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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Insurance' started by Sparrow, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Sparrow

    Sparrow Guest

    All this insurance B.S is just getting way out of hand ...... can't people just take responsibility for their own actions and realise that Hey, playing with horses can be dangerous !!!

    An old saying that is really relevent with all that is happening today with litigation, goes something like this:
    Round up all the lawyers & shoot them and the world would be a better place !!!

    For heavens sake, if I never see another disclaimer for horse related events, I'd be happy......

    What ever happened to common sense and understanding that what we do with our horses can be fraught with danger. I couldn't imagine the mentality of someone who sues a club run by volounteers for taking a spill off their horse at an event or club day or clinic.

    Unfortunately the sad reality is our society is full of people who can't, won't & wouldn't dream of taking responsibility for their own action. Much easier to BLAME someone else ??? Hence, lots of very wealthy insurance salesmen & lawyers and lots of very cautious club & event organisers hoping they dotted the I's & crossed the Tee's.

    So the big question then, WHO IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHERE WE ARE TODAY ???

    "Appaloosa's aren't mad, it's just their owners"
  2. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    G’day Sparrow,

    I totally agree!!! It is for this reason I won’t have agisters on our property.

  3. Sparrow

    Sparrow Guest

    Hey Murray,

    Yeah, you seem to be not the only one reluctant to expose themselves to legal liability just for trying to help others in the sport / hobby that they love. We have quite a few in our local area who used to have agisters but now don't for those reasons.

    I think I know who is responsible though, Osama for sure, because before 9-11, we didn't have such as big a problem with getting insurance at a commercially viable rate. Can't find anyone else to take the wrap ........ and we know that insurance companies wouldn't use an event like 9-11 to inflate premiums ten fold for no REAL added risk, would they ???

    "Appaloosa's aren't mad, it's just their owners"
  4. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Absolutely Sparrow, the quicker someone nails Bin Laden the better!!!!!

  5. Cavalier

    Cavalier Well-known Member

    I couldn't agree more Sparrow:

    I used to teach at a PC and quit after this one incident, it was the head instructors fault as well though:

    I was doing a gear check on this girls looked very unwell. So I checked him all over, he had bumps all around the nuchal and suspensory ligaments which is usually due to parasite burden thats transmitted via that wasn't good.

    It took 5 SECONDS for skin to return after a pinch test...he had really, really bad breath which is another bad sign, his mucous membranes where really red and blotchy - another sign on toxicity, and the capillary refil took about 4 this horse was basically on deaths door.

    I asked her some q's and found out that she stabled him 18hrs a day and he had been locked up with no food or water and he hadn't passed for a few days.

    I told her to dismount, untack, get someone to call the vet ASAP and stand him in a shady spot (40dg weather), I then spoke to the head instructor and she said, no, the horse is fine, she can ride him.

    So I said i'm leaving if you aren't doing anything about this horse...I ended up calling the vet and waited around for him...she got on the horse and rode him and low and behold after 5mins the horse collapsed.

    He was on drips and various medication for about a week and ended up being put down.

    The instructor shouldn't be teaching nor around horses thick can you wasn't until the horse collapsed that the instructor realised something was wrong!

    Anyway, I've drifted here, but the chick with the sick horse threatened to sue the PC and couldn't understand he was sick coz he was unfit and she worked him to the bone and expected him to be fine with no food or water, or worming or vaccinations etc...poor bloody horse. A case of supid girl...stupid instructor...that makes me so mad!

    ~ You're either making dust, or eating it ~
  6. Busta

    Busta New Member

    That story is terrible...poor horse...i h8t it wen ppl over look wat is wrong with horses!!!

    A good rider can make a horse jump... A great rider can make a horse WANT to jump
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  7. Horse Luva

    Horse Luva New Member

    That is sooooooooo BAD that stupid dum girl and stupid dum instructor.

  8. Jarrah Boy

    Jarrah Boy New Member

    OH that is pathetic..people like that make you pysically ill how can you not tell something like that even if my horse is acting the slightest bit out fo routine i worry... some people these days arnt very smart and think they known better than others...:( that poor horse is all i can say those people are not fit to be horse owners!

