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    i have a chestnut morgan X
    he has an arrow point on one of his socks (up his hock)
    flecks throught his body
    a big blaze and a white lip
    could he be sabino?
    his sire is a liver chestnut and his dam is black
    hes a gelding so no real point in a test, im just curious to what others think :)
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    Just to clarify, I was chatting with some members of the UCD labs a few days ago, and they confirmed.. as of yet there are no TBs or arabs pos for SB1.

    Basically there have been quite a few misunderstandings of the format in which some of the labs report their results. A number of people have taken the phrase sb1/sb1 to mean homozygous sabino.. when infact it means neg/neg..

    SB1/SB1 means pos/pos or homozygous.. (Big letters!)

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