Royal Show Results - Wednesday onwards!

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Lin, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Pony Tails

    Pony Tails New Member

    Had a great day, 1st in Best Presented Pinto (out of 17) & 2nd Gelding under 14 hands.
  2. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    weldone & congrats glad you all made it home safely **)

    so I could get a Royal photo fix :D

    Cheers & best of luck to everyone for tomorrow

  3. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Congratulations to everyone on their results. I reckon you lot should be given awards just for braving the weather!!
  4. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    I'll say.. those showjumpers had to brave jumps blowing down halfway through the course.... It was pretty blowy out there
  5. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    I know where you are coming from with the trip home Kylie, we didn't have a float on and it still took us over two hours with the peak traffic and the hold up heading up Greenmount Hill.

    We had a great day with Brayside Butterscotch placing 3rd in her Show Hunter Class, Reserve Champion Buckskin Mare/Filly to her sister Brayside Heavenly Vision who took out the Supreme Buckskin. And then Butterscotch also won the Champion Ridden Buckskin, and a lovely trophy sponsored by the WABA, thank you for sponsoring.

    Good luck to everyone competing over the next few days.
  6. shadow007

    shadow007 Active Member

    WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Go Butterscotch!!! Well done on the ridden guys!! Thats awesome!:)*
  7. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    Your Brayside ponies did a wonderful job today Dollar. You must be so proud. And they looked gorgeous out there against those biiig scarrry stallions :)
  8. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Shadow007 I took so long to type my post out with phone calls in between I missed your post ... tell your mum she did a great job. Can't wait to see the photos.

  9. WPA

    WPA New Member

    Conrats to everyone with the results so far.

    To my wonderful daughter was my absolute pleasure!!! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!

    "Star" is such a darling. And, as for the two minis.....................I just love them!

    Good on you sweetie.

  10. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Thanks Random Winger, I am very proud of them, they are all doing a fantastic job. ;)
  11. Evered

    Evered Well-known Member

    Woooohooo just got home, well done to Tahlia on winning the Pony Jumper Hit & Hurry and the 6 Bar, and Tahnee for winning the PCAWA Pony Am7!
    We were the cheer squad jumping around and screaming during that :D
  12. WPA

    WPA New Member

    Thanks heaps Dollar! I was a little nervous though

    Congratulations with Butterscotch and her results. You must be thrilled with the results of the Brayside Ponies!

    Beautiful ponies and terrific people. Thankyou for your help today.

  13. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    Congrats on your results everyone!

    Well done Dollar and Shadow007, what fantastic results! The girls are certainly flying the flag well for Buddy! Have you got any more in Dollar?
  14. Carthorse

    Carthorse New Member

    Okay so FINALLY home......

    Really p'd with myself - the stupid rain waited until we were warming up and then drowned us, idiot ears here had reins with no grip and my gloves turned into bars of soap so of course the normally lazy bones fat hairy carthorse decides that this is the best time to turn into a hoon. I just steered and closed my eyes....2 rails down but think we were by far the quickest and most uncontrolled! Then the rain decided to make another strong appearance during my workout...over it doesnt even begin to describe it....cant get the stupid black off my hands that leaked from my gloves :mad:

    Congrats to the first placer in the big working hunters, she did a beautiful jump round and workout and think ended up with Champion.

    Now I think I had better go buy some grip reins............
  15. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    I could hear you lot haha. Was wondering how all the jumpers went today. I just realised which pony was yours...the one with the star on its beeehind LOL. Lot's of fantastic jumping rounds today and some very tricky and clever turns :p
  16. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Oh Carthorse, how unfair, bl**dy rain!:mad: at least you can say you have done it. :) How did our friend go on the red boy?
  17. Alih

    Alih New Member

    Well done to Brittany and Lilly they look fantastic you have done a great job Sandy and they are doing so well you should be sooo proud.
  18. Larrikan

    Larrikan Well-known Member

    Show Hunter Results :

    Champoin Small Pony Show Hunter : Jade O'Brien DALBRAE VANITY

    Reserve Champoin Small Pony Show Hunter : Robyn Vale LANGTREE SNIPPETS

    Champoin Large Pony Show Hunter : Bishop Family DRUMCLYER SCINTILLA

    Reserve Champoin Large Pony Show Hunter D'Ercole Family PENLEY GEOMETRIC

    Champoin Show Hunter Galloway :

    Reserve Champoin Show Hunter Galloway : Mathilda Percival Redwood Moet

    Champoin Show Hunter Hack : Allaspects Equestrian SYLVANIA STATESMAN

    Reserve Champoin Show Hunter Hack :
    Michelle Matsen YONTI

    Congrats to all :D
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  19. Valencia Park Monty

    Valencia Park Monty Well-known Member

    Your friend on the red horse didnt do to much better!!! :)

    5th out of 6 argh! but i cant complain considering that was my 3rd ride on the horse hehe

    I still cant get the dye of my hands either!!

    soooo tired off to bed soon!
  20. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Well done!!! you should be proud of yourself. It takes days to recover..ha ha
    want to hear all about it on Saturday.. You and carthorse can be our show and tell..LOL :)

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