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Discussion in 'News Items' started by Saiorse, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. KBS

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    If registering a gelding was free it would encourage people to geld.
  2. Sassy

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    KBS - MHAA is free to register geldings of verified parentage - and its far more expensive to register a colt in any society.

    As perfect a world as it would be if this were to happen, the sad thing is that there are alot of actual breeders/studs that are picking up these cheapies at auction with unknown parentage, and breeding from them and registering the foals - probably as colts - and then selling them with their beaut stud prefix and wallaa - they have flooded the registered market with some crap.
    In saying that, not all unreg/unknown breeding horses are crap, and some are unknown breeding because of a paperwork glitch or something else, and are worth re-introducing to the market, but generally not so much...
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  3. KBS

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    Vet checks for stallions is a pain but i think it helps keep the standard up. A stallion can produce a lot of bad foals in one year while a mare may only have about ten over a lifetime. It is up to the stallion owner to make sure their stallion is good enough to stay that way and that mares who come to that stallion are quality as well.
  4. Remaani

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    Exactly.... all breed society's should have Stallion (Vet) Checks before the the horse is upgraded to Adult Status.

    Am shocked with many of the coloured stallions being used for breeding, when thats all they have, is colour.......... so i fully agree with free (or cheaper) Gelding Rego fee's (must provide copy of vet certificate to prove the deed's been done)..... &/or Stallion Vet Checks.
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  5. Petite Pastures

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    I know of a few people using mini stallions because of there size and they think they are prefect breeding prospects. These stallions are tiny but not very well put together, but these people think that smaller is better and are only breeding with the smallest stock that they can find with no regard to confirmation or type. These small stco just dont look right and I am guessing that the parents or the offspring will start to suffer and be in pain from this type of breeding plan.
    I know a lot of inexperinced mini people will choose a smaller mini thinking that they are buying a better quality animal because it is so small. I think to be able to breed any animal one must at least have some sound knowledge of what they are doing. Its the animals that suffer from this type of breeding, some ending up with very painful abnormalities.
  6. Remaani

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    Lol, i prefer my big mini's, love my Foundations, *cough* i have a few. :D
  7. mineees

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    yep weve got medium to big.......and some of the smaller ones i looked at buying just didnt look right.:(
  8. Delrae

    Delrae Gold Member

    We are medium to big too and if our stock go over into small horse we will be happy showing in that catagory also..
  9. bubblez

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    this is a really interesting thread guys, I hope that you can implement some good change, but also is interesting reading from the point of wanting to own a mini in the future. Not this second but once we buy our property Id love to get a mini as Ive fallen in love with them a bit hehehe!!! A nice little tobiano...
  10. Delrae

    Delrae Gold Member

    oh dear, it is very contagous, I hope you realise you will now be bombarded by all of us LOL... :)*
  11. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member


    Thanks for keeping this thread going, guys. The information I've gathered and external (outside Stockyard) investigations I've conducted will be useful for Save Equus Inc. lobbying and educating the public with regards to Mini's, Shetlands and small ponies, at least in WA, if not the rest of Australia and the world!

    One more question for mini breeders, sellers and exhibitors;

    Do I really want the one? Lol... I've had a few offers and after having the little Welshie rescue pony around my place, I'm kinda fond of the little one's now...

    "STEP AWAY FROM THE PONY...!" says my long-suffering husband.


    Horsemanship with Jayne Lavender

  12. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    i have a friend who bought a mini mare about 4 yrs ago now, really nice type, had done well in the show ring and could have done more in a different home.
    then she bought property and went and bought a mini colt, cos he was pally and cute. then they came up with the bright idea of breeding, produced an actually realy nice foal BUT this was a fluke, the colt has crooked back legs!! hes alright otherwise but ppl dont breed dodgy legs. now the foal has only just been weaned after almost 18mths on his mummsy!! so she is buggered for the ring cos she never got a chance to loose her foal bellyand is now permanently distended, original colt got through the fenceto the mare and we think he was able to put her in foal, so after promising to geld the pally for 2 yrs she finally sends him off to the vets, however now she has the dilemma of getting the mare to the vets and having her tested, then squeezed if she is preg!! to top it off her foal is a colt and they are thinking of keeping him entire!! for what?? she doesnt own another mare which would mean she would put him to public stud, i dont see that happening anytime soon, hes so fat that instead of looking like a horse he looks like a pony!!
    i thinkthere is certainly a misconception that just because they are small they are easy, the pally is a s***. you cant put a fly veil on him, you cant brush him, he barely ties up. they all get fed and are watered but this to me is a kind of cruelty!! whats the point of having an animal if you arent going to care for it correctly and give it the love and attention it deserves.
    so for now my endeavour it to have her geld the new colt also, is a shame though really, he has good lines and is choco with some great little patches of white and brown...
  13. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member

    Great news! RSPCA have brought to my attention that more inspectors are horse owners this year, therefore have skills with horses. That's great news guys!

