Royal Show Day 3 Results (Monday)

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    And pics of the little dude!



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    Westfield Park had a very relaxed day yesterday with NO STALLIONS for once haha. Gosh, it was relaxing!! Not that any of them are naughty or difficult, but it's still easy without them!

    Rivlyn Kavatina (SE) placed 6th in her very competitive mare class. She then went on to place first in her ridden mare class.


    Rivlyn Illusion attended her first show yesterday. I believe she's about 10 years old. Nobody would have known it was her first show, she was so cruisy the entire day! She placed 3rd in classic trot in a very strong class.

    Covergirl WF (Anglo) attended her second show. She was awesome even though a little fidgety in the line up. She placed 3rd in Deriv. filly 3yo and under. Again, against some very tough competition (I wanted to take the filly that won this class home - what a stunner!) I am also very proud that she behaved so well in the grand parade! She was so well mannered and level headed... despite the fact she doesnt find cows to be the most enjoyable creatures haha

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    I couldn't resist a few photos of Party in his costume either!
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    Have to say (and I was there) good on the judge. If its not worthy to go up for champion then it should not be awarded 1st**) Maybe the judge could have been a bit more tactful though, but the competitor should not even be speaking to the judge;)

    Agree with Mirawee re consistency of ribbons. Our class was only placed to 3rd and yet the Classic Trot competitors (5 I think) all got ribbons :(
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  5. There is a formula used for awarding ribbons. It used to be printed in the catalogue. It is based on the number of horses entered in the class, with the more that are entered the more ribbons that are awarded. On show day some judges end up awarding ribbons to every horse but only because of scratchings or horses not showing up on the day. All of the ribbons for classes are prepared for each class before the show, on the day the judge can choose to award less. Very rarely do they award more, simply because they don't have spares to give out.
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    Big day at the show very tiring for Pins little bub who is by poppy eye

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    From what I saw, she DID work every Horse out- so gave them all a chance **)

    Yes there was a few 'scratchings' from classes, going by the Show Program, so the ribbons would have been allocated to the classes due to entry numbers not who DID turn up on the day. **)

    The Judge has ever right to award what 'she' saw fit to do so,...... and remember its 1 Judges opinion on 1 day at 1 Show, if you constantly awarded low places or not placed at all at shows, then you need to have a look at what /how/who -you show.;)

    OMG ! Party's show Costume is out of this world !**)**) Huge congrats G. now what are you going to make for next years show ? :D:p

    Congratulations to all- there was some very nice & nicely conditioned Show horses at the show today.

    Huge congrats to Bevanlee Folklore & PEMBROOKE PARK SHAKHAAN on your Wins! beautiful Horses that where shown and presented to perfection !

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  8. Found the formula :)

    Ribbons may be awarded as follows:

    5 or less Exhibits ribbons to 3rd place
    6 to 8 Exhibits ribbons to 4th place
    9 to 10 Exhibits ribbons to 5th place
    over 10 Exhibits ribbons to 6th place

    Take note of this rule also - 20.4 All ribbons are awarded at the descretion of the Judge.
  9. Linnybear

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    Rightreasons I know it does seem harsh, BUT we pay these judges for their opinions on our horses and she does have a reputation to uphold. She must have felt very strongly to not award first place. Also be aware that the exhibit was a breeding animal and not a gelding ;)
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    Hahahahahahaha I said it before the royal started, My programme said 845...which means 11.45.
    I was correct. I was out there on time...but I did not go on until about 11.15 HA! :} Far from smooth...
    But still a good day!!! :) though I ended up rushing to Belvoir with my poor boy!! and a large vet bill later! *SIGH*
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  11. Elanda

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    Saw that, but it was not adhered to;) Our class originally had more entries that were on the grounds, but not all made it into the ring, we did have as many as some other classes that were awarded more...maybe we just weren't good enough:)';'
  12. My catalogue has 6 in your class, which would mean placings to 4th. Other classes of the same size all placed to 4th? ';' Some classes did have ribbons withheld but I didn't see any that got more than they should've, but then I was watching the galloways most of the time :p
  13. Remaani

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    There was actually 7 exhibits in our class, one didn't have his details in the book.
    But then yes, only 6 were present for judging as one was scratched just before the class.

    So, yes placings to 4th. However i was too excited to see my boy win, to check out what they placed too?
  14. Elanda

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    and best trot had 5 or 6 and they all placed;)
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  15. There was more than 10 entered in that class, so ribbons were available to 6th. It's based on entries, not how many show up on the day.
  16. Elanda

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    ok...wasn't sure on whether it was entries or actual attendance..that makes more sense**)
  17. pin

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    Ah dear, we were the scratching.

    Poor Zephyr, his tiny mind just imploded when we hit the main arena and I didn't think it was safe or fair for/to the other competitors in the class, or indeed in the other rings for me to continue. We tried for the ten mins or so prior to the class to settle, but it was more than he could handle, and (in the end) more than I could handle either.

    We also withdrew from our weds pinto classess....too much too fast.
  18. pin

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    Ahhh! Madcow was that you next door? I didnt realise :)

    I missed his little napski, might have been off getting float or something - he does look tired doesnt he poor lamb :)
  19. Remaani

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    I still think he's a gorgeous boy & he looked fantastic up at the Marshalling area. :)
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    who was the photographer on Monday?

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