    Cheers JB...
  9. BeccaBoo

    BeccaBoo Well-known Member

    It's is such a bad thing that people are so careless, i would have left too, or physically dragged her of the horse! My pony club i went to was always very good and if your pony showed the tiniest sign of anything being wrong you had to get off and take them home. I think it was really good. My friends pony figured this out and he would pretend to be sore and limp when they were riding, then when she was walking him home....gee?!?!what happened to that limp? Pretty clever pony....unfortunately he used it against us!lol
  10. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    that is clever! I bet that pony had that plan worked out for months! lol, its a terrible story though about the horse that got put down, I wish just more people had your sense to call a vet immeadiatly (sp)

  11. merlin99

    merlin99 New Member

    Now I'm not a lawyer lover, but the REAL problem is people hoping to strike it rich on the [red] litigation lottery [/red]...lawyers don't sue all by themselves. If they didn't have clients, the couldn't go to court. We've gotten to a place where people LOOK for a reason to sue, regardless of how inane, and then call a lawyer to see how much money they can get.
  12. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    Sorry, I have to disagree Merlin.

    The legal fraternity have a lot to answer for. There has been an explosion in law firms offering "no win, no fee" terms. It therefore costs clients nothing to have a go as the lawyers pick up the tab of they lose.

    Also the High Court abolished non-feasance (at least for local Councils in relation to infrastructure that I know of) so this encouraged every man, his dog and the dog's lawyer to claim. This was partially reversed in 2003 (and payouts capped) so a minimal sense of sanity has prevailed since then.

    (This thread is probably ancient, so sorry to drag it up to the front!)
  13. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    once worked at an agistment centre where an agisted horse broke his leg and teh owners wouldnt let him be put down untill a week later when the horse lay down and couldnt/wouldnt get up again. i have never seen a sadder looking animal in all my years, and hope i never have to face such suffering again. "but they loved him too much for him to die"
  14. IbanezGirl

    IbanezGirl Well-known Member

    That’s appalling Heifer!
    No animal should be allowed to suffer like that, no matter how much the owner claims to “love them”. I would have been onto the phone to the RSPCA because that is blatant animal cruelty letting a horse suffer like that.
  15. Elysha

    Elysha Well-known Member

    Unfortunately careful isn't careful enough these days. People find any reason they can to sue and insurance companies are aware of this, therefore up go the costs.
    We need sensible judges that will listen to a case and decide if it is worth wasting our taxpayers dollars on letting them listen to it. Why people can't take responsibility for their own actions or lack of action or they're down right dumb stupidity is beyond me.
    I had a horse wait with a broken leg on agistment for a week before the agistment owners contacted my parents, ( I was in NQ the time ), they thought we'd be mad the horse was injured at their property, then the vet refused to put him down without X-ray for fear of us sueing him. After an hour in the float to have him x-rayed, my parents were told he needed to be put down on the property he came from, so another hour in the float back there.
    Then as he stood there with the needle he asked who was the owner, my parents being honest folk told him it was my horse but that he needed to be put down so he should do it.They would contact me when they knew I would be able to recieve the call. For fear of being sued he made that horse wait till my parents could contact me 2 hours later at work. He had to get my permission to put down a horse with an obviously broken leg.

    Thanks to all those buggers who want to have a go at sueing just in case they can get a few dollars.
  16. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    makes me think i need to sign some sort of document giving my parents/OH permission to put down my horse if they deem in necessary and im uncontactable! (that and permission to turn off my life support...)
  17. jezzamagic

    jezzamagic Banned

    yeh yeh yeh
  18. Salazaar

    Salazaar New Member


    :mad: I think it stinks,sueing that is!Its one thing im glad about isnt possible in NZ.But you can bet its on its way!
    Yip my policy says horse cant be put down till vet gets the ok from insurance company.Hmmm thats not great either.
  19. dustyandbucky

    dustyandbucky Active Member

    I always tell ppl that horses are prey animals, if they feel threatened they wont hesitate to act on it. I always accept the fact that i may get hurt when riding and i just have to deal with it.
  20. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    This thread is a year old ;)

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