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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by equinenthusiast, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. equinenthusiast

    equinenthusiast New Member

    Thought I might share my "winge/grumble/vent/etc" with you all..

    AND PLEASE anyone who is a show/event organiser don't take this as public slander towards you as I am sure there is tons of happy and content entrants - this is just my story...

    Have recently purchased a holsteiner filly (first time owning such an amazing animal) and have been so excited and waiting to enter her in the royal ONLY TO FIND..... that the holsteiner classes have been cut and we are now to enter in the Warmblood ring - which is not a problem BUT holsteiner membership is not acceptable and I have to register myself and my filly with the WA Warmblood assoc!!! What an expensive exercise for 1 class - have just joined and transferred ownership in Holsteiner Soc and now have to do it again as well as pay show entries!!!!! For only one class that is mares and fillies combined....
    ANyone come accross this dilema??? Lucky I love the breed and will do anthing to go...
  2. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    my reason for not registering my boy as anything - its all too hard and too expensive for one or two classes per breed show!!

    does it have to be this years royal? i know you had your heart set but maybe do next year instead so you can spread the cost around?

    oh and congrats on the purchase and have we seen pics or have i missed them already?!!
  3. equinenthusiast

    equinenthusiast New Member

    no haven't posted pics - although have some of her at darling range last weekend but all too blurry because she was busy rearing and bucking and couldn't stand still!!! You know - first show jitters!!
    Have my heart set on going to royal. among the whole experience thing i want to support the breed. after all if there are too low numbers for holsteiner classes and they cut them then we have to show that we are still here and want our own class back!!!
    Haven't heard any other reason for cutting the class except for low numbers but I hope this was only last year in reflection of the EI that was erupting at the time. I know a lot of people who didn't go to the royal in breed classes for the fear of an outbreak and having to keep your horse at the showgrounds for months!!!
  4. madcow

    madcow Guest

    I'm in the same situation as you almost. I've just purchased a Warmblood from Sydney who is registered ACE. ACE is one of the most popular WB registries in Australia but hasn't really taken off in WA. I've recently sent my paper work off to join AWHA WA and register my horse with AWHA ONLY so I can compete at the Royal.

    To register the horse and join as a member cost me $175.00 just to do the one class at the Royal which cost $15.00 to enter. Also I'll get 2 months worth of membership before I have to rejoin!

    I think with the recent amalgamation of the WB classes they might have forgotten or need to update the registries you can be assoc with?

    I can see why the WB classes have been seriously culled though! The entries last year were very poor:( Holstieners had about 4 entries overall from memory? Trakeners had about another 2 more entries than the holstieners and it looks like they might be the next to go if they're not supported this year. Even the open WB entries wern't good thus the few classes this year. Plus I'm going off memory from the catalogue so the numbers that actually made the ring were probably less as well.

    I'm not complaining either but it is a VERY expensive exercise just to compete in the one class at the Royal. It's probably another reason the entries are low? I'm not really into breed shows and am only showing to get my youngster exposure before he comences his ridden career.
  5. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    A suggestion would be to ask all your nominated societies to contact the RAS with a request to allow all warmblood regestries to compete under the Warmblood class due to individual breeds not being offered.
    We have done that before in regard to classes offered at the Royal and now APSB registered ponies can compete in the part welsh and connie classes on their APSB rego's only and do not have to be members of the other societies.
  6. morris

    morris Active Member

    WOW! Congratulations on your purchases! Who are they by, particularly the filly? Is she WA bred?
  7. madcow

    madcow Guest

    OOh I'd like to know the new filly's breeding as well. I saw her I think at Darling Range and she looked very....."athletic"LOL:D

    Mine is by Don Ramiro who was imported from Germany by Kristy Oatly-Nist (Don Primero/Donnerhall/Pik Bube l) out of a Salute mare *When he finally gets here**#)

    Arylin- Good suggestion we should put to the RAS for next year**)
  8. doofus

    doofus Well-known Member

    i was thinking the same thing.... i was really keen to enter this year but as it is just an open warmblood class and all mares and fillies in together i don't know if i will!!! :(
  9. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    Sherri69 is in the same boat with her Trakhener colt
  10. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Gerbra, Trakheners have seperate classes to the "Australian Warmbloods" :confused: So I don't understand what same boat Sherri69 is in...
  11. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    sorry i got mixed up with something else
  12. taylor

    taylor Well-known Member

    A friend has the same issue - her horse is a Holsteiner, she has entered him in the Holsteiner classes for the last few years, this year he has no classes! Given that the ridden was/is combined anyway, surely they could have the led combined?
  13. Sherri69

    Sherri69 Well-known Member

    Combined the classes for colts, geldings and stallions in the Trakehner Classes grrrrr Stupid.#(
  14. jonty

    jonty Well-known Member

    If they dont get the support of the breed societies to enter these classes they just cut them! It happened to the Percheron classes which I used to go every year and then went into the warmblood classes....

    Unfortunaltey if you can get others to enter these shows they just wont hold them! It is up to you to get your fellow horse owners to support the classes...

    We have more warmbloods (Ie Trakehners) entered in this years show because of us rallying with each other to get involved!

    The breed societys that have been mentioned in previous posts need to keep there memberships etc down so more people will join, I wont join the AWHA for that reason and a couple of other reasons too!
  15. Ltd Edition Madcow

    Ltd Edition Madcow Well-known Member

    Sherri I can understand your frustration as they are all lumped in together but at least there is still a class for Trakehners at all. Last year they had a whopping grand total of 5 exhibits! 1 mare/filly, 2 stallion/colts and 2 geldings.

    The Holsteiners which have been scraped totally this year had only 2 entries which were geldings:(

    Compare this to a breed which still has full classes such as TB's who had 51 entries!:eek:

    They are the catalogue entries so there might have been some scratching and even less made it to the ring?

    As Jonty said we need to get out there and support our breed so we can continue to keep the classes at all let alone stand a chance at getting the sections split up. The last breed show I watched at DR there were the highest number of WB's I've seen at any show for a long time.**) (still not huge numbers but often you're lucky to see 1!)
  16. QHfan

    QHfan Well-known Member

    Well im not going now- i have transfered both C & C into my name but no rego papers:(:(:( So thats it for me... Any mini people need a strapper for the day????
  17. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    You should be able to send your entries in QHfan..and then email the rego papers through..

    Just let Tara know what is going on...

    I did this last yr with Cash**)

    So express post the entry forms etc of first thing tomorrow..
  18. Delrae

    Delrae Gold Member

    hey QHfan, is it with NMR that you are rego'ed too??? if so you can ring Pauline for the rego numbers and write on your entry form photocopy of rego's following as soon as arrived, they will except them, as long as your entry has all the details which Pauline can give you
  19. QHfan

    QHfan Well-known Member

    I dont quite understand what you mean- i can send em off tomorrw no worries but i dont have a scanner. How do i email them the rego papers?
    Oh cool Di, i didnt know they would accept that...Yay:):) Poor Jarrah will be at home by himself!!!LOL:) I wish i could take him too...
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
  20. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Ok if you cant scan them..Then once you do get them Fax a copy through to the RAS...

    Just do what Di said with your entries etc...And also give Tara a email just to let her know..

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