Saddles for Large horses (Friesians)

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by horse_moosh, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. horse_moosh

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    Recommendations for saddles that fit these chunky horses comfortably as am not having the best of luck finding one. :blink:
  2. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Obviously different breeds but just had a wintec wide dressage fitted to my QHx as wide with no wither. The bates dressage also do the wide range. In the end jump saddle wise I am trying the Ascot Crossover, getting fitted next week so will see what happens!
  3. holistichorse

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    I have a very flat backed and round Morgan and we have a Schleese from the UK which my friend is currently using on her Andalusian.
  4. SueC

    SueC New Member

    I ride a horse with a very broad back and huge wide chest and had similar trouble getting a saddle to fit. Kristina Parthezius from Performance&Saddle Solutions (WA) visited my horse after I lamented this problem at my local saddlery store, and fitted him and me with an Ascot Romana All-Purpose. I've been riding in it for over a year and it's far and beyond the most comfortable and secure saddle I've ever ridden in, and fits my horse so well (thanks also to Kristina's fine tuning of the saddle to my slightly asymmetrical horse).

    The saddle also allows a lot of freedom for my boy's huge shoulder blades, while at the same time comfortably accommodating my knees, which was a big problem ever since I was out of childhood as I'm 180cm tall with legs more suited to basketball than horseriding (picture knees always slightly over the edge of the saddle, until the Ascot Romana).

    I have always ridden big-barrelled horses and really understand the frustration of trying to find suitable saddles. I wish I'd gone to a saddle fitter 10 years earlier. I wouldn't do it any other way now. Don't just buy a saddle, no matter how well you have researched it - get a saddle fitter out to you with a variety of models and get them to properly fit for both you and the horse. Yes - the angle of the gullet and the stuffing of the saddle should be individually adjusted to your particular horse. It's well worth it, and not very expensive. My horse is so comfortable now, and so am I.

    :) Sue
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