Ron's Riding Ranch?????

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by angelTricia, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. cobymay1989

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    hi all

    i know this thread is old. was wonderin if anyone still goes to rons riding ranch?? n if they do, do they know a horse named monster hes a plan bay standy, i was his original owner n miss him lots just would like to know how he is as he was a beloved companion. thnx everyone
  2. horsemad22

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    Yes Rons still exists :) My friends are there today :)))
  3. We offer trail rides and have some really beautiful ones around our property - especially with all the wildflowers out at the moment!

    We do not however allow unguided rides, as we need to ensure the safety of our clients at all times as well as the welfare and quietness of our horses and ponies.
  4. IbanezGirl

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    i know a monster, was the horse your taling about around 17hh and of large build?
  5. Skittled

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    I went to Rons once, back in the day when you would go out at a gallop and return in a gallop. Back in the day, you were allowed to do that

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