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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Insurance' started by Alyra, May 30, 2004.

  1. Alyra

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    I would like to Insure my saddlery in the event it goes missing. It will be kept at the agistment centre in a locked shed, only limited people have access to it and it has bars on the windows etc. - but you never know.

    Does anyone know what cost insurance for something like this is? Do you have to go through a livestock insurance company (like the ones who advertise on horse deals) or will any general insurer (like CGU) do it?

    I have contents insurance for the house I rent but I know that won't cover things away from my home...
  2. kmarie

    kmarie New Member

    You can go through any insurance company but be careful. They can do insurance if it gets stolen from your house not from a horse show or your car. You have to go around and talk to the insurers. I ask my insurance people who do my contence if the saddles were covered but when you add what saddle gear you have and house it is well over 20,000 . So you need to talk to them tell them of your situation. But with it being an agistment center i wouldn't leave my gear there if it is really valueable. We all like to think every one has a good heart but being in this industry for so long i am finding alot just don't care. We have also had rugs taken of our horses in the paddock too. make you a little dis heartened to buy your horse a brand new rug for winter.

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