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Discussion in 'News Items' started by Saiorse, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. VIP Girl

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    I agree. I might just be lucky but the two stallions I have are great. I have one mini and one welsh and both are such placid animals. They have their days when they really p*## you off but they have both been sires to some very quality stock and I would never geld them. However you always have to be careful with a stallion placid or not.
  2. Remaani

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    KBS, is that the pali/white stallion, cant remember his name but i saw him advertised at stud on Nagmarts noticeboard, he has your prefix? He was about 10hh?
  3. KBS

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    No, that was Tailor Made and i didn't sell him. Still kick myself for what has happened to him. He should have been gelded before he left my house. He would have made a wonderful leadline pony. That is how i learnt that particular lesson.
    I sold a small black colt down south about 3 months ago. Lovely people bought him and he is going well for them.
    I am quite happy to sell mares and geldings to people who have never had a horse. If they have done some research then i am happy to sell. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  4. Remaani

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    Oh no.... hope you can find him? I take it you still own him?
    He looked to be a lovely boy & yep, good height for ledline.
  5. KBS

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    I don't own him.It is a long drawn out story. He is on his 3rd or 4th owner now. I have even seen him at mundijong markets. He is a really nice type of pony but IMO there are enough stallions with only a colour registration. I prefer a breed registration as well.
  6. Remaani

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    Ditto. **)
  7. Sassy

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    I have just found this thread, as a mini owner and soon so be breeder, i would be happy to assist where possible & offer any advise/knowledge I have to help.

    So your feedback please, as to
    a) How much your vet's charge you for gelding your stock?
    b) How you feel about selling entire males to uneducated people/people with children?
    c) Do you assess the owners for skills, conditions the pony will live in?
    d) In showing, do the geldings get a fair crack at champion?

    So your feedback please, as to
    a) Have not had to have a horse gelded myself yet.
    b) I would avoid it wherever possible, I dont think a stallion of any breed or size should be owned or handled by amatuers or children.
    c) To some extent, I am more concerned that the homes are happy, healthy & loving, but some horse experience is preferred but I will certainly not be deterring people new to the horse world from purchasing.
    d) I havent shown a gelding but I do believe that any horse of adequate quality has a fair chance of winning, gelding or not. although at some big shows (the royal for eg) Geldings are not eligible for supreme.

    All colts that I breed will be gelded after weaning, no matter what the cost, by a vet that I trust, whether they come to me or I go to them, the quality of the vet is more important than the price.
    I will only sell a colt entire if it is a colt that i myself would breed from and believe is of breeding quality. If I have any doubt then I will have no hesitation to have it gelded. My oppinion is that (in any breed) too many stallions are kept entire without good reason - if we geld more colts then there will be more geldings in the show ring! **)
  8. Saiorse

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    Thanks for your feedback to date, Mini owners & Breeders. Please keep going with this. I don't have nearly enough representative data to implement change.

    I'm perplexed as to whom IS selling entire mini's to inexperienced homes?

  9. Remaani

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    That'll be highly likely unregistered breeders (not members of a Breed Society), breeding unregistered mini's to make a quick buck.
    Sell the colts instead of gelding coz it means its their $$ they have to use to geld & they rather make $$ than spend it.
  10. Saiorse

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    Reminding everyone their feedback via email or Stockyard Private Message is confidential, and useful fo Save Equus Inc. to devise which of the methods of dealing with the issues surrounding entires in the community will be worth throwing our resources at.


    On Behalf of Save Equus Inc.
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    Bad time to bump, I know, but I've been far too busy to get on here nearly enough to satisfy my Stockies addiction, lol.

    So 9.35pm on Saturday night it has to be...

    Don't stop sending your feedback on this issue. My investigations, and wonderfully open "insiders" from the biz have helped us start formulating a brilliant future scheme.

  12. Saiorse

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    Is 8am on a Sunday a bad time to bump?

    And why is it called "bumping"?

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  14. Heifer

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    i guess another point could be the price of mini's - i no nothing about this but if they are selling cheap (i know they sometimes sell for thousands but oyou have to look at the majority and i have no idea about the price of a pet mini as im not interested) then you attract the wrong kinda people - similar reason for so many new to horses people get OTTB or OTStbreds etc. I bet the expensive horses dont tend to sell to the wrong sort of homes - so perhaps you should look at how cheap the pets are selling for and whether this has something to do with it?
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    your such a clever ''boy''..kylie...:p
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    I am, arent i dad? :D
  17. mineees

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  18. Delrae

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    I think the pets issues are the same as for any of the poor unfortunate cheapie's that get into the wrong hands or inexperienced ppl that know no difference the only difference is the height side of things that make the mini's vulnerable to ppl wanting a cute lawnmover and a pet for the kiddies to play with (god forbid)
    I dont know what the solution is to prevent unregistered uninformed backyard breeders from flooding the market and some of these ponies are being badly inbred and then weanlings and yearlings are being sold of to just anyone for around $200/300.
    At the place near us they dont know who the sires are of the foals and they cant remember their names, they just all run together..scary
  19. Elanda

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    IMO (and I'll probably get shot down for this) ALL animals should be desexed, gelded etc unless owned by a reg, licensed breeder, who is subject to checks by a overseeing body. Cats, Dogs Horses whatever..that way the problem with unwanted and badly bred horses, cats, dogs would be minimalised.
    But we don't live in a perfect world.

    I must also admit to having a very poor view of minis growing up as the only ones I had come into contact with were stressed out, freaking out little creatures owned by people with 40 odd ponies running on a couple of acres. No geldings that I can recall all colts and mares into together, so all sorts of foals resulting.


    since returning to the show scene after a break and change of state, I am happy to say that the ponies and their breeders that I have come into contact with here in WA have changed my opinion greatly. There are some very nice ponies owned/bred by some very professional and caring people.

    Its the backyard breeders (not the people from studs/responsible breeders and owners)that give the breed a bad name.I think newbie buyers need to be reminded that they are still horses and need to be treated and cared for as such. Not treated as a plaything and spoiled rotten.

    Keep up the good work all you responsible mini people**)
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  20. Delrae

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    Goodie, I agree with you 100% and it is a shame that castration of any animal isnt subsidised which will encourage those unregistered breeders to desex their animals instead of running amuck
    I too had a poor opinion of mini's before buying a gelding, and meeting all the lovely ppl that breed and show. Now we are hooked

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