Royal Show results Day 3 (Monday)

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Gaia, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Patiently waiting ............. :)
  2. Whats on today?
  3. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Arabs today. Quite a few Stockies with good results. My dogs have had an average day with agility lol
  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Congratulations to everyone yet again at the royal today!

    I decided I couldn't stay and photograph the ridden. I've got a few important matters of my own concerning at home I wanted to get back to before nightfall.

    Red it was lovely to finally meet you! Top bloke!
  5. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    Darn ten character rule.
  6. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    Top Fancy Lets Party....
    Reserve Champion and 3rd Best Presented, **)
    1st Classic Trot, **)
    1st Costume Class **)
    Way To Go Party!:D Congrats to Gretchen and Keeley!!:)) Awesome effort!
    Cant wait to see the pics....
  7. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Massive congrats to several stockies who did very very well today. I wont spoil their thunder but they were fabulous!!
  8. My special Man One his arabian derivative gelding class 3 and under and was an absoulute star. was so well behaved. Couldnt asked for a better day and outcome :)
  9. country chick89

    country chick89 Active Member

    glad to see top fancy lets party is getting out there i havent sn him since we has a colt lovely horse congrats
  10. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    Well, we have just got home, we are all sunburnt and very tired, hence i dont think i will be uploading pics tonight, (unless someone else got any, please do)
    Malory and Wendamar Narnia competed in the leadrein today. I am sooooo happy and am a very proud mum with them.
    They placed 6th in Smartest on Parade, 2nd in Pony Height and 5th in rider. Places in all 3 classes, i was just wrapt.
    Im officially stuffed, so early night for me.

    Well done to all other stockies that did well today.:D
  11. BeccaBoo

    BeccaBoo Well-known Member

    Party is out all the time country chic :)

    Well done Gretchen and Keely, Party looked beautiful and his costume was to DIE for! (Although slightly confusing to put on lol)

    Well done to everyone
  12. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    Just got home and had a shower - Why does sunburn show up way worse after a shower?? lol

    Thorne Park Poetry had a great day - Resereve Champion Arabian Derivative :)

    Champion was Willowcroft Soprano who went onto be Supreme Derivative

    Heaps of stockies there today with some fantastic results

    Go Team G :)
  13. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    I saw the arabian costume class from afar... Party... was that your boy in the purple costume? It was absolutely stunning!!!
  14. GiGi

    GiGi Guest

    Any SJ results ?
  15. Lucy11

    Lucy11 Active Member

    Does anyone know where there is a full list of breed and ridden results? Have looked on the show website but can't seem to find them. Thanks
  16. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    Team Lanaryn had a really good day :) Lanaryn Psymphony - first yearling filly :D Sabtah Nahre placed 3rd in a relatively large mare class (for the royal)
    Congrats to Kylie & Craig with Lanaryn Nazeerah winning the filly 2 & 3 years :)*

    Congrats Monique on winning the derivative gelding 3 & under with Braylea Showtime, he looks awesome :))

    A huge thanks to Sue & Karen, the best friends in the world!!!! Couldn't have done it without your help, you're the best :)*:)*
  17. Clerrt

    Clerrt Well-known Member

    Chaise Ludgate (sp?) won the grand prix, Anna McGregor second - both BLOODY BRILLIANT rounds :)*, less than a second between them
  18. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Thanks Em for posting his results!

    We had a fantastic day and am so very proud of Keeley, Party and of cause Pembrooke Park Forever Wicked who was also an absolute Star!

    Thank you to BeccaBoo and the other girls from Westfield who helped us so much today!
    Thanks also to Aryline and Nanna for your help when we had a costume malfunction!
    Many Thanks to Christie for doing such an awesome job showing both my boys!
    Huge Congrats to everyone today :D:))
    Pictures tomorrow sorry I am off to bed!
    Thanks to everyone for your comments on Partys Costume!
  19. Nanna

    Nanna Well-known Member

    Had a very busy day today
    Jack of all trades .... top marshall today
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  20. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    Does anyone know when the minis are on? (or have they already..)
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