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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by blitzen, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. TB4Me

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    Hey Blitzen, only at low levels, I think the highest I would go now would be Prelim, and that would only happen if I was pretty confident in the horse.
    My previous horse was very athletic and adjustable but he had very little scope, so you had to be very careful to get him to a good stride. Added a bit of pressure :)
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    this makes a lot of sense, but at the same time makes me angry. Ok so it's a dangerous sport, but aren't all sports when they get to such a high level? Eventing has always had a risk, and probably always will. So will other sports. People need to get over this view of a 'cotton wool wrapped world', and realise that people out there are willing to take the risk. Let's not make these opportunities non existant for those that are willing to face the consequenses, just because a minority group can only see the dangers and not the benefits.
  3. horse girl Jess

    horse girl Jess Well-known Member

    I'd be interested in the statistics of the amount of horses and/or people that have died in
    -harness racing (both the racehorse and the crosscountry type one)
    and non horse sports as well
    -snow skiing
    -car racing
    -base jumping

    The list goes on. All sports have their injuries and death tolls. So should be all retire and go back to playing chess? Or that might have injuries too..repetitive strain injury or something...*insert sarcasm*
  4. hutchi

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    OK so keep in mind how highly constructed that was... we see nothing of the other viewpoint or anything - constant emotive images being fed to its viewers.
    I must admit, and criticise me if you must, that as a person who is keen to get involved in the eventing scene, and as a person on a hunt for a horse that can help me do so, my heart kindof stopped seeing that footage...
    Should I be put off? I'm not put off, and I still hope to have a go, but I am scared to put myself at such a risk that my family and my OH would fear for my life everytime I go out to that course.
    Then again, I am a thrill seeker, hence why I think it's the sport for me.
    Hmmm I now wish I hadnt watched that haha.
    Do you personally think changes will be made?
  5. Spider n Toby

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    If this had of happend in racing - it would be in the West Australian. And it DOES get in the west Australian..And there would be threads on here bagging out racing etc. How often does it happen in racing?.. Not very often!

    Yes it needs to change, but people have to take into account that it is dangerous.
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    PS. SnT I have PMed you - sorry for the late reply:D
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    hehe I got it Hutchi - Was about to reply. **) Thats cool - Could you please let me know how it goes! hehe**) Goodluck with your exams.
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    Thanks hun :) Will keep you updated
  9. horse girl Jess

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    I don't think you need to be stressed. Provided both you and the horse are ready and not pushing your selves for something that you can't manage, the risks are pretty darn low.
  10. buggalugs

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    to answer the doctor question, to be covered by insurance, there has to be a medical professional there at all times, whether they be a paramedic or doctor...

    obviously this will always be an issue, i heard someone quote that it is now the most dangerous organised sport... and in WA we have recently had our own tragedies, but jess is right, if we are constantly going to wrap ourselves in cotton wool then whats the point? yes we need to ensure that we endeavour to always maintain and progress safety but at what cost? where do we draw the line? if the fences are all collapsable as one suggestion is, then what happens to big boxes or apexes? horses will often step on these? are we really just reverting to more of a derby type jumping? and if thats the case then why event? ok so the endurance of the xc plays a role, but wheres the thrill in going for a gallop to face sj type obstacles...

    just because you obtain qualifying scores does not mean that your NF will sign off your entry... if they are of the opinion that you are not ready to upgrade, they will simply not accept your entry, which can be frustrating but at the same time ensure a last line of defence against inexperienced combinations upgrading too quickly. my horse and i in some ppls opinions have upgraded too quickly, but i feel that he is perfectly capable of the height and have no question that he will tackle the xc with maturity and poise. at the end of the day i think it is largely down to the rider and so in that sense we must ensure that riders are well informed and educated where necessary.
  11. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    as we all know I had that accident at fairbridge
    it was at the SIMPLEST of jumps!
    I have no idea how they are suppose to make this sport a SAFE sport!
    they make it as safe as possible, but yeah this kinda stuff happens
    NOWHERE does it say this sport is super safe you will never get hurt you will never risk yours or your horses life . it is a simple risk we take, and unless you are in an accident like my own, or saw it or were affected by it you do not realise it,
    as soon as I can ride I will be back out there hey, and competing at those higher leves yet again,

    they cnt use jumps that just fall down when hit,
    if they did, they would crush horses and break legs,
    if they didnt have the risk of doing that, they would already be using this technique

    its a risk we take
  12. horse girl Jess

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    that's so true, infact it says pretty much the exact opposite on the disclaimers
  13. SpArTiAn

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    i was at the trots one time and a horse choked down in a race ...noone would let the driver off the fence and thehorse literally dropped dead....think there was about three lines near the back of the paper the next day never thought id see greg kersley cry but he was so upset (he was driving the horse)
  14. Satorii Lodge

    Satorii Lodge Well-known Member

    sorry that was me dint realise cait hadnt logged off
  15. abararka

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    i know this is probably the worst thing to say, but i honestly couldn't care less about the rider all i care about is that the horse is ok. everytime i see a horse accident all i can think of is "i hope that horse is ok". horses try, try and they try some more just for us and then when that one time they don't try, they get hit so they are MADE to do it and then an accident happens. it's disgraceful.

    i'm not saying that all riders are like this and not all horses are dealt with like this, but majority of the time that is what i see.

    these magnificent creatures have fought with us and died for us in wars, they are still fighting for us and dying for us because of our negligence. where are the days when people really think about what the horse wants and needs are, not about what we want and need?

    i think that people who have horses that TRULLY enjoy doing what the rider does (which isn't very often) are EXTERMELY lucky people and should go for it but other than that i think we need to put our wants and needs on the back burner and really think about our horses.

    JMO ;)

    sorry if i've offended anyone, that's not my intention at all.
  16. Lin

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    After the sad incident at Fairbridge, it was noted at our Eventing WA Promotions cttee that we have lost 1 horse (RIP Caesar) out of around 10,000 individual rounds of XC at WA events (that's only counting those events that involved Tom Comp). I know there have also been one maybe two deaths at events not related to jumping (ie heart attacks on the finish line).

    I don't think that's a bad record. We should strive to ensure these things never happen but can you stop every fall?
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    KINGSBONES Active Member

    i know this is probably the worst thing to say, but i honestly couldn't care less about the rider all i care about is that the horse is ok. everytime i see a horse accident all i can think of is "i hope that horse is ok". horses try, try and they try some more just for us and then when that one time they don't try, they get hit so they are MADE to do it and then an accident happens. it's disgraceful.
    (quote from abararka)

    I agree. Prob a little off topic but it annoys me that majority of importance is on the riders not yhe horse. The riders know the risk and are willing to take it but all the horses know is that the rider is telling it to do something. I know that the horses prob love it but if you turned then out on a xc course would they jump the course by themselves and fall over i think not!!! And of course hope i havnt offended anyone.:D
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  18. eventingchild

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    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
    you cnt force a horse to DO A THING they are bigger and stronger than us
    NO ONE WANTS to have there horse injured or KILLED
    I can speak for all eventers that our horses get TOP care
    hence there has been only one fricken death thankyou very much

    yeahh you offended me
  19. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    My sisters horse used to live on a XC course
    when people were training he would jump and jumps himself

    you and abaraka are pretty much saying I killed ceasy
    if I had known that jumping jump number 2 would have resulted in that I wouldnt have jumped It!
  20. Tain

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    More horses die of malnutrition and colic..... IMO this is where your horse welfare goodwill should focus, nutrition and medical research, not taking hits at sports which encourage high forms of welfare maintainability, health and soundness longevity, and strict welfare guidelines.

    It sucks to cross the street these days also;)

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