    Of course, (and I'm not using a darned emoticon here, just trust me this is tongue in cheek!) they aren't lucky enough to have me on their employ, so their horsemanship skills lack the Jayne Lavender factor! Lol. But seriously, they know I am willing to assist them on a volunteer basis with difficult horses anytime they are short of handlers, and I am heartened to be a witness recently to their work for horses in WA's community.

    It's been a busy month. Of course we can't tell all on the WWW due to privacy laws and for reasons of ethical conduct. Also I'm not sure you all appreciate that much of the time an intervention on behalf of a horse can lead to the destruction of families and reputations so is rarely suitable or worth the trauma for a bit of PR! If you are curious about the work happening in your community to rescue horses become a Save Equus Inc. member you can see for yourself the great work we are doing.

    Save Equus, Horse Rescue organisation based in Perth WA Australia


  14. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member

    The irony...

    It was only a matter of time, as I see Mini/Shetland issues every week; I have become the foster carer of a stallion who probably shouldn't be entire, is obese and was neglected of food and water and living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

    Spotted Monster has been advising me regarding a healthy diet for this boy who was starving (and obese... sad, huh!) and I will need lots of advice about where to go from here with this poor little chap.

    If any of you know any good enough reasons for him to keep his testicles, let me know! Meanwhile vet & I are assessing his health, age etc. and if I find any brands I'll at least have some more info about him with which to make decisions about his future.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Animal Welfare Volunteer
    Save Equus Inc.
  15. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Good on you!

    Is he registered?
    Of good bloodlines?
    Correct, a prime example of his breed?
    Something you look at & think "wow, he's just amazing?"

    If not, cut him!
    I believe i know whom he is & IMO, not stallion quality, but there ya go, a lovely gelding pet for you. ;) (he probably wont be the last neither, lol).

    Best of luck & again, good on you! :))
  16. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    i would have to go with remaanis opinion.i dont know the pony personally,but i do trust her judgement on this one.**) **)

    and a gelding is easier to foster or be put into emergency housing until fostered.:))
  17. Delrae

    Delrae Gold Member

    I agree with both remaani and mineees... I believe there are too many stallions out there as pets already, in my opinion a stallion should only be kept by a responsible stud who understands the pedigree/ conformation and breed standards otherwise "chop" and have a nice gelding for someone
  18. SMR

    SMR Well-known Member

    I have just seen an ad for a mini stallion - $500. Hmmm...if he is stallion quality, why so cheap? If not (which I assume is the case) why aren't they gelding him!!!

    :D I think Saiorse is saying that she's gelding her new boy - I may be wrong, but I took the question to be rhetorical ;)
  19. Petite Pastures

    Petite Pastures Well-known Member

    There may be a reason other then him not being good enough to be a stallion as to why he is so cheap. Sometimes it can be hard to find a new home for a stallion as there are so many out there. But I know I would never even bother looking at a stallion for $500 but other people have got bargains that were actually of good breeding and good conformation but had just been brought as a pet and the owner never knew what they really had. Rare but can happen. Our local vet charges something like $800?? (delrae would know this) for gelding so you can understand why are lot are sold off entire. I have sold 2 colts entire this year as we believe they may have what it takes to be a stallion but both people who brought them are responsible and if they dont shape up right they will be gelded. I dont believe a stallion is ever a suitable pet for a child and as a gelding would be a much safer pet. A stallion should only ever be owned or bred from by a responsible stud owner and if they arent good enough ....CHOP IT!!! LOL. I have a lovely boy here who throws nice foals and I get loads of comments on him being stunning etc but I dont think he is good enough to be left a stallion so he is due for gelding in the next few months.
  20. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    SMR, we just paid $400 for a 3yo Mini Horse stallion.
    Extremely well bred, from a excellent stud.

    Why so cheap you wonder?
    Well...... his owners had a petting zoo type of home & he just wasnt suitable i gather, IMO, i dont think they knew what $$ to have on him.
    He was advertised & sold as a weanling, for i think $1000 (well thats the price he was when i was interested in him). If he was shown in the mean time & in a show home, he would not be advertised under $1500, JMO, the last owners i gather had no idea.

    IMO, he IS stallion quality.... he wasnt much to look at prior to being clipped (but what mini is :D ;)), after he was clipped, he's a completely different type, much nicer.

    If we sell him, it certainly wont be for $400!!!

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