Safety Stirrups - Do you use them?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Marianne, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Rainmaker

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    I have some of the SafeStyle's now and I love them **) I feel very safe in them and they are nice to ride in aswell.
  2. simbin

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    I have my eye on a pair by Mountain Horse. They even haveMountain Horse boots that have treads that go with the stirrups stopping your foot from sliding through.

    Alexander at Equestrienne!, Quality horse products that you CAN afford! sells them. The stirrups are quite reasonable and I believe you can also just buy the stirrup treads to match the boots.
  3. I_love_equines

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    If I could afford them I would get Kwikouts- ridden in someone else's treeless with them :)

    I usually use the toe-stoppers for jumping and I have those stirrups with the elastic on one side (can't remember the name now) on my treeless at the moment. They seem to work (although haven't tested them yet), but on PC camp a girl came off and her foot went right through the stirrup and the elastic didn't come off :confused: Granted she only weighs about 10kg and the pony stopped straight away. Still a bit of a worry though. Interesting to see what has worked for other people **)
  4. danni17

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    Safety Stirrups

    Hi, yes I saw the HG Bostock safety stirrups at Equitana, my children and I have been riding in these for a while now. They are a new product out and I highly recommend them and wouldn't let my children on there horses without them.

    There is a website to purchase these and it has lots of great endorsements from professional riders.

    The website address is HG Bostock Safety Stirrups Australia

    Cheers and safe riding :)

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