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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Bon & Ted, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Bertie

    Bertie Well-known Member

    Did the normal Jessica do that too? as i was thinking whether the saddle may have needed more stuffing, as other people have found that this has stopped the rocking.
  2. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Yep Bertie that was both Jessica's.

    I was told that also, but I wasn't willing to pay for a brand new saddle if it only may fit with more stuffing.

    They are a beaut saddle though, just not for my horse...

    Not happy atm, my Isabell is def too small for my big girl, am going out to buy an X Wide gullet tonight, and see if that helps. I think I'll get a local saddler to pull the cair out and restuff...

    With the Isabell I found you have to ride really really long, I was having issues last night and I rode without stirrups and realised how much the saddle makes you stretch your leg right down so I adjusted the stirrups to suit. It's a good thing though, you have no choice but to ride properly!
  3. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    My old Jessica sits really well on my horse and he is wide...bordering on extra wide:)*
  4. Bertie

    Bertie Well-known Member

    I rode in the new Jessica tonight for my lesson and my coach loved it! it was sooo comfy in the canter and sit trot!. He said it fits well too.
    i am having some other saddles bought out on Saturday morning so we will see.

    Thats no good about your Isabelle :(
    in terms of the Cair, i know it is not as flexible as the flock and my instructor hates it. Did you try both with and without cair?

    Good luck :)
  5. montygirl

    montygirl Well-known Member

    I hate hate hate cair!!!!
  6. Bertie

    Bertie Well-known Member

    I rode in the Jessica again today, and i feel like it is really stretching my thighs/muscles did anyone else who has ridden in one of these find this? could it be the width of the seat?
  7. Roleysgirl

    Roleysgirl Active Member

    Hi could anyone recommend a jumping saddle that has a very wide channel?? My horse has an abnormally wide spine and the only dressage saddles that DONT hurt his back are the Jessicas and the KN (i ride in the KN Largo). Im looking for a second hand saddle and have a limited budget , could anyone recommend anything??
  8. madcow

    madcow Guest

    I have a KN Largo, love it and it fits just about everything**)

    I had a brand new Bates Show saddle a few years ago and it literally fell apart while I was riding in it. The scews pulled right through where you change the gullet. Wasn't overly fond of the Cair. Was left without a saddle for 6 months!!!!!

    Have recently been hunting for a show/dressage saddle for pony/galloway that is currently built like a goat.

    Riveria (Tuscony?)- looked neat enough. Quality of leather wasn't fantastic but reasonable price. HATED it to ride in and rolled all over the place on the pony. Threw me into a horrible position and was a hip splitter LOL (very wide seat!)

    I couldn't sit in a lot of the flat broad seated 'show' saddles as am used to a deeper seat and felt like I was perched on a plank. Limited with smaller seat sizes with brands and also needed one in brown.

    Ended up buying a Passier Youngchamp. Designed for ponies. Largish roomy size for a 16" with a nice comfy deep seat. Got some lurvy Harry Dabbs (jaguar) stirrup leathers that matched perfectly and now I'm cooking with gas! I don't want to ride in it and risk it getting dirty.......just gaze at it whilst it is displayed in my lounge room:D
  9. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    @) I have a beautiful PH 15.5" if you woul dlike to borrow it:)*
  10. TBPA

    TBPA Well-known Member

    Kieffer Wien-Fits a remarkable amount of horses very comfortable and secure to ride in with out being restrictive, I got it at a great price (stole it from my no longer riding mother). It has given 25 years service and is only just starting to wear out (though it has been well taken care of) It has had minimal renovations including restuffs and new billiets but i am going to be so sad when it does completely die perhaps I will buy a new one the same as they are still making them.
  11. dalese

    dalese New Member

    Does anyone have a collegiate post-graduate dressage saddle??
  12. Cowgirl Kid

    Cowgirl Kid Well-known Member

    My housemate just bought a treeless saddle and I was about to throw the brochure in the bin when i thought, why not look up the website. I am quite surprised at some of the saddles. Some look like a traditional dressage saddle.

    After some further investigation I saw found 'flexi-tree' saddles. Couldn't find any dressage ones though..

    Does anyone have a treeless dressage saddle?

