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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by rimes, Nov 21, 2007.

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    I have tried searching old posts for answers before I posted this tonight, but couldnt find any. Hope this is in the right place.

    A friend has just cut some oaten hay on his property. He planted some rye/clover seeds with the oats to bulk it up. He is a cattle farmer. He is wondering if this hay is ok for horses as he has heard of rye grass 'staggers'(rye grass problems).

    Is there different varieties of rye grass??
    I see lots of hay advertised as meadow-rye/clover, is this ok for horses?
    Do horses have problems with rye grass? (rye grass toxicity)
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    That link is good but I just want to point out that annual ryegrass toxicity tends to be the problem in WA, not perenial ryegrass. This is important because they have two very different outcomes if your horse gets sick.
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    Toxicity of rye grass can be very local,so my advice is to get the hay tested, I think the Dept. of Ag should put you in the right direction. Incidentally, cows, goats and sheep die from it too not just the Ponies**)

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