Russian skating bear

Discussion in 'News Items' started by miniequine, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. miniequine

    miniequine Well-known Member

    just watched this on TV, Russian bear mauls/kills trainer. Having just recently watched the show highlighting the cruelty to Russian circus animal I say Good Karma... go bear, a least he got shot and doesn't have to suffer any more, To those that don't agree with my point of view I won't appologise as the older I get the more I am losing patience with cruelty of any form...especially to animals
  2. ASH lover

    ASH lover Well-known Member

    You have no arguments from me....
  3. Clerrt

    Clerrt Well-known Member

  4. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Yep, RIP the poor tortured bear that got it's own back in the end.
  5. wascallywabbit

    wascallywabbit New Member

    I totally agree with everything said on this thread.
    Poor bear, but atleast now he's free
  6. Kateee

    Kateee Guest

    I completely agree with you!
  7. aussie

    aussie Guest

    No Ring and Chain to hold you no more
    No Bully to Possess You no more
    No Tunes you have to dance too no more
    Run Free little Bear Run Free

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