    I found this one on the net.. what do you think??? The cheap price worries me a little- could a good saddle really be that cheap? (I don't mind cheap leather but size, shape, make etc is important)

    I am a big Caprilli fan.. I have two Caprilli jumping saddles (feel sooo safe!) and a Keifer Muchen which is comfortable on my big fat clydie x horse but I'm finding it hard to find a dressage saddle to fit my lanky, high-withered tb. I wonder if a treeless would be the go?

    SUPERB QUALITY DRESSAGE TREELESS LEATER SADDLE SIZE 17" - eBay Saddles, Horse Wear Equipment, Equestrian, Sporting Goods. (end time 09-Sep-09 02:55:24 AEST)
  13. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Cowgirl kid, wouldn't touch that saddle with a barge pole.

    I still have my dressage treeless, it is a name brand though, and very proven, however not nice looking at all if you are after a real dressagey looking saddle.

    I have tried countless numbers of treeless saddles, and one overseas in particular (not cheap either) which was beautiful looking and claimed to be treeless, actually had a tree, and was totally twisted inside. I found out by taking it through an airport scanner and getting print offs :)*

    It was a rather pricey saddle, and after months of emails back and forth, and threatening with legal action I got my money back, however it damaged my horses back rather badly.

    So what I am saying is treeless saddles are FANTASTIC, but same as treed saddles, you need to stick with known names, something that has been tried and tested and has positive feedback.

    If that saddle in the link was a traditional (treed) saddle, for that price, and knowing nothing about the brand (probably indian leather etc) would you buy it?

    You can pick up cheap real treeless saddles second hand. ie. torsion, barefoot, freeform etc....I would be looking for these if you were interested in treelessness

    Sorry for the novel!

    ps if you pm Claireb on here, she is starting to bring over some brilliant, nice looking treeless saddles that are bloody excellent!!!
  14. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    i rode a ladys horse for her the other day and she had a treeless. itwasnt a bad saddle but it was blooming enormous across the seat and i felt like i couldnt get my legs on him at all. to be honest i think your better off spending more money and getting a really decent 'normal' dressage saddle...

    oh and how is your back mon?
  15. Cowgirl Kid

    Cowgirl Kid Well-known Member


    Yes, I agree.. you get what you pay for.. It was the only example of a dressage looking treeless saddle that I could find..

    I love my two saddles (both 'normal') but am now looking for one for the o/h.

    The only reason I was thinking about a treeless one is that they seem to be a very popular choice in endurance. With such long distances, a good saddle would be vital. I'm surprised there is not more treeless saddles on the market for jumping, dressage, hacking etc.

    Thanks for your feedback..

    Nic, its getting better.. Almost right as rain! :) Dying to get back into the saddle now (few months to go)! :)
  16. Bertie

    Bertie Well-known Member

    Well i rode in the Keiffer Malmo today, and i LOVED it! but it is out of my price range :( i am trying a Keiffer Lech which is apparently around the $2700 mark so i will see how that goes.

    I am trying the riviera tomorrow

    Has anyone tried the Ascot saddles?
  17. Bertie

    Bertie Well-known Member

    Rode in the Riviera Monaco today. I didn't like it and neither did my horse

    So thats one out of the way!
  18. bawtry

    bawtry Well-known Member

    County Connection - has anyone tried one?? I rode in one a few weeks ago and loved it, but cannot seem to find one anywhere now to buy so those who know them, can you compare them to something more easily accessible???
  19. Bertie

    Bertie Well-known Member

    Just trialling my last saddle now, i think.

    It is a Keiffer Lech Profi which is cheaper then the Malmo, same great quality, although the seat is firmer. I rode in it today, and was ok - although i am not feeling the best, and i woke up with a sore back, so i wasn't really riding at my best.
    I am going to try riding in it another couple of times, as it appears to be between this and the Jessica, i would LOVE the Malmo, but just a bit out of my price range.

    I would really love a keiffer though - such nice quality leather!
  20. xhorsesx

    xhorsesx New Member

    dressage saddles?


    Has anyone had any experience with a Grange dressage or a Trainers Baron dressage? any good? Will be for a 15.2h TB.


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