What does that tell you? Mares are entires, they are complex enough!

    If it's male and it moves at my place it loses it's testicles, LOL.


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    Oh Jayne, your poor Hubby!:eek:
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    ROFLMAO at MC :D
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    hahaha i was just thinking that.....:p
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    Of course, I was directly quoting my husband when I wrote that...

    XJ (no dangly middle bit but definitely have balls)

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    There is so much comment I could make on this thread and I'm not out to make enemies or win friends either way. I'll keep it short.

    IMO 90% of stallions out there should not be kept entire but they are and they are bred from and they aren't always kept humanly because people "can't" always handle them correctly.

    IMO 90% of horse owners should not own stallions because they "can't" always handle them correctly.

    IMO 90% of stallions are kept entire for the wrong reasons. Blood Lines created the horse in front of you but Blood Lines don't MAKE the horse. You can have the greatest blood lines in the world in front of you and be looking at crooked legged munted headed offspring. You see this time and time again

    But what is out there should be kept humanly and if they "can't" be then they should be gelded and given to someone who can care for them humanly.

    Oh - for the record by humanly I also refer to the habit of people locking stallions up in tiny yards so they can handle them were that animal can't move and run freely as they should as a horse.

    And before anyone jumps down my throat and tells me I have no idea what I'm talking about or something or other - I've been living around and breeding horses and donkeys all my life. I own two stallions who live together communally so for that I'm lucky. The minute one of the stallions is deemed not good enough to be a stallion I would not hesitate to geld - and yes that does include the Spotted Monster.

    Oh and Remanni - (shaking finger) comments on clipping mini's!!!! They look great furred or unfurred!!!!:)
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    Oh - forgot to mention - some of us are trying to get a vet on board for a picnic in the park gelding day for mini's. Apparently this went of big time in the east so we are going to give it a go NMR members will recieve info int he next magazine - anyone else who is interested or wants more info PM or email me.
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    Lol, i had someone say to me last week, "i didnt like him when you got him at all, but i love him now"!!! (gee thanks)

    Lol, a clip makes a huge difference, lol. :D
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    **) **) **)
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    Count me in SM, Will have at least one to do :)
  12. Delrae

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    maybe me too **)
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    Man I have missed this whole thread *#) 100% agree with SM, does sound a little like me in a few of your words there **) Paperwork or colour aren't the makings of a breeding animal, & this goes for all heights NOT just the mini's. Also how about the mares too, everyone picks on the stallions for breeding :( , there are some girls out there too.

    2 years ago I sold my stallion for $500 who had great bloodlines, great conformation & a super temperment to boot, at that stage I couldn't have him as he didn't get along with my riding gelding (only 1 paddock), so I had to let him go, he was a dream of a stallion just hadn't been socialised with other horses, not his fault.

    All for the gelding day think that is a great idea, also know a great vet to do it **) may have one there myself ;) Also feel geldings rego's should be free to encourage people more ;